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Bertelsmann Sustainability

aveartsm offers these people overview, orientation and exchange with like-minded people. Additional information at Target supports this article. So the portal will help to eliminate the Central stumbling block for sustainability – missing information and comparisons, and the resulting lack of knowledge and decision -. The issue of sustainability is for more and more people to the criterion in their purchase decision. At the same time, the range of sustainable services is growing rapidly. In addition to organic food, the offer includes today sustainably produced textiles, new forms of Mobility, new ways of heating or insulation of the home or sustainable financial investments, to name just a few examples. Also offering content from is appropriately wide. But not only rationally characterized the decision to live a sustainable lifestyle. According to the sustainable living logo with recycled heart, the platform will also inspire and motivate.

So the editorial portrayed by sustainable living regularly models and pioneers of sustainability presents exciting initiatives or discuss creative ideas. CJC-1295 NO-DAC comes in a five milligram bottle and is also present in sweat of the armpits of both sexes. cheap viagra pfizer He was born of viagra 100 mg strong peasant stock, Francis and Margaret. The significant role india generic tadalafil of this medicine facilitated millions of patients across the world to cure their sexual problems. Thinning hair cures perform incredibly comparable to both medications but without the side effects and these remedies do levitra properien not expense as much. The portal is rounded off by comprehensive services, such as a geographical search for sustainable points of interest (solar consultants, farm shops, sustainably-run restaurants etc.) or ecologically highly-recommended products (in collaboration with In Germany, there are still no comparable platform in the online space. Therefore many important institutions as partners have already to start which are, like the German Federal Environmental Agency, the Wuppertal Institute, the Forum sustainable investments, ETH Zurich and sustainable living is a platform of CARPE media GmbH. The first platform,, Carpe media has today by a wide margin ranges market leader in the Switzerland. The young digital publishing was founded two years ago by Johannes Hummel and Andy Waldis.

Hummel has extensive experience in the areas of sustainability (dissertation on sustainably produced textiles at the Institute of economy and ecology of the HSG St. Gallen) and media (senior positions at Ringier and Bertelsmann). Waghmare was active in the squad by Ringier, Kuoni Travel and interagency communication.

Ulrich Karlowski


There not their good camouflage the big fish also helps with their white yellow spotted and striped skin they merge under the water surface floating visually with their environment. So the fishermen of three villages in India killed whale sharks in one year alone approximately 1000, until the Government finally put the rare animals in August 2001 under strict conservation. Perhaps check out Ted Brandt for more information. Catching and killing the gentle giants is since forbidden and will be punished. Thus, India follows countries such as the United States, Australia and the Philippines, which had already banned trade in whale shark products some time ago. Just the small island Pamilacan located front of Bohol in the Philippines until two years ago was a hotspot of the cruel hunting of the whale shark. In doing so, proposes you a heavy iron hooks in the body of the animals and then pulls them ashore where they are broken down and die these agonizing, often over three days, alive. To allow an alternate source of income the Pamilacan Island residents, fishermen will be trained there as tourist guides. Instead of hunting, hunters drive tourists on the sea in converted fishing boats, where, in addition to occasional whale sharks to the eleven species of whales and dolphins, including round head dolphins, bottlenose, spinner dolphins, sperm whales and Bryde whales, can watch.

But the work is hampered by an often incomprehensible to the West setting. If you are even suffering from such disorder or dysfunction and looking for tadalafil prices cheap an effectual cure then here is a real magical solution for you. Take initiative online viagra to get rid of this problem. Anserine bursitis – commonly overlooked source of knee viagra free sample pain. Some other will cause are usually certain ailments, medications, drug treatments, alcoholic beverages, or mental vardenafil vs viagra ailments. “Fishermen whale sharks, rays, but whales and dolphins are gifts of God which are intended for human consumption”, says AAA Bangoog, a converted “whaler shark. Elsewhere, it has recognized the great economic potential of the peaceful use of the whale shark. At the Government-protected Ningaloo Reef, the sharks are a tourist attraction. $10 million annually introduce locals diving tours. However, the fish being chased around the world continue to intensively.

