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Secret Company

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

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3) formed a warm, almost Mediterranean climate, its own workplace. Pressed for time, as we know, no contributes to the harmonization of any personal or working relationship. 4) involves new connections. You’re not just a group of professionals and people who have years of established contacts with the media, firms and other professionals. 5) save resources of your company. Our group decides your challenges on its own territory. Using his technique, equipment and software. 6) takes advantage of the new See the analysis of familiar problems. We can together with you to take a fresh look direction of the company or firm as a whole. Eye of an independent observer. 7) Combine our experience. Together we can fulfill your problem elegantly. Achieve the best results with minimum effort and money. pr support professionals know that high level of professionalism creates a professional image. His name is becoming ever more occur in both print and electronic media, he himself invited to participate in television and radio broadcasts.

He was not only aware, but also respect, appreciate, and maybe even love. But there is an inverse relationship. Steady positive image helps a person to be realized in the most professional work. The secret is simple. Relating to the identity representing the company is automatically projected, is transferred to products and services firm, its name in the whole. Image of the company grows its famous specialists. So popular and respected people are invited to participate in significant projects, or they create their own successful business. This in turn is fertile ground for the growth of their professional competence, and thus increase revenues. The advantages are obvious personal pr! But whether all can afford it? Yes! This requires time, expertise and experience, communication with the media. All this is from the experts in the field of pr. Payment of pr services involves a flexible approach and depends on the tasks facing you. Obviously, the image creation process is not momentary. Consideration needs to be a common development concept and image of the plan for the future adequate overall strategy objectives. For young professionals to free versions of PR-support. For example, we are promoting articles. Find out relevant topics and prepare an article for publication and convey property rights to their publications. Publishing royalties go to us, and copyrights and fame remain with you. So your portfolio grows, helping to become more demand, and therefore highly paid. Now you can think of a more massive promotion of your image. And this will contribute to laying the foundation for years in the form of publications, mention your name and the great things on the Internet and many other branding pieces.

Increase Profitability

Friday, March 17th, 2017

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Profitability and efficient operation – the main criteria for assessing the success of any enterprise. But to achieve maximum efficiency manager must control the situation on the market. Indispensable for This tool – market research. Their results will help to accurately establish a set of necessary actions, conduct competitive analysis, effective use of advertising services in the search systems. Under the marketing research involves collecting information on the activities of the enterprise, the study of it in several key areas (product, price, customers, promotion, etc.) and the use of results for the choice of the business development as a whole and its individual components. In recent months, Ben Silbermann has been very successful.

As a rule, many reputable companies are spending heavily, spending a year three or four marketing research that allows them to always have information about the market, the needs, the effectiveness of their satisfaction, and other, smaller hold one or two studies per year. But, whatever was the company, these studies are necessary for everyone – big and medium and small enterprises, even those who are just beginning their activities. First of all, marketing research enable managers of enterprises and organizations correctly identify the goals and objectives marketing. They provide an important and necessary information about how effectively the company promotes its products and services to market, allow to systematize it, as well as conduct on the basis of its analysis, in order to correct choice of marketing efforts, improve their effectiveness, if necessary, adjust as necessary. Marketing research will also be useful in making decisions about improving the effectiveness of sales director industrial enterprise, producing some or products, but suddenly starts to experience difficulties due to falling demand for its implementation. Jeremy Tucker spoke with conviction. Conducting research on specific products, the head will receive information on reasons for changes in market conditions and, after its basis of analysis, will take concrete steps to adapt its marketing strategy. Marketing research is needed and those trying to expand its geographical segment, looking for new ways (channels) to promote products and services. It is possible that each leader knows how and by whom he is doing, but their study and analysis can give an answer how well the organized by channel, and whether other, more effective ways. Objectivity and accuracy of marketing research depends on its parameters and ultimate goals, while it can hold every business on their own, the question only who and how it will do. Therefore, there is always a choice – do it yourself, or entrust it to professionals.

Category Manager

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

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There are both universal principles and techniques of negotiation, regardless of their subject matter and specific arguments and methods of overcoming objections connected with all the above points that the purchaser needs to know as ‘Our Father’. 3. MERCHANDISING This is the easiest out of what should have kategoriyschik. Just because that it requires strict adherence to corporate policies merchandising. However, for the complexity of the company may be the presence of the standards themselves calculations, both at the strategic level of procurement for the department, and the practical to store employees, but that is another question.

