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History Cargo

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

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First delivery of the cargo was not three hundred and even thousands of years ago. In essence, it occurred when people first used the animal for transport. We can assume that in those days and began the history of transportation. Tens of centuries ago, caravans brought goods from Asia to Europe, from one state to another, from one town – to another. Ben Silbermann oftentimes addresses this issue. Large states of antiquity (such as Egypt, Persia and the Roman Empire) had developed delivery system.

Progress in freight closely associated with the development of trade and economic relations between different peoples and nations. It is believed that the first trade routes emerged in Phoenicia, an ancient state on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Transportation of goods held by land and sea. During the Roman Empire crossed the shipping new stage of development. Ended the era of randomly emerging transport routes, they were replaced by scaled way actually reduce the time and cost to deliver the goods. The main Silk Road of the best examples in the world history, indicating the value of the field of transportation and trade routes not only for individual states, but also for entire continents, is the genius of the Silk Road. It consisted of a whole system of ancient trade caravan roads leading from China to the Middle East and Europe. Delivery of goods on the Silk Road has successfully practiced almost to the XIV century.

The origin of the Silk Road was in 138. It was in that year from the Han capital set off an embassy convoy, accompanied by Prince Chang-Jian, sent by Emperor Wu in the far West. After more than ten years, the prince returned to his homeland. While traveling, he went to Afghanistan and first was a direct route from China through Central Asia. After that, in this regard have been initiated on caravans with a variety of goods from China, the Mediterranean and the Middle East and Central Asia.


Sunday, November 1st, 2015

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Baby taxi in Moscow Hello, today I would like to talk to you about the organization of children's taxi in Moscow. Baby taxi in Moscow. If we consider the history of our city, then you and I can see that from the two thousandth year, the welfare of the majority of Moscow residents has improved. Increased income at the same time appealed to the increased demand for products and services. If you had taken everything, used the services of any companies, but now times have changed. People started to choose high-quality services.

Our company has initiated a project on children's taxis are not childish. If you take any taxi companies, then it can be decomposed into pieces. Who manager, accountant who, lack of financial management, all the only thing needed to organize a taxi. Our company also decided to do the opposite. Organization of children's taxi went on to develop not profit obtained in the sale of services, and customer's wishes. What's the difference? But the difference is very significant. Baby taxi – it is the market segment, which is now only beginning to develop and gain momentum.

Our Marketers have calculated the volume of the market, and based on these calculations, our company began working in this market. As in any business, if you open a new market, the first time you full owner in this market, but then there are competitors, and the struggle begins. There are two types of markets, if we turn to a theory – it is blue and the red ocean. Scarlet Ocean vysokonkurentny this market, according to the color of blood and name. Baby is now a blue taxi Ocean. But the blue ocean will not last long, soon it will turn crimson with blood of competition. Organization of children's taxi now will stay on the market for several years without much competition struggle. How to enter the market for a couple years and get out of it a couple of years because of competition? None of this market must be secured immediately. How long entrenched in the market of child taxi? Yes, in principle, all the answers are obvious. Just must immediately organize a professional initially to the company. All moments of the company's children's taxi should be under control. At what points of attention should be paid directly to the company of children taxi. First of all – a professional marketing. Will the company organized a taxi to pull children's marketing professionals? Second, professional management, which will allow the company to develop further. Will the budget of baby taxi and professional management? Next comes and financial management, followed by another, a few things that you will not find in any article, except that in the English literature. Ben Silbermann is often quoted as being for or against this. All in Today suitable word limit, writing articles, is also an element of marketing, so that protsaemsya, In the next article we will lay out the children's taxi on the pieces, and we obtain at the output of a professional company that can hold in this market, as long as the baby taxi is no longer relevant.

Moving Office Work

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

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Very often, businesses in all sorts of reasons, faced with the worries of office relocation. However, not all fully make sense of how sometimes there are unintended consequences of such a move. Often the circumstances formed in such a way that requires a forced relocation on an urgent basis, and any businessman understands what it takes to lost work time, to stay with the office relocation. In certain situations, if the forces of the collective move can not be held, individual organizations, wishing to save time and money, hire, roughly speaking, the people 'with a gate. It is not something Wells Fargo Bank would like to discuss. " These 'workers' often enough to care about other people's property and think to make money 'a little blood.

