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Published March 29, 2019

PUBLIC SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT HUMANIZADA EVANHA MARIA RIBEIRO DA SILVA MESQUITA* SUMMARY This study intends to argue the importance of the development of people in the public sector, in the full direction as condition of transformation of model of a traditional and bureaucratic organizacional management. Moreover, it will be detached the importance of if searching a model of management of people that predominates in its essence the valuation social human being and as one of the great challenges of the public sector Word-key: Humanizao; Public administration; Public service. INTRODUCTION Ahead of the diverse changes in the social, economic scenes, technological politicians and, the organizations if come across with the requirement of one high standard of competitiveness that if extends in global level. Frequent impotence can be a sign discover for source online levitra of health problems that needs proper treatment. Certain medical viagra generika you can try this out conditions affect blood and nerve supply to clitoris to detect whether it affects orgasm. Let your partner practice belly breathing every day for a visit here now buy sildenafil online few days or a few weeks. The world’s strongest antioxidant is actually able to penetrate human cells and there are no described incidents where the superberry causes levitra brand any interactions with medications. In the case of the public sector, the challenge to face the context of changes is in the process of reform of device of the State, in the direction of that this process of transformation and consequent modernization, imposes to the state sphere the necessity to review its papers, functions and, especially, mechanisms of management. More consensual in Brazil as well as in other countries is each time, the concern with the beginning of the participation in the public administration, where new methods of performance are adopted directed toward the culture of the dialogue, to favor the work of the society on same it. For Perez (2004.p.221) & ldquo; the administration assumes the function today to harmonize the behavior of the social actors looking for to be most transparent, distanciando of purely managemental the bureaucratic models and neoliberais.& rdquo; The estimated ones of the new organizacional model for the public sector reflect the emphasis in the management of its human resources and in the adoption of more democratic and participativos styles that develop the abilities, as well as they satisfy the necessities of the external public and of public server.