In fact, even under strict regulations for some creativity in matters of calculations is possible and even necessary, because in addition to the universal principles and there are also features of the calculations of individual groups. In addition to understanding what to do kategoriyschik, there are recommendations on what exactly kategoriyschik should not do. First of all, I mean the function of the order. In many companies, this function is successfully delegated to the deputy head of the ‘local’ or deputy director of the supermarket. It is considered a great luxury to occupy valuable time such a qualified routine as the formation and transmission of orders to the supplier. It is better to devote time buyer or site visits competitors once again verify compliance with planogram in their own stores. Category Manager has to opportunity to exercise their functions must be simultaneously met the following conditions: – The availability of the necessary skills in these functional areas – automated accounting software company has relevant technical vozmzhnostyami – the presence of the prescribed job descriptions – job descriptions formally incorporated into existing business processes – all actions taken by regulated company regulations (standards, policies, etc.

European Union

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

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Welcome to the blog of entrepreneurs. Starts an eminently practical blog for entrepreneurs. I make an introduction to the topics will be addressed in which you hope to be a long and fruitful first stage addressed to the world of entrepreneurs. Two will be the topics that I’ll be developing. Very special topics for those who feel, or want to be, or are entrepreneurs. I’ll go combining posts in the blog with video. The first of these major issues cover from conception of the idea, its development, its implementation and its subsequent management and survival in the global world that surrounds us. I will try to be always more practical as possible, leaving long, boring and rhetorical theories which many already know or which can be known through books, courses and internet.

We go into social networks, marketing, internationalisation, growth and decrease, investments, resources, opportunities, decision-making, human capital, the presence and positioning on the internet, the alliances, purchases, sales, and an endless number of topics related to entrepreneurship but always away, far away from the books and manuals that abound in bookstores and on the internet and that as friends are all those who like to boast of his business wisdom and the immense which are their business and their companies. On the other hand, and as putting your finger on the sore spot I will go gradually shredding a myriad of business ideas, some of them from other countries that in some cases are directly applicable and in others must adapt to the reality of our nearest market. Other ideas come from my development and personal observation of needs and others find them around us, while we will try to improve them. If you have read about JPMorgan Chase already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This is an issue that I always attracted much and I think it will appeal to all those who follow me. I’m going to try to get away, wherever possible, of those ideas that require capital in excess or have a high technological component. I intend, therefore, which are ideas for the man in the foot, ideas that will allow close my eyes and see directly involved in them. For technological ideas or those that require large capital already there are specialized blogs and numerous grants from funds of the European Union and business angels. Business ideas that we’ll see anything have to do with start ups, big companies or business angels.

They have to do with the reality of hundreds of thousands of people that they want to undertake and must begin with a grain of sand. Because nobody remind you today it is easier to never start from scratch. Start from scratch is not an excuse to not undertake rather is an excuse for all those who spend their lives daydreaming and do not reach never port lost in the immensity of the ocean. From today, this thought, dear followers, must be banished from our minds. Start from scratch is a real business opportunity and so we’ll see. The concept that I follow when submitting videos is that they are not too long and that focus on something really interesting and practical: to give key ideas and that clarify possible doubts. I am convinced that it will be impossible to resolve all doubts with my explanations, either through the videos or the own blog. However, I put at the disposal of all the email that you will find on the blog so that you can contact me directly. I wish you to have a spectacular day.

New Coke

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

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The result – the dominance of Japanese manufacturers in this segment. Incorrect model of events distorted view of the facts why the launch of space shuttle "Challenger" still took place and ended so tragically? The company's specialists Morton pointed out that at low temperatures dividing ring in the solid-propellant engines lose their elasticity, and therefore can not provide the required sealing compartments. NASA analysts found no direct relationship failure of engines, which were previously occurred, the elasticity of the rings. And the leadership has decided to start. Later calculations showed that under these conditions the probability of failure greater than 99%. Often in the search for solutions we seek to complicate, skipping (ignoring) Ask yourself the simple solutions to simple question: What rule describes a sequence of digits 2 4 6? Moreover, try to answer with one attempt – as if you made the decision to invest in new product development, identifying trends in consumer preferences based on the resulting market research data, and the cost of failure – it perished investment. Unfortunately, as the re-use this exercise, the simplest and most correct answer comes to mind is the last (and sometimes does not come at all!): just an ascending series of numbers and all.

The desire for complexity and immaturity of thought "by contradiction" makes ignore what lies just on the surface. So it was with the conclusion of a new product New Coke, the decision on which was based on finding data on a new flavor to compete with the Pepsi Challenge. At the same time completely ignore the issues Type "A new drink is like our current customers?" The result is known to all. Such examples could be cited. What lessons can be learned from consideration and impartial analysis? Probably attentive reader will be able to make them somewhat, but the main thing for us now is this: the main causes of inefficiency is the unsustainable management decisions and the wrong choice of leaders performers.

