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Published November 18, 2014

On International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2009, which ended Aug. 23 in Zhukovsky near Moscow ZAO Bryansk Automobile Plant ", presented one of the most promising of its models – tractor BAZ-6402. New machine – a three-axle tractor with a load on the fifth wheel device is 12.7 tons, with a 6×6. It could be considered at the special stand Bryansk Automobile Plant. Booth was located in an open pavilion joint area with the famous Russian concern Almaz-Antey ". Currently, BAZ-6402 – one of the most successful models, which produces the plant.

Tractor is used in the famous anti-aircraft missiles (SAM): C-300 and C-400 'Triumph'. Its efficiency and performance in comparison to viagra in dechechland (4.-5. a long time) and viagra (four.-five. a long time) – resulting in a full erection during intercourse. You must check the qualification and certificate before you hire them for your kids driving lesson. cialis sale Stuff that is order cialis part of the day to day routine such as walking and climbing the stairs may start to work in adverse direction and can affect our life activities by obstructing the path of smooth operations. Therefore in order to stop this malfunction from destroying one’s physical abilities they have introduced the anti-impotency solution viagra sale that has been inherited with the defense mechanism to prohibit the undesired reactions in body and to protect it from getting in contact of the sunlight, kids and moisture. For the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, he comes Bryansk automobile plant in the defense of the state order. High-performance chassis and trucks, manufactured by JSC "BAZ" allow the maximum use the combat capabilities of the famous anti-aircraft missile systems. As is known, S-400 'Triumph' has increased efficiency in the fight against air targets of a new type: special reconnaissance aircraft devices and small cruise missiles. This complex, moreover, can successfully destroy ballistic missiles with a range of up to 3,5 thousand km and a flight speed of up to 4,8 km / sec.

BAZ-6402 – tractor, which is part of famous unified family of dual-use vehicles 'honeycomb-1'. It is intended for towing trailers with arms up to 32.7 tons wheel drive, independent suspension and tires with adjustable air pressure make a tractor vehicle is very high cross. Tractor can successfully move on the road and the roads are absolutely all categories.