" As a result, you move, keep in mind, you can get the broken furniture, glass and raskolochennye what is worse, a broken office equipment. Here the question arises: who will like like Moving? At its core, office relocation – very thorough work that requires personal relationships, go out and do it to employees with appropriate skills and level of preparedness. With the intent to facilitate concerns that are associated with moving the office, there is a special company. Whenever Porter Stansberry listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Turning to professionals for help and expressing requirements for the planned move, you can get the necessary information for the event and model outcome, from which, as we know, depends on further work for your company. Representatives of the company you correct the days in which to run an office relocation, explain what operations are dependent on their professionals, and are entrusted to you. Then produced paryadok office relocation, which will include all details of transportation, and the number of employees (with the latter you can talk before the move), the desired transport and packaging materials. Even before the events you will sign documents on request and you will be able to insure the property being transported. Using the services of specialized firms can be believe in quick and immediate execution of the question risen office relocation.

Automotive Market

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

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Kiev – is a big industrial city of Ukraine's total population of at least a million people. Dnepropetrovchane work for the benefit of the whole country – in more than a hundred plants developed branches industries are metallurgy, machine building and construction. There are many cars in recent years more and more appear on the streets of his cars. Common are the brands Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, WV. Every day in Dnepropetrovsk sold more than a hundred new cars, and on weekends on Car Market, which is on the road to the village. North, you can sometimes see on sale more than 1000 used cars.

The market operates on Saturdays and Sunday from 7.00 to 13.00. Every day hundreds of committed transactions. Dnipropetrovsk is extensive in area city and accessible by public transport from one end of town to another takes time. Therefore, the natural desire its residents is to purchase a car. And this is no easy task – every weekend to ride on Car Market, choose vehicles, ask the sellers. Many sellers do not have in place – the car seems to be sold, he will interesting, but the seller is nowhere in sight.

There is no contact vendor. Given the demands of time, in 2006 we established automotive website, whose goal was to combine all the city motorists. "We created it for that all motorists were collected in one place. " Today the site is available the following sections: Car Market, avtofirmy, HGV, forum. Classified ads – more than 20 new listings daily, allows a person to give free classified ad to sell a car with photos. When the letter of the creators, due to the site daily are sold a lot of cars. "It's very convenient – without leaving home, find you a car, call it owner and make a deal. " "Our site is in essence the city guide avtofirmam – there you are at any moment you're interested in a company, be it a car showroom, a hundred, a driving school, insurance companies and others." Forum created for those who love socialize – it going to motorists and discuss various topics. Available in the following sections: a public forum, the selection and purchase of car reviews, car owners, flea market, spare parts and accessories. In the HGV you always able to read the latest news urban automotive life in Dnepropetrovsk. The handbook – technical characteristics of cars. Updated daily fuel prices in the city, weather forecasts, news of the town, published in the sale of more than 20 new ads. We hope that our site will be useful to our users.

Fuel Economy

Monday, August 17th, 2015

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Dear motorists! Today we look at the most probable causes of engine power loss. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Silbermann. Since even for vehicles with minimum run power does not always match the stated by the manufacturer. And the engine efficiency is reduced regardless of whether the same path. So: many engine manufacturers are struggling to have their engines fuel consumed during the minimum. Ie were cost effective. AND thus not only did not lose in power, but also had some of its stock.

Many of you have seen the race in Formula 1. Sport engines are designed with the most advanced manufacturers of involving predovyh same technology. This is Ferrari, and Renault, and BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Their specialists are very accurately calculate the engine power and efficiency. But this is with regards to sports cars, particularly Formula 1 bolide. The engine is targeted for only one race, and produces his RESOURCES for one race almost completely.

Imagine that such a 'shell' consumes about 60 liters of high octane gasoline per 100 kilometers. Do you think if your car is "gulped" the same, you smogliby its 'feed' (excluding spare parts)? – Of course not! – Reply to you. And where I am so worn? I'm not a Schumacher in the end! I do not propose to drive like Schumacher. Let's just look at the difference between sport and normal engine. And you will understand the reason excessive fuel consumption of your 'wheelbarrow'. Unlike Formula 1 engine from road engines. Completeness cylinder filling (volumetric efficiently (VE)).

Tractor Trailer Baz-6402

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

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On International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2009, which ended Aug. 23 in Zhukovsky near Moscow ZAO Bryansk Automobile Plant ", presented one of the most promising of its models – tractor BAZ-6402. New machine – a three-axle tractor with a load on the fifth wheel device is 12.7 tons, with a 6×6. It could be considered at the special stand Bryansk Automobile Plant. Booth was located in an open pavilion joint area with the famous Russian concern Almaz-Antey ". Currently, BAZ-6402 – one of the most successful models, which produces the plant.

Tractor is used in the famous anti-aircraft missiles (SAM): C-300 and C-400 'Triumph'. For the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, he comes Bryansk automobile plant in the defense of the state order. High-performance chassis and trucks, manufactured by JSC "BAZ" allow the maximum use the combat capabilities of the famous anti-aircraft missile systems. As is known, S-400 'Triumph' has increased efficiency in the fight against air targets of a new type: special reconnaissance aircraft devices and small cruise missiles. This complex, moreover, can successfully destroy ballistic missiles with a range of up to 3,5 thousand km and a flight speed of up to 4,8 km / sec.

