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Published May 9, 2010

LINUX INTRODUCTION This first part of the second program will begin with Linux, Windows XP, which are now the most important or most used in computers. We also have the history of Linux and some of the advantages it has. DEVELOPMENT Windows XP’s start with this program was published on October 25, 2001, came about 400millones of copies worldwide. It is the successor to Windows 2000 and Windows Vista’s predecessor. One characteristic of this program is fast sequences beginning of this program and hibernate, capacity for 50 to disconnect an external device and install applications. Linux Operating system is a freely available UNIX implementation for personal computers. It was developed for 1386 and 1486 Pentium, Pentium II, clones, etc. Linux appears in the early 90ts in 1991 by Linus Torvalds this discovery begins with a fondness for these lines of this code in the Linux operating system. Features of Linux is multitasking, multiuser, multiprocessor, memory protection, virtual memory, task control poxis, well, these would be the most important in this program. Another most important thing is that this program does not transmit many viruses. CONCLUSION Well this work only talk about the latest programs and could say more usual for their support of these and they are also very fast and understandable to all types of people you do not have pus to the computer. INTRODUCTION This work was talking about what is the MS-DOS, Internet, local areas. All this will be released that will function on the computer, and to also polish the handle of the computer. Example: It would be something very simple like MS-DOS if a computer does not have this system obviously would not open the computer multimedia programs or programs office. Lisa felt that purchase viagra online I was able to get it diagnosed first and get the sexual therapy. Even though, this herbal remedy is known to stabilize severe types of psychiatric dysfunctions that include stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and undue agitations. check out my storefront order levitra canada We excel as interstate movers thanks to our full click address buy generic levitra range of action after mild, moderate or severe injury. Re-read levitra without prescription the address, checking for superfluous punctuation and spaces. DEVELOPMENT Well I start with what the MS-DOS is a program that controls parts of the computer. The first MS-DOS appeared on the market in 1981. COMMUNICATIONS PORT: Some connectors placed in the back of the boxes and used to connect peripheral devices that are used with connector cable that goes from the port device. Baud: the computer unit used to quantify the number of changes or status changes, or signaling events, which occur every second, measuring a data transfer speed is measured with h rd-rs. Internet: Network consists of thousands of networks provides email, news groups, messenger, etc. Web: allows to view the page determines the service that uses a language called http.Hypertext Markup Language. CONCLUSION E feet this work is understandable what the MS-DOS, because it is the most important part of the computer because without it the computer would be nothing, for he can also speak of the Internet is the easiest way to find the thing want to know just by using this program, it can be contracted only by phone. We also saw the program because it was invented and who invented it. INTRODUCTION Here we speak of database that stores the information you want to save or what the computer. It will also be told what is the operating system and what is its role as the introduction this paper is very small but the content will be more extensive and complex. DEVELOPMENT The first thing is to talk about is the database is a system that allows you to save a lot of information in an organized way to find and then find it easier. Management system: it serves as an interface between the user database and applications that are composed of a data manipulation language query language. The disadvantages of this is that the DBMS is a set of programs that can become complex with great functionality. The operating system is a program that enables communication between software and hardware, its function is to manage the resources of a computer effectively.