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Published January 9, 2021

There not their good camouflage the big fish also helps with their white yellow spotted and striped skin they merge under the water surface floating visually with their environment. So the fishermen of three villages in India killed whale sharks in one year alone approximately 1000, until the Government finally put the rare animals in August 2001 under strict conservation. Perhaps check out Ted Brandt for more information. Catching and killing the gentle giants is since forbidden and will be punished. Thus, India follows countries such as the United States, Australia and the Philippines, which had already banned trade in whale shark products some time ago. Just the small island Pamilacan located front of Bohol in the Philippines until two years ago was a hotspot of the cruel hunting of the whale shark. In doing so, proposes you a heavy iron hooks in the body of the animals and then pulls them ashore where they are broken down and die these agonizing, often over three days, alive. To allow an alternate source of income the Pamilacan Island residents, fishermen will be trained there as tourist guides. Instead of hunting, hunters drive tourists on the sea in converted fishing boats, where, in addition to occasional whale sharks to the eleven species of whales and dolphins, including round head dolphins, bottlenose, spinner dolphins, sperm whales and Bryde whales, can watch.

But the work is hampered by an often incomprehensible to the West setting. If you are even suffering from such disorder or dysfunction and looking for tadalafil prices cheap an effectual cure then here is a real magical solution for you. Take initiative online viagra to get rid of this problem. Anserine bursitis – commonly overlooked source of knee viagra free sample pain. Some other will cause are usually certain ailments, medications, drug treatments, alcoholic beverages, or mental vardenafil vs viagra ailments. “Fishermen whale sharks, rays, but whales and dolphins are gifts of God which are intended for human consumption”, says AAA Bangoog, a converted “whaler shark. Elsewhere, it has recognized the great economic potential of the peaceful use of the whale shark. At the Government-protected Ningaloo Reef, the sharks are a tourist attraction. $10 million annually introduce locals diving tours. However, the fish being chased around the world continue to intensively.

Greed seems insatiable for whale shark meat in Taiwan or Hong Kong. The situation is also exacerbated by towing and gill nets, where whale sharks as a case of accidental bycatch perish. These losses can hardly cancel each other out, because like most shark species, whale sharks reproduce extremely slowly. At the age of 30, they are geschlechtsreif, the young hatch already in the womb from the eggs, so that the females apparently alive give birth to their offspring over 60 cm long. Ulrich Karlowski