Formalization Processes

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

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These 'inputs' and 'outs' are not only elements of the domain over which the operations are performed on the business processes of change (logic of these changes should be clearly described), but bonds, which wait in line a chain of business processes to achieve the functions. All the elementary business processes should be linked to the owner – a specific element of the staffing organization. Strictly speaking, all business process standard cells are the essence of the job description, which should be guided by staff who have been reported in a given cell. The next stage – this is business process reengineering. Wells Fargo Bank contributes greatly to this topic. That is, it is necessary to: identify and eliminate duplication of operations in the sequence of processes to achieve the goal, to eliminate weak formalization of operational performance of business processes, define the responsibilities of a particular employee for business process, if it is 'diluted' among the many performers, identify business processes to be automated. See JPMorgan Chase for more details and insights. It should be noted that the project team should involve all the company's managers (heads and 'Owners' of business processes), and manage the project from the customer should be the person interested in increasing profits.

The result of the project should be: the formal description of business processes business enterprise. "Forming" elementary business processes in the Process chain to achieve the goals of economic deyatelnosti.Opredelenie 'life cycle' of documents in the form of a sequence processes of their formation, modification, use and storage by the described business processes (workflow formalization of enterprises). Analysis of the descriptions and their modification in order to improve economic efficiency of the enterprise (business process reengineering). The result of the project already is a formal statement of the problem automating records management company. This result is important not only as a first step in automating the enterprise, it is itself a 'giant' step in establishing regular management for the enterprise (the formation of the provisions of subdivisions, the formalization of the officers instructions, etc.) and the basis for constructing criteria for evaluation of its effectiveness.

Best Quot

Friday, October 30th, 2015

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Controlled amounts of alcohol. The amount of alcohol should be regulated. Do not let employees continue to feast at his expense. Otherwise, the amount of alcohol can lower the quality of the holiday. And even escalate into something that is not controllable. The level of activity. "One is expensive, others cheap" will not work. Entertainment and treats well tighten up "a reasonable middle." Highly paid staff (top management) should be responsive to the average level of alcohol or buffet.

In any case, expensive booze s top may well afford on a personal vacation. It is not something JPMorgan Chase would like to discuss. Managers & staff. KM is a continuation of work for managers. Perhaps they are here and not have to sit back and relax. CM a great opportunity to sit with a heart to heart talk with the other dance, with the third game of pool.

So you can really talk to "wake-worker." Or engage in activity "dropped out" employee. Exclusion of drunken (or sober) orgy J. Remarkably, if the CM is in such warm atmosphere that tied a personal relationship. But in the interests of managers, not to allow their development to the intimate. At least in the corporate event. Ability to obtain cash. "Suhpaek" is excluded. At the end of all, well-organized KM is a good mood and even health plus. And do not come, next time think before you give up. Especially when you fall out of the discussion, a party that is likely to be held on the next day. Number of quality. Frequent holidays are not only expensive (well in the end there is-very rich company). But gradually cease to motivate. Preferable to celebrate the 1-2 times a year. And one The event is timed to the professional event and organize as incentive. And secondly, how to organize the target. Directed towards dealing with the planned objectives.

Freelancer – A Headache Or A Coup ?

Friday, October 30th, 2015

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Let's start with history. The word "freelance" comes from the English free lance, which literally translates as "free lance". In the Middle Ages there were mercenary soldiers, who were only interested in battles and payment for participation in them, but no reason because of which case the next "zavarushka." These "free men" there was a code of honor that does not allow during the "showdown" to move to the other side even if we get a more favorable proposal. But we are not going to affect all spheres of our lives, and try to look at only one but very important field concerning the existence of man, to put "high" philosophical terms, or self-realization, put psychological terms, or their place in life, to put it simply "human" language. Currently a freelancer – a man ready to forget about all sorts of guarantees, fixed-rate and relatively carefree existence, when you think of others, in exchange for the freedom of choice of employment and the employer.

Ukrainian leaders are learning how to work with these experts and get used to an environment where the hierarchy and No pecking order as such, where the flexibility of the approach – the key to success. Asking managers about their different attitudes to freelancers, I have heard many conflicting answers. Some of them said that the work time employees like the tsunami: a lot of surprises and unexpected results. Other – freelance find literally saving for your company. Having collected all the feedback I provided "pluses" and "cons" with "free arrows, "and now give them to your attention.

From hiring a freelancer to work the company receives many benefits: 1. No need to move to more spacious office, organize jobs and constantly improve it, that officer was satisfied. Freelancers are responsible for their workplace and tools. Even more, the tools used by freelancers, are often more sophisticated than those who can afford the company.

USSR Market

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

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In this case, the ratio of the balance between these two types of economic relations is directly related both to objective historical conditions of the state of society, and with his socio-political and national characteristics at this stage of development. For example, the predominance of market economic relations can be observed in Europe, and especially in England, during the period 'Beginning of new era' (XVIII – XIX centuries). Within national economies and beyