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Tractor Trailer Baz-6402

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

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On International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2009, which ended Aug. 23 in Zhukovsky near Moscow ZAO Bryansk Automobile Plant ", presented one of the most promising of its models – tractor BAZ-6402. New machine – a three-axle tractor with a load on the fifth wheel device is 12.7 tons, with a 6×6. It could be considered at the special stand Bryansk Automobile Plant. Booth was located in an open pavilion joint area with the famous Russian concern Almaz-Antey ". Currently, BAZ-6402 – one of the most successful models, which produces the plant.

Tractor is used in the famous anti-aircraft missiles (SAM): C-300 and C-400 'Triumph'. For the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, he comes Bryansk automobile plant in the defense of the state order. High-performance chassis and trucks, manufactured by JSC "BAZ" allow the maximum use the combat capabilities of the famous anti-aircraft missile systems. As is known, S-400 'Triumph' has increased efficiency in the fight against air targets of a new type: special reconnaissance aircraft devices and small cruise missiles. This complex, moreover, can successfully destroy ballistic missiles with a range of up to 3,5 thousand km and a flight speed of up to 4,8 km / sec.

BAZ-6402 – tractor, which is part of famous unified family of dual-use vehicles 'honeycomb-1'. It is intended for towing trailers with arms up to 32.7 tons wheel drive, independent suspension and tires with adjustable air pressure make a tractor vehicle is very high cross. Tractor can successfully move on the road and the roads are absolutely all categories.