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Published September 10, 2020

The professor, who is conscientious of its formador paper, respects the nature of the human being, and works the contents leading in account, and mainly respecting, the moral and aesthetic formation of educating. Therefore the act to educate is always an ethical act. Simply it does not have as to run away from ethical decisions, since the choice of contents until the method to be used or the form of relationship with the pupils. It is in this direction, that Pablo Freire warns the thought of the professor who only sees the ethics as one disciplines philosophical moved away from the reality. As an example, the words of Freire are enlightening: It would like, on the other hand, to underline we ourselves, professors and teachers, our ethical responsibility in the exercise of our teaching task. This can vary from being unable to sustain buy generic viagra an erection during sexual intercourse. For example Kamagra is a generic drug ( levitra 30mg) available in the market which is called to be the copy of cialis. The medicine does not have any recorded side effects, but are also more expensive, more likely to result in satisfactory sexual browse around this link now viagra cheap generic intercourse. It links with erection and can be experienced any viagra discount online man near you. This small book if finds cut or permeado in its totality for the direction of the necessary eticidade that conota expressivamente the practical nature of educative, while the practical formadora. Educators and educandos cannot, in the truth, to escape to the ethical rigorosidade.

But, she is necessary to leave clearly that the ethics of that I speak are not the lesser ethics, restricted, of the market, that if obedient curve to the interests of the profit (…) I say of the universal Ethics of the human beings, that condemn the cynicism, that condemns the exploration of the force of work of the human being (FREIRE, 1996, p.16-17). In this point, it he severely criticizes the ethics, in which, the men take in account only its proper interests, that take the man to the individualism, whom they deny unquestionably, the universal ethics, truily, tied with the full humanizao, worried about interests and collective goods. Its pedagogical ideas are based on the fact of that the human being is problem for itself exactly, being conceived as to be of search, as to be inconcluso, that it perceives ' ' that it does not know tudo' ' , that it searchs knowing, the knowledge and its improvement while human being.