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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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THE STATE AND THE CITIZEN When studying the particular nature of the different kinds of governments, the first question that occurs is to know what is meant by state. In common parlance this word is very misleading, and act according to some emanation of the State, others considered as the act of an oligarchic minority or a tyrant.However, the politician and the legislature did not take into account other than the State in all its work, and the government is only one organization imposed on all members of the State. But as the State, as well as any other complete system consists of many parts, an aggregate of elements, it is absolutely necessary to investigate first of all what is the citizen, since citizens are more or less number of elements of the State. And so we know first who can give the name of a citizen and what it means, and often controversial issue on which opinions are not unanimous, taking by citizens in a democracy often is not an oligarchic state. Descartes argument for those citizens who are only under an accidental title, such as those declared such by a decree. 84 Home depends not only on being a citizen, because that same part of foreigners living and slaves.Nor is a citizen for the simple right to appear before the courts as plaintiff or defendant, because this right can be conferred by a mere trade agreement. The home and the right to bring legal action may, therefore, people who have them are not citizens. At best, what is done in some states is to limit the enjoyment of this right in respect of homes, forcing them to provide security, thereby restricting the right given to them. Young people who have not yet reached the age of civic registration, and the elderly who have already been deleted from it, are in a position almost similar: both are certainly citizens, but can be given this title at all, should be added, for the former, who are citizens incomplete, and for the latter, who are retired citizens. Empl ese, if you like, any other word, the words matter little, since it is easily conceived what my thought.What I am trying to find is the absolute idea of the citizen, free from all imperfections that just described. With regard to citizens and exiles declared infamous, place the same difficulties and be the same solution. Computer Law The computer law, has been analyzed from various perspectives.On the one hand, the Computer Law is defined as a set of principles and rules governing the legal consequences arising from the interplay between law and computer science .

Elizabeth Ann Seton

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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Elizabeth Ann Seton was the daughter of Dr. Richard Bayley and Catherine Charlton. He was born into a church family episcospaliana of entrenched and strong religion. His father was a surgeon and the first health officer of the Port of New York, and later was professor of anatomy at King’s College (Columbia University). Being very young, his mother Catherine died. His childhood was spent in New York and New Rochelle (New York). As a child, being parishioner of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, demonstrated strong spiritual leanings, and before and after his conversion to Catholicism, he liked to spend his time before the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in nearby San Pedro. At nineteen he married (January 25, 1794) with William Magee Seton, a wealthy businessman and owner of ships. Of their five children: Anna Maria, Guillermo, Ricardo, Catherine and Rebecca.Following the bankruptcy of her husband’s business after the sinking of several of its ships, the family was ruined. Soon, her husband fell ill with tuberculosis. In search of a better climate for their illness, marriage and the eldest daughter embarked for Italy. But already in port, during the quarantine law, William Seton died (December 27, 1803). Widowed at twenty-nine and five children, Elizabeth Ann was welcomed by Felicchi of Livorno, a wealthy Catholic family who had business relationships and great friendship with Seton. In coexistence with their hosts, Ana Isabel began to approach the Catholic faith. After returning to New York, Ana Isabel conviti to Catholicism, was baptized (March 14, 1805) by the first bishop of Baltimore, John Carroll, about the same time that the U.S. won independence. Later, one of his nephews, James Roosevelt Bayley, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.After his conversion to Catholicism has lost the favor of his friends and family. Despite the family hostility and hardship that was found after the ruin that had been her husband’s business, went ahead in the idea of founding a school for poor girls. In June 1808, was invited by John Carroll in Baltimore to open a school for girls, but the attempt failed due to anti-Catholicism of the society of the time. On March 25, 1809 and made his first vows on June 1 of that year, along with several women who espoused the idea, founded a religious community. At the invitation of Samuel Cooper Sutherland, school girls, under the name Free Academy School and San Jose, moved to Emmitsburg (Maryland) on June 24, 1809, beginning one month after classes at the Stone House, San Jose Valley.On January 17, 1812 were approved the rules and constitutions of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph for the training of poor girls, which was the first parochial school in the USA. Inspired by the spirituality of the Daughters of Charity, founded by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, France (1633), was also the first female Roman Catholic order of the United States. Ana Isabel was characterized as a very pleasant and educated woman. The greatest difficulties they faced were internal, from misunderstandings or personality conflicts, and the death of two of his daughters, loved ones and several younger sisters of the community. The rest of his life, until his death from tuberculosis at the age of 46 years, was occupied in directing and developing the new order, to the will of God, his devotion to the Eucharist, Scripture and the Virgin Mary. Psalm 23 was his favorite throughout his life of prayer.His remains were buried in the Basilica that bears his name: the National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Emmitsburg, Maryland).