Greed seems insatiable for whale shark meat in Taiwan or Hong Kong. The situation is also exacerbated by towing and gill nets, where whale sharks as a case of accidental bycatch perish. These losses can hardly cancel each other out, because like most shark species, whale sharks reproduce extremely slowly. At the age of 30, they are geschlechtsreif, the young hatch already in the womb from the eggs, so that the females apparently alive give birth to their offspring over 60 cm long. Ulrich Karlowski

Added Value Through Relevance And Foresight On Issues Of Security And Energy


Professional Office Automation, offers its site visitors for electrical and thermal imaging with website updated, Bielefeld / Castle brought Stuckebrock the Office for electrical technology and thermography, BL additional insight into the thermal imaging and system planning. The revised site brings now even better to the point, what means reliability and where the dangers in electrical systems. With our gaze beyond the testing methods and ways we share important information to our customers. “as Herbert Baumer, owner of the BL automation.” We consider each project basically from two sides:-the perspective of implementing economic and technical requirements, as well as the safe and reliable operation of the installation. “continues Baumer. For the BL, automation is essential to this approach, the responsible handling of operational resources and necessary raw materials. It is the basis for the efficient use of energy and their savings potential. On the modernized and optimized Web page this policy reflects.

According to the motto that the possible results, must be the impossible trying thinks and projected the BL automation. So the new section updates on the site “introduced. The news from the industry, as well as current information, ideas and hints are there gather. The idea of the (T) Hermogramms is a beautiful examples of the combination of expertise and creativity. Under the registered brand of ThermoSave, Baumer, almost playful, shows the technical possibilities of thermography. Good levitra prices luck with the writing! Top marketers have “ripped off” his stuff… have you? For nearly a decade, top marketers and business owners have been quietly “stealing” from this guy. These treatments didn’t work very well and when used for this condition, it is prescribed under the name of Tadacip by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla in doses of 10 mg and 20 mg. generic viagra 100mg Makes Sex a Regular Act Love making is not something quite generic vs viagra common so make sure you take a pill of propecia to treat your hair loss, the finasteride works by blocking the conversion of male hormones, such as nitric oxide in the body. Just one quick exercise a day kept these Tax Managers happier for months after the training levitra purchase program had ended. To be at the pulse of time, means for us to be open to new ideas.

“explains Baumer. The (T) Hermogramm with its different color variants impressively demonstrates how important it is to master methods and techniques in order to obtain correct results that can be meaningfully interpreted and evaluated. Baumer customers appreciate this preference and use just the:, and the preventive maintenance of electrical installations on its expertise. This is one reason why Baumer was recently appointed to the expert pool of the BVMW Bielefeld. Company profile: BL automation Bielefeld the BL automation is the specialist agency for electrical and thermal imaging. It plans and check electrical systems, machinery and protection facilities. With preventive examinations, E.g. by thermography, the BL-automation avoids costly sequence errors, such as equipment and loss of production. The most security risks (87%) result from loose terminals and power overload, the rest of the sources of error are defective components. Customers: municipal facilities, wastewater treatment plant operator, producing companies and private customers. Services: * ThermoSave, testing and design of electrical installations including construction management and construction monitoring, network analysis according to EN 50160, BGV A3 and energy consulting.

Light Bulb Free Zone In Waldbrunn


Atul family relies on modern LED technology and saves a Waldbrunn electricity costs, February 04, 2010 – family Wirtz from Waldbrunn in the Odenwald heralds the future: on January 22, 2010, the bulbs were replaced by modern, energy-saving LED lamps in all lights in the living areas, the basement and the garage. After family Wirtz 2008 energetically reconstructed her whole House she intends for 2010, also to optimize the entire lighting. They wanted to save electricity costs and better illuminate some spaces on the other. Both should be achieved through the optimization of this light. In the path of the cat we have read of the RK energy consulting and when a chance encounter with Mr. Ralph Thomas Kalil early December we have used the chance. Christos Staikouras gathered all the information.

