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Friday, April 28th, 2017

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Leaving of these reflections, Perrenoud adds that to form in abilities it demands ' ' a considerable transformation of the relation of the professors with knowing, its way de' ' to give aula' ' e, after all of accounts, its identity, and its proper abilities profissionais' ' (1999, p.53). To if choosing a boarding for abilities, according to Perrenoud, one is placed (reverse speed) organization of the craft of the docncia, a time that such boarding invites the educators: to use a differentiated pedagogia; to work in team, to consider the knowledge as tools to be mobilized in agreement the necessities, to have the focus in the pupil, managing the progression of its learnings; to inform and to involve the parents and the pertaining to school community in the construction knowing of them, managing the heterogeneidade of the group, to bring up to date and to create didactic procedures that favor a significant learning for the pupils, to carry through a formative evaluation, to adopt a flexible planning and to involve the pupils in activities of research, projects of knowledge. (PERRENOUD, 1999,2000) that they do not condizem with a traditional education, but is drawn in a scene that is oportunizado one practical reflexiva of the professors, the mobilization of the diverse cognitivos resources, the work with situations problems, the approach of the knowledge in the action, the investment in the previous knowledge of the pupils, the conditions favorable to the learning of the pupils, flexibility in the planning, one formative evaluation and the global formation of the pupil. (PERRENOUD, 1999). Therefore, each time is assumed more than the professor is a construtivista, that generates practical knowledge, accepted the incompletude, oportuniza the pupils to invest in its previous knowledge, creates mobilizadoras situations problems and guided for specific learnings, he negotiates and he leads projects with the pupils and he establishes of shared form a didactic contract with the pupils. . Continue to learn more with: Wells Fargo Bank.

Internet Money

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

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Many of the advice and commentaries that you read in forums say that this to make money by Internet is a patience subject. That you cannot wait for fast income and that you are going to happen awhile before you gain something. Although it is not certain in many aspects, is an absolute rule either. And the answer is the intelligent investment of your money. All world wants money free, but the reality is that it does not exist. In order to be able to make money you are going to need to put money or to put work, and whoever that thinks the opposite lives still in the world of the fantasy.

The way free requires of work and continuous education, besides trying and seeing that it works. It is the way that time takes and the one that is going to require that you are educated before being able to make money. For more information see Jeremy Tucker. Nevertheless, you can ahorrarte part of the work and so it already exists. Not only the guides who you can acquire to dominate each one of the aspects of the trade by Internet, but software and tools that already exist for this. Besides knowing what there is, there are some who have developed to software and services of subscription where practically they give all fact you.

If you want to make fast money, you can use these tools and services for ahorrarte all the steps that you would have to do by your account. Unlike so many magical frauds and bellboys that you see every day in Internet, these services require that you work. The difference is that they give the way you to follow; you only do what there is to do. Putting the example of programs affiliates and payment by click (PPC), that is one of the ways to make money faster, you need to remove the words that work for PPC, to make announcements suitable and to handle your campaigns of efficient way. You can do it free to this, but it requires of tests and that you can turn the sufficient thing so that your campaigns are income-producing. This you you can save with services that already remove the key words that work, the announcements that are successful and the products that are sold more. This type of services diminishes the risk to a minimum and you can have successful campaigns from the first day, and be making money from the first month. Again, they are not frauds here; they are serious services that are going to you to receive reason why they give you, but that is worth the pain well. It visits the connection to see some short cuts to make fast money like affiliate.


Friday, November 6th, 2015

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The basis of performance of the company – a strong, unified team. Team – a team of specialists who understand each other perfectly, which brings to a common goal – the success of the company, and to work towards this goal. Stability of the company's performance – is not the sum of each employee individually, it is team work. If your organization runs more than two people – this is a team. Stansberry Research may also support this cause. And to make it a success! In the modern world, in a highly competitive team of professionals is the key to a successful business. What is the main method of team building skills of teamwork is team building or group training Teambuilding, through which are installed and adjusted and aligned to the organization's staff competency in team management (since training and team building Teambuilding contain a large number of practical exercises aimed at developing team skills). Team building can be an effective management tool, but with proper use of it. Any manager knows that the safe existence of the organization requires a cohesive team that will lead the company to success, will contribute to its development and improvement. JPMorgan Chase is likely to increase your knowledge.

That is why every organization should carry out measures for team building – acquiring the skills of effective teamwork of employees, smoothing sharp corners in the relationship. In Ukraine, this line of corporate events has only recently has actively developed, and companies offering similar services, often do not fully understand the roles and responsibilities timbildingovyh activities in non-US, and Ukrainian reality. What you should know about Team Building Team Building (teambuilding training) – is a socio-psychological training, aimed at strengthening the friendly relations and ties of mutual assistance and cooperation in a group of people working together. He is very important because the success and prosperity of firms provided by the coordinated efforts of a cohesive team of associates. Stansberry pursues this goal as well.

Stock Market

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

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The importance of investing in bag with surveys prior to count on the valuable contribution of answering the survey that almost all subscribers of, filled with me was worth only my intuition and what really it is important to invest in bag and did not know in reality that was what more he liked and servia to the readers of my articles. The same happened me before you begin to invest in stock market with a true investment system. He only bought the actions that sensed or felt that I was going to give a profit, leaving aside the system and the important protection of my money. Now, knowing that it is what you really want to read and learn I can sharpen me more topics that are of interest to the majority of subscribers, without neglecting what you want the minority. In the case of the system to invest in stock market, I already solved it using maximum protection maximum gain MPMG reports that give me the best actions that I can buy protecting my money up in more than 99%.

It is like making a survey of the actions that are listed on the stock exchange. I ask you figuratively to each of the actions that publicly traded and have available to buy Put options: which of you are having a positive behavior that gives them an uptrend which, can let me join this upward trend for best results? Do, and in addition, you also give me the ability to care for or protect my money if that trend changes? Then they answer me through the MPMG reports, giving me a list of the best actions that meet all these conditions, functioning as an analysis of results of a survey. So work the power technology of reports MPMG as the priceless result of the survey that you received. Do that me allowed told the survey that full-time on invest in stock market without risk? Estaencuesta allowed me to know that nearly 70% of subscribers prefer to write their articles about investing in stock exchange without risk in an enjoyable way and showing them with examples or anecdotes that really can do it. That more than 50% in saw the course of Bag free MPMG and liked him, while the other 40% could not see it to be full and that more than 70% prefer articles about investing in stock exchange without risk as so much wants to find out about different alternatives to invest in stock market even if they have more risk and other alternatives to make money. I am convinced that all that comment in this article is very useful both for you as for me, and I invite you to reflect a little more about all this, and regardless their job or occupation to apply the powerful tool that give us surveys in order to improve day by day. For more profit and less risk! Alejandro Tugender Experto in safe investments

Affiliate Marketing

Monday, September 14th, 2015

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Such, I give account you’re interested to know what is Affiliate Marketing, otherwise not you wouldn’t be reading this article, is not it? As well leave to tell you, that at this moment the number of internet users exceeds one billion around the world, which is good news since being a network marketer is now much easier, since it is no longer necessary to go playing on doors or make phone calls and be honest no one likes to be addressed that way. You were to ask, is it easy to find affiliate programs?, if it is actually very easy, at this time there are many items to sell, in fact you can find them at,, and, on these pages can find a product you want to promote, see if it is good and how much you will pay for sale, is simple to sign up, the problems is when you order as requirement have a website (if you have one); in this case keep reading so you can see how easy that is to get a website address of free form. When you find a product that you want to sell, just select it from the list, then click a button to get affiliation for that product code, copy it and paste it into your web page, if someone clicks on that link and make the purchase, you already won your Commission, as well as more people click on your link more sales generate and consequently earn much money. According to Wells Fargo, who has experience with these questions. Well I’m going to say how you can get your own free blog. What is a blog?, the easiest way to put a blog comes to be your own web site, it’s a page where you can post whatever you want, always and when you stay within the guidelines of who administers the site, they can upload, articles, images, videos, sound and much more, you can also customize the site to your liking.

The advantage is that you don’t have to pay for a domain name or web hosting and not it is necessary to have knowledge of web programming, it is just a matter of giving the task of learning How to use the tools of your blog settings, which are very easy to use. Here I leave a few blog sites so you can choose the most suitable for you:,, and if not they seem sufficient always can go to google to search for more. But if you really want to make money in network marketing you need your own web site, since it is the best way forward. This gives you complete control of your site and you can position yourself in the market much better. Otherwise if you have a low budget of investment can begin with blogs, once you’ve obtained your good commissions then can invest on your own site. But having your website and product to promote are just the first steps, because still need to generate traffic to that site since if nobody visits it, nobody found out what you have for them. Traffic generation can be done several ways, one of them is this, write articles and publish them, others are creating videos and upload them to youtube, participate in forums, participate in social networks as Facebook, which are free of charge and payment marketing (this being last in my opinion the most effective).

Email Marketing

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

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Very it is known that the email Marketing is one more of the techniques of more powerful promotion Web, with the single condition well for being used. Like any action that involves an interaction with the consumers, the repercussions, in many cases are beyond our power. This means that, independent of the objective that we persecute with our campaign of email marketing, never we will know how it will really take the adressee. Some will think that our communications are to them useful, whereas others will say simply that it is Spam. In order to obtain that ours emails becomes " mail deseado" he will be unavoidable that we move away of any technique black hat. Therefore, ours first action will be to avoid to use bought data bases. The email marketing can get to be an excellent tool to accede to ideal ours target, but immediately it will lose all effectiveness when it becomes mail nonwished, not only affecting our reputation online, but being able to receive some type of penalty, since an increasing number of governments has begun to take legal actions to fight the mail sweepings. One of the best ways to avoid to be labeled like Spam, is personalizando the email.

The name of our client or contact surely will be the first field that we will include when we collected the information necessary to create our data base. Utilicelo. In the suitable personalisation of the message it is the answer for all these questions, at the same time as it is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of our communications. We see an example. He is not the same to receive a mail destined to " Dear usuarios" that one destined in particular, with our name. In addition the file to purchases and interaction that this person has had with us is of extreme importance. Basically, when the sent information agrees with the profile and the interests of the adressee, the success is ensured.

Another element to consider to be considered Spam is not the frequency of shipment of the electronic mails. We advise against the shipment information newspaper. Most advisable it is to space the post office, at least to a weekly frequency. He remembers that to find out any type of newness in his site, the user has of the RSS, or the Feed Burner, the gratuitous service of Google. If he is thinking about sending an email to his data base, asegrese to have really something important that to say to them. Companies exist that have achieveed the success in this type of promotional action, obtaining a presence of very important mark through email and being able to develop an extremely effective strategy of marketing online, having found the balance right not to incur to fall in a technique illegal, and extremely injurious for our mark. It can place this post in his site, as long as it mentions like source to

Teaching Formation

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

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Quotation still Lacan, when it says that the agent of the educative act if becomes a repressor. Valley to remember, the objective of the awardee has filmed Society of the Died Poets, was to show American methods of the decade of 50 and as they had influenced pupils, demonstrating as such education could contribute in the character formation. After the initial revolt of familiar pupils and, revealed for the lack of spirit and will to learn, appears a light in the end of the tunnel, represented for a professor John Keating, who collaborates so that the pupils abandon persecution to disciplines, inspiring them in the same persecution, only that of its individual passions. When finding the expression transferencial phenomenon, then I thought about Freud and Reich. Searching, I discovered not to be exclusive term of the psychoanalysis.

It serves for many other fields. As Freud said, he is one ' ' psychic phenomenon that if finds gift in all the scopes of the relations with ours semelhantes.' ' In the relation professor pupil, pautada for the confidence, valuation of the knowledge, revelation of potentialities and abilities, psychoanalytic, according to possible through the affectivity. As the teacher Denise Quaresma said, of she disciplines Teaching Formation, Subjectivity and Human Development of the Unilasalle, shelter. I also remember, of the article of Daniel Counts, whose reading was recommended by the same teacher, when describes gratefulness in its work. Coming back to the neoliberal ideal, in the pedagogical aspect, the system stimulates the individualism and the competition, different of Pablo Freire for example, that he chose solidarity as form of fight capable to promote what called ' ' universal ethics of the being humano' ' , that by the way, according to its point of view it goes to permear the educative process, and of it, the ethics of the teaching work, we will not be able to escape.

Federal Constitution

Monday, November 12th, 2012

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The Law n. 5.692/71, that it modifies the LDBEN of 1961, when defining ‘ treatment especial’ for the pupils with ‘ ‘ physical, mental deficiencies, the ones that if behind schedule find how much to the regular age of school registration and superdotados’ considerable; ‘ , it does not promote the organization of a system of education capable to take care of the educational necessities special and finishes strengthening the guiding them pupils for the classrooms and schools special. In 1973, it is created in the MEC, the National Center of Special Education CENESP, responsible for the management of the special education in Brazil, that, under gide integracionista, stimulated come back educational actions to the people with deficiency and the people with superendowment; still configured for assistenciais campaigns and isolated actions of State. In this period, one public politics of universal access to the education is not accomplished, remaining the conception of ‘ politics especiais’ to deal with the thematic one of the education of pupils with deficiency and, as for the pupils with superendowment, although the access to regular education, is not organized a specialized attendance that considers the singularidades of learning of these pupils.

Brazil demonstrated traces of one inclusive educational politics already in the promulgation of the Federal Constitution in 1988 in HEADING VIII, chapter Of the Social Order, when it clarifies: Art. 208. The duty of the State with the Education will be accomplished by means of the guarantee of: III – educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of education; – 1 creation of prevention programs and attendance specialized for the carriers of physical, sensorial or mental deficiency, as well as of social integration of the adolescent deficiency carrier, by means of the training for the work and the convivncia, and the facilitation of the access to the collective goods and services, with the elimination of preconceptions and obstacles architectural.

Market Consumption

Friday, August 17th, 2012

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For in such a way, exactly knowing that the conception of interdisciplinaridade is a subject in tonic from century XX, we are making a historical jib and looking for by means of a more understandable boarding, to develop here what we understand, in the practical one, for interdisciplinaridade and what we evidence when dealing with nuance to interdisciplinar. It is not possible to ignore the education since its primrdios, therefore we make this historical jib from Arroyo (1993, p.36-37): ' ' If in the old order who was God won the devil, was the virtue that dominated the vice, and was the divine favour that the new free free man created for the favour of God in the new order would have to be the education who would win the barbarity, would move away the darknesses from the ignorance and would constitute citizen. (…) The pedagogia acquired, in the new forms to represent the social one, a centralidade never had before. It passed to be thought as a central mechanism about the overcoming of the old order for the new order, That one, rejected as time of barbarity, ignorance, servitude, absolutism, this exaltada as rationality time, civilization, freedom and participation. A representation that finished occulting the barbarity, the absolutism and the exploration of the new order capitalista' '. Arroyo comments as the school if it articulated during the times and, for we, continue if articulating, for the formation of the modern man in its scientific base associate to the alterations in the production of material life. The promoted material necessities from capitalist economic models, the occured industrial revolutions during the history of the humanity have great responsibility in what it refers to the disciplinarizado pertaining to school knowledge, therefore had added to the capitalist system the one image specialized or subespecializado work that assisted and comes assisting the sped up rhythm of production for the consumption of the market.

The Funnel Of Marketing

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

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The funnel of marketing is a process of sale by Internet in which we have a funnel if as to its says it name and that in the part of above in the entrance we have a sale process and first in entering the funnel they are: Visitors. These can be dirijidos by means of the traffic generation and here there are different forms from traffic it can be by content, PPC, can be by social means with facebook and twitter but the well-known ones. Page De Captura. The visitors arrive at the capture page and is where at the time of leaving to its data of name and electronic mail the capture page ” he captures informacion” Gratuitous information. Here the visitors are not going to leave to the electronic mail either their name thus because if and to give the information to anybody stranger. For that reason it is necessary to give information and this can be information hacerca of an electronic book of some subject, can be an audio one of relaxation, can be a video of a consultation etc.? Prospectuses. Here the people who arrive by the traffic generation at your blog or Web site and register themselves in the page of capture in the capture page is generated a list and to that there list we called list of prospectuses.

Communication. We communicated with the propectos by means of autorresponder and one says that of 7 to 10 times it is necessary to have contact to generate confidence and that the prospectuses realise a purchase. Letter De Venta: Now they arrive at the bill of sale and is where you can offer your own products of affiliate or products, can be consultancy, live seminaries, services, etc.? Clients. At the end of the funnel they leave what they are the clients and these are prospectuses that have bought you some product or service. As sides this are the funnel of marketing where it begins by visitors are entering and entering there is a marketing process and it finishes like clients, this it is a process of sale very used by marketers of the Internet I hope that it has served this information to you I send a greeting to you and we see ourselves in the next articles.