Mission and Vision

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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MISSION National Learning Service, SENA, is responsible for fulfilling the function that the State must invest in social development and technical aspects of Colombian workers, offering and implementing comprehensive professional training for the incorporation and development of people in business productively contribute to social, economic and technological development. VISION To be leaders in the region Dela training, training of human talent, to promote social and economic development. Meeting the challenge of the third millennium, considering fundamental premises, expansion of service coverage, improving quality, technological renewal, efficiency and effectiveness of the regional. Maintain a vanguard position in the national context as a result of effective administrative and operational management.

Main Functions of

Monday, May 10th, 2010

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Main Functions of the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance Section 4 of Act emerge: works by monitoring: this is the control and enforcement of legal rules, regulations and administrative. Letter d) Examine all the operations, assets, books, accounts, records and documents of the subjects or activities audited and require them or their managers, advisers or staff, history and explanations we consider necessary for their information. May request the execution and presentation of balance sheets and financial statements on the dates it deems appropriate, to verify the accuracy and investment of capital and funds. Also, request delivery of any document, book or history is necessary for control purposes without affecting the normal development of activities affected.Letter f) inspect, through its employees or external auditors, to persons or entities under its supervision, regulation function: corresponds to the capacity of the SVS, to carry out a regulatory role, through the promulgation of rules or instructions for own market and its member entities. That is, establishing the regulatory framework for the market. The letter a) provides: administrative interpretations on matters within its jurisdiction, laws, regulations and other rules governing the persons or entities under its supervision, and set standards, issue instructions and issue orders for its implementation and enforcement. Where the exercise of these powers of interpretation and application of jurisdictional disputes which may arise with other administrative authorities, they shall be settled by the Supreme Court penalty function: corresponds to the power of the SVS sanctions against the breach or violation of the regulatory framework as a result of an investigation.Letter Q): You can estimate the amount of benefits, expressed in equivalent units of incentives, offenders who received Title I of the Law No. 18 045, pointing in the resolution that the sanction. The estimate of benefits, the Superintendent will consider the weighted average market price of the IPO value in the 60 days preceding the date of the transactions with insiders. The Superintendence for the sole purpose of ensuring the interests of injured third parties, as provided in Article 172 of Law No. 18 045, request the competent court to order the precautionary measures provided by law function of developing and promoting Markets: It is the ability to promote various initiatives for market development, through development and collaboration for the development of new products and tools, through the dissemination of them.


Sunday, May 9th, 2010

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LINUX INTRODUCTION This first part of the second program will begin with Linux, Windows XP, which are now the most important or most used in computers. We also have the history of Linux and some of the advantages it has. DEVELOPMENT Windows XP’s start with this program was published on October 25, 2001, came about 400millones of copies worldwide. It is the successor to Windows 2000 and Windows Vista’s predecessor. One characteristic of this program is fast sequences beginning of this program and hibernate, capacity for 50 to disconnect an external device and install applications. Linux Operating system is a freely available UNIX implementation for personal computers. It was developed for 1386 and 1486 Pentium, Pentium II, clones, etc. Linux appears in the early 90ts in 1991 by Linus Torvalds this discovery begins with a fondness for these lines of this code in the Linux operating system. Features of Linux is multitasking, multiuser, multiprocessor, memory protection, virtual memory, task control poxis, well, these would be the most important in this program. Another most important thing is that this program does not transmit many viruses. CONCLUSION Well this work only talk about the latest programs and could say more usual for their support of these and they are also very fast and understandable to all types of people you do not have pus to the computer. INTRODUCTION This work was talking about what is the MS-DOS, Internet, local areas. All this will be released that will function on the computer, and to also polish the handle of the computer. Example: It would be something very simple like MS-DOS if a computer does not have this system obviously would not open the computer multimedia programs or programs office. DEVELOPMENT Well I start with what the MS-DOS is a program that controls parts of the computer. The first MS-DOS appeared on the market in 1981. COMMUNICATIONS PORT: Some connectors placed in the back of the boxes and used to connect peripheral devices that are used with connector cable that goes from the port device. Baud: the computer unit used to quantify the number of changes or status changes, or signaling events, which occur every second, measuring a data transfer speed is measured with h rd-rs. Internet: Network consists of thousands of networks provides email, news groups, messenger, etc. Web: allows to view the page determines the service that uses a language called http.Hypertext Markup Language. CONCLUSION E feet this work is understandable what the MS-DOS, because it is the most important part of the computer because without it the computer would be nothing, for he can also speak of the Internet is the easiest way to find the thing want to know just by using this program, it can be contracted only by phone. We also saw the program because it was invented and who invented it. INTRODUCTION Here we speak of database that stores the information you want to save or what the computer. It will also be told what is the operating system and what is its role as the introduction this paper is very small but the content will be more extensive and complex. DEVELOPMENT The first thing is to talk about is the database is a system that allows you to save a lot of information in an organized way to find and then find it easier. Management system: it serves as an interface between the user database and applications that are composed of a data manipulation language query language. The disadvantages of this is that the DBMS is a set of programs that can become complex with great functionality. The operating system is a program that enables communication between software and hardware, its function is to manage the resources of a computer effectively.