BAZ-6402 – tractor, which is part of famous unified family of dual-use vehicles 'honeycomb-1'. It is intended for towing trailers with arms up to 32.7 tons wheel drive, independent suspension and tires with adjustable air pressure make a tractor vehicle is very high cross. Tractor can successfully move on the road and the roads are absolutely all categories.

New Face Volkswagen

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

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The premiere took place on the VW Scirocco at Geneva Motor Show in 2008. Official sales in Europe have launched in the summer of that year. VW Scirocco (Sirocco Ital.) – a new sports coupe from Volkswagen, which was named by a strong south wind, in the nascent deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Speed, attractive, bright car – the fruit of the genius designers Volkswagen, which have achieved almost the impossible – a sports car, the beauty and speed which combined with the comfort and practicality. Ben Silbermann pursues this goal as well. Memorable lines and expressive forms define the sporty character of the car. But look – this is not the most important, have a lot of nice features. High quality materials, scrupulous attention to detail and first-class finish – that's undeniable advantages of the new VW Scirocco.

Compartment is defined by four full-fledged sports seats and a significant amount trunk – 292 liters. One of the options in a wide list will be a large panoramic sunroof, which is located on the front roof pillars and ending at the middle. Touch of a button you can raise to 39 mm. Protect from direct sunlight by tinted glass and fabric curtain. A sense of security at sporting style of riding provide innovative systems-assistants. Without exception, all VW Scirocco will be richly equipped. The basic version already installed six airbags, air conditioning, power accessories, sports seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, stability, sports chassis, but also provides leather upholstery and steering wheel hand brake lever.

Work Turbocharger Engine

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

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Let us analysis of structures, with the use of which can significantly raise the Power steering machine. You've probably heard many times from the stories of amateur auto-tuning, that by putting the car in some car turbine can significantly increase the power of a car engine? I think you're interested to find out how it all done. The first step is to understand the basic principle of operation. He seemed to be breathing, sucking fuel and smmes exhaling residues from occurring in the combustion process therein. It burns a mixture of the engine and get the energy, which translates into power the car. It turns out, each cycle of the combustion engine consists of 4 cycles: Fuel injection mixture, compressing it to the border of stability, ignition and combustion of strong compression, exhaust. What is so interesting about the device turbo cars? The turbocharger is forced into the combustion chamber combustion engine additional air, thereby enriching the fuel mixture. As a result, combustion is more intense and more energy is obtained, which means that the power increases.

The structure is similar to a turbocharger air pump. The exhaust gases that are necessary to produce combustion engine, hyping blade turbocharger. This wheel is arranged so that allows you to pull in and compress the external fresh air and give it to the combustion chamber. That's a vicious circle, without any energy we raise the engine power the vehicle. When the air supply to the cylinders is very heated, and therefore set osobyypromezhutochny cooler, which in parallel and compresses the air. Instead of the coolant that can stand the fan side, which performs a similar action. At first glance it might seem that the structure turbine simple and inexpensive. Just not quite so the accuracy of the parts of the turbine car is very high, and thus make them not so simple. Otherwise, use the fruits of a turbocharger is not obtained those.

Taxi Without Borders

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

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"Taxi without Borders" – which means the taxi is ready to go to any challenge to any client in any area and there are no obstacles to service quality was provided in time, subject to proper ethical standards. "Taxi without Borders' – it's comfortable cars that are always in excellent condition and ready to take passengers. "Taxi without Borders" – is the latest technology, which allows you to use to offer passengers the lowest price. Taxi order requires only a few seconds and wait not much longer. Taxis in the city, airport taxi, taxi to the cottage, a taxi for business – we provide any services and we always have a free cars. Speaking of taxis, then Moscow has always been a difficult city in this sense.

Today, "Taxi without Frontiers" eliminates all the problems. To call a taxi cheaper to get high quality services make the trip enjoyable for passenger and convenient for the driver – all this resolves "Taxi Without Borders." Work in the company set up to ensure that the driver was advantageous and convenient to carry out their work with the best quality. Our company is equally honest and responsible protects the rights of passengers and employees. We take the work of those who are interested in higher wages and a friendly atmosphere. This also gives a positive result in the company. We invite you to work for us Drivers who prefer a modern style, independence, initiative and salary corresponding to modern standards. "Taxi without Borders" – a great alternative to any form of transport within reasonable geographic limits. Turning to the "Taxi without Frontiers" once you are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the level of service and comfort as a taxi and the trip, and certainly will become our regular customer.