Servicing Today, the

Servicing Today, the changing needs of businesses, families and institutions, has redirected the focus to banking services, which become their main source of income from net interest income reduction, more marked reduction the more mature is the country’s financial system and the lower are interest rates. The means of payment (cr cards, checks, transfers), ensure the success of international trade between the parties, ensuring the solvency of import-export, intermediation in financial markets and operations with large companies and public institutions, make the approach to banking as a universal financial services companies. Also worth mentioning the substantial shareholdings of the big banks, another great source of business and power to these institutions, become powerful multinational firms with interests in diverse areas.Depending on the laws of the countries, banks may fulfill additional functions to those mentioned above, for example trade stocks, government bonds, currencies of other countries, etc. When these activities are performed by a single bank is called universal banks or commercial banks. Similarly, these activities can be carried out separately by banks that specialize in one or more activities in particular. This is known as specialized banking. Independent types of banks, they allow the money circulating in the economy, the money that some people or organizations are available to move on to other who do not and that request. This facilitates the activities of these individuals and organizations and improve the performance of the economy in general. From the above it follows the importance of banking in the economic history of mankind.

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