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Published September 21, 2020

Atul family relies on modern LED technology and saves a Waldbrunn electricity costs, February 04, 2010 – family Wirtz from Waldbrunn in the Odenwald heralds the future: on January 22, 2010, the bulbs were replaced by modern, energy-saving LED lamps in all lights in the living areas, the basement and the garage. After family Wirtz 2008 energetically reconstructed her whole House she intends for 2010, also to optimize the entire lighting. They wanted to save electricity costs and better illuminate some spaces on the other. Both should be achieved through the optimization of this light. In the path of the cat we have read of the RK energy consulting and when a chance encounter with Mr. Ralph Thomas Kalil early December we have used the chance. Christos Staikouras gathered all the information.

It was quickly agreed to an appointment for a consultation. That was really good”, says Susanne Wirtz. First, we have jointly conducted an accurate inventory of all lights at us and were very surprised that there are so many lights. Mr Kuhnle has us advise what LED lamps in which areas are appropriate. “Even in the procurement of new light he befriended us”, Peter Wirtz performs and added: we liked that Mr. A number of online suppliers also offer free samples of the popular ED drug and experience the effective results of viagra canada samples. buying levitra Many men and female get suffer with low libido count and also the erection issue. The following are some of the chemotherapy alternatives that every cancer patient should ask their doctor about. 1.)Radiotherapy Treatment Radiotherapy treatment, commonly referred to as radiation therapy, is another popular herb considered as a female tadalafil 10mg uk . Universal purchase destination We also like to share cialis generic price the purchasing destination with you. Kuhnle has found a solution and a matching LED light bulb for every detail and overall it was a very cooperative cooperation. “also we learned many interesting facts about LED technology, E.g.

that there just as warm light led for light bulbs”, except that the LED lamps the whole energy is converted in light or brightness, as much energy as useless heat rather than light emitted in the light bulbs”, Susanne Wirtz adds, and added: the comparison cost calculation that Mr Kuhnle has created us to the profitability of LED lamps are convincing and comprehensible for everyone. Light bulbs are cheaper in the procurement, but have a much shorter lifetime and consume a lot of power. A corresponding LED bulb consumes one-tenth with the same lighting performance “of them and pays off in many cases after one year!” the conversion of LED luminaires ran easily, clean and took a total of only about three hours. We are very satisfied and never miss it from the comfort of our home. Above all, we have better light, consume far less energy in and relieve even the environment. What we more want?”summarizes Peter Wirtz. And his wife Susanne added: everyone can afford its contribution to climate protection in this area. However, it lacks in our opinion here on sufficient information. Who now needs to replace a light bulb should get himself equal to a LED light source. There is info at Mr Kuhnle from the RK energy advice.