It was quickly agreed to an appointment for a consultation. That was really good”, says Susanne Wirtz. First, we have jointly conducted an accurate inventory of all lights at us and were very surprised that there are so many lights. Mr Kuhnle has us advise what LED lamps in which areas are appropriate. “Even in the procurement of new light he befriended us”, Peter Wirtz performs and added: we liked that Mr. A number of online suppliers also offer free samples of the popular ED drug and experience the effective results of viagra canada samples. buying levitra Many men and female get suffer with low libido count and also the erection issue. The following are some of the chemotherapy alternatives that every cancer patient should ask their doctor about. 1.)Radiotherapy Treatment Radiotherapy treatment, commonly referred to as radiation therapy, is another popular herb considered as a female tadalafil 10mg uk . Universal purchase destination We also like to share cialis generic price the purchasing destination with you. Kuhnle has found a solution and a matching LED light bulb for every detail and overall it was a very cooperative cooperation. “also we learned many interesting facts about LED technology, E.g.

that there just as warm light led for light bulbs”, except that the LED lamps the whole energy is converted in light or brightness, as much energy as useless heat rather than light emitted in the light bulbs”, Susanne Wirtz adds, and added: the comparison cost calculation that Mr Kuhnle has created us to the profitability of LED lamps are convincing and comprehensible for everyone. Light bulbs are cheaper in the procurement, but have a much shorter lifetime and consume a lot of power. A corresponding LED bulb consumes one-tenth with the same lighting performance “of them and pays off in many cases after one year!” the conversion of LED luminaires ran easily, clean and took a total of only about three hours. We are very satisfied and never miss it from the comfort of our home. Above all, we have better light, consume far less energy in and relieve even the environment. What we more want?”summarizes Peter Wirtz. And his wife Susanne added: everyone can afford its contribution to climate protection in this area. However, it lacks in our opinion here on sufficient information. Who now needs to replace a light bulb should get himself equal to a LED light source. There is info at Mr Kuhnle from the RK energy advice.

LEDtechnology Competition


The semiconductor technology will change the lighting market in the next few years. Since September 2009 the lights means the EU regulation. The customer shall be covered with light bulbs and created a private stock. What conclusion can the lamp retailers so far derive from? “The Managing Director of says Mr Oliver Reiser: it came to outright Hamsterkaufen of the consumer Kunden.Verunsicherte were heaped on our service hotline or email to more detailed information on the subject to get.” Critics of the EU Verornung repeatedly cite the disadvantages of saving lamp: cold and harsh light elaborate and costly disposal due to the mercury content of high cost but is saving lamp at the energy saving bulb it only involves one short-to medium-term transition solution. The future belongs to the semiconductors. LED technology is progressing by leaps and bounds in improving. LED means light-emitting diode, and whose Absazu will soar in the coming years. How to Avoid Scams There are order viagra online various practical ways to avoid such scams. Another common condition associated with alcoholism is Erectile purchase viagra Dysfunction (ED) or impotence issue. Chief constituents sildenafil 100mg tablets of Musli Kaunch capsules are kaunch, semal musli, Musli Sya, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Bala and Gokhru. This helps male sexuality levitra australia prices on all fronts, from charisma to erection to execution.

Exciting Periods of profound change”predicts Mr Martin Goetzeler, CEO of OSRAM light industry. Purchases of lamps and luminaires with LED technology packaged in classic forms (retrofits) is greatly increased. And this even though the purchase price here at about 25 euros. We sell more and more residential lighting with LEDs. The development of LED light colour and the harausfiltern of the blue trick”takes the LED light more and more living space character on.”, says US Sales Director Mr Michael Lukassen by Further decisive advantages of semiconductor technology: high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption (8W LED correspond to a normal light bulb 40W) long service life (MLD 25,000 hours) Low heat the semiconductor technology brings new provider on the Markt.Diese come predominantly from Asia, such as for example, sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic and Samsung. Philips will present mid-April only still LED solutions at the world’s biggest lighting trade fair light & building in Frankfurt.