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Published March 23, 2019

And the manager, seeing it as a sideways-sideways at Crab starts to fuss, and, according to Viti, 'behave illogically. " It is fortunate that Victor, a man he aged, was not one, but with his other-athlete. Because actually this scene marked the final payment for materials, raw materials, remnants of the goods and equipment. A manager has been with tickets to one of the warmest overseas countries and flew the same night. Guys have time to run out, close the office door and call police. As further consequence, the control they have settled a swindler, a specialist, before this fool around 6 (SHESTI!!) Ukrainian banks.

Begged to call someone anything but the police … So it turned out that nerd summed greed 🙂 If he had not returned for three days to DOPRODAT! – The entire office would be to write off losses in … So the co-owners still lucky enough. The case of the latter. LESS! Dear man, the owner decided to slightly large enterprises to diversify their business. The case was before the crisis, but we actually do not know. Here the director hired by the scheme was used called I 'Start-down'.

Key actors: the director, an accountant, purchasing agent. The victim – of course the owner. It was opened wholesale and retail store. Naturally: the amount of repairs, the sum on the necessary licenses, permits, amount to pre-purchase, the amount of equipment, and of the estimated 2-3 months of wages. Again the event of discovery, a good advertising: signs, big-boards, signage, publications and more. It is clear that the owner – a busy man, time is short, and reports – consistent. NF Cure capsules are highly capable of dealing with different of anxiety owed different tadalafil online cheap causes. Gandhaksudh flushes out toxins buy vardenafil levitra from your body. If a generic drug professional viagra online has the identical effect on the body as branded medicine. You need to consume this herbal pill daily two times for the cialis no prescription treatment of low sperm count and infertility. All there cash-flow, P & ale, Evropa! In fact – they've taken up wage working capital, product suppliers are not paid. Team collected the trinity, porters, managers, cleaners – fed without a hitch. At one point – suppliers, such contagion, began to demand money or own the product back. The director quickly to the owner: and give me some more on the development of … After that: a) pay for unsaleable goods (shelves Goals obviously !!!), getting rolled back. b) 'Turns employees of the' – 'all! Money for salaries is not! " c) shifts the legal way, explaining that 'in such circumstances can not work. " The owner was forced to liquidate the company as bankrupt. The case of the third. These days, not over yet, watch … Family, consultation, opens the restaurant business. No, but really, what is so tough? Room, entourage, advertising, cooks, waiters – and everything! Yes, dear, but you pay off! AND the first month after a bad turnover … The young lady, opening the whole thing 'is a more interesting work "and dismissed. Then why is getting worse and worse … As it turned out, the process izymaniya money for the month was put on stream. Advertising activities and costs were too high at times! The cost of purchased products – too. Here's how they say in Ukraine and the GAPLYK! " Again, the calculation of 'break-even point' for some reason did not get the rent RESTAURANT! Now the owners of can only seek additional funds. BUT!! Now they have 24 HOURS A DAY controls basic processes. A little later, we will continue. Prior to the meeting