Alternate Business

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

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The other three units of FEMSA, Strategic Business, Logistics and Packaging, are responsible for meeting the needs of their business, like cans, containers and their respective distribution channels.

Servicing Today, the

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

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Servicing Today, the changing needs of businesses, families and institutions, has redirected the focus to banking services, which become their main source of income from net interest income reduction, more marked reduction the more mature is the country’s financial system and the lower are interest rates. The means of payment (cr cards, checks, transfers), ensure the success of international trade between the parties, ensuring the solvency of import-export, intermediation in financial markets and operations with large companies and public institutions, make the approach to banking as a universal financial services companies. Also worth mentioning the substantial shareholdings of the big banks, another great source of business and power to these institutions, become powerful multinational firms with interests in diverse areas.Depending on the laws of the countries, banks may fulfill additional functions to those mentioned above, for example trade stocks, government bonds, currencies of other countries, etc. When these activities are performed by a single bank is called universal banks or commercial banks. Similarly, these activities can be carried out separately by banks that specialize in one or more activities in particular. This is known as specialized banking. Independent types of banks, they allow the money circulating in the economy, the money that some people or organizations are available to move on to other who do not and that request. This facilitates the activities of these individuals and organizations and improve the performance of the economy in general. From the above it follows the importance of banking in the economic history of mankind.

The Withholding Tax

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

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After the reduction of savings and the increase in sales tax exemptions now comes a new hammer to the German savers. The flat rate withholding tax takes in all of 2009 generated income from investment income. The withholding tax rate is 25% plus solidarity surcharge and church tax (added up 28%). Particularly affected are investors to achieve the gains from the purchase and sale of securities or fund units. These were previously exempt, if the holding period was at least 1 years. The withholding tax for equities will also contribute to the eventual dividends. These have been taxed according to the half income. Advantages arise only in fixed income securities, or fixed-income investments. This previously had to be taxed at the personal tax rate. If this above 28%, this means a saving, since no investment is required for these capital gains. Makes it particularly hard savers on low incomes who save for retirement conscious. Fund savings plansabout 20 or 30 years were previously exempt. In future, the expected profit decreases by almost one third. This is in clear contradiction to the statements about the need for private pensions. Effective exactly those to be punished, which today have deliberately decided not to use to generate an acceptable income in old age. A tragic side effect of the withholding tax will be the increased inflow into tax efficient products. This is often not very transparent and cost deals typically generate low returns anyway. A proverb says, like the German dispensed to 20% return, when he reaches 10% tax benefit. How true is this phrase that shows the number of life insurance contracts in Germany, this is higher than the population. The problem of poverty in old age is reached in the coming years, new dimensions, there are ways out for the vulnerable little. Taxation point of the lowest forms of investment remains generally reserved for those who already own property

Fund Saving For Beginners

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

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What are funds Many funds offer small investors the chance to cooperate in promising securities, real estate or other investment properties to invest. The investors’ funds are collected by a CISA – investment company – and invested by the local fund management widely dispersed. For small investors, it brings a risk diversification strategy, which he could not reach even under conditions of capital shortage. What funds are available In addition to open-end funds, there are also closed-end funds. The former are freely tradable, for example, the stock market or directly to the respective fund company. The latter are issued only once to a limited circle of investors. Besides the well-known, there are real estate equity funds, pension funds and funds investing in funds again. In short, there are many different ways. Fund savings – what is it Under Fondssparen is meant a continuous savings performance, at specified times repeatedly occurs periodically. Fund saving is a very convenient way of investment. Their savings ratesare automatically invested, you do not have to constantly worry about what to do with their money. On the other hand, it is freely available to invest in a monthly sum of 100 euros hardly possible in individual securities or real estate. Fund saving is however already possible from a modest monthly investment amount of 25 euros. What costs are involved in fund savings In addition to costs for the purchase of fund shares costs incurred by the sale and safekeeping services. The fund manager, what does the selection of investment properties for you, will also be paid. For example, initial charges and administrative costs will be levied. When you close a fund savings plan via one of the many fund brokers, you will generally receive discounts on the initial charges, depending on your negotiation skills and may even amount of your investment for a free account. How do I find the appropriate fund Of course, not every fund is suitable for any investment objective. We must investigate exactlywhether the product meets your own personal notions of risk and return expectations. Also, the cost of the products should be further considered. Expensive funds have it much harder to achieve attractive returns. You in selecting the fund also note a fair distribution depot. Buying a Renewable Energy Fund should be short and medium term, an interesting speculation, for the retirement of such products are not likely. Can I receive no state funding to the Fund savings Of course you can do this when Riester fund savings you have the same benefits as with a Riester insurance. You can make contributions and receive tax-deductible retirement allowances. All contributions paid and the government subsidies are guaranteed to run end. Even saving schemes may be invested in funds. VL-linked savings is sponsored annually by the employee savings bonus by 18%. However, there are income limits. The maximum eligible contribution is 400 euros per year. ThisBrief Guide can of course provide only a first indication. You should check the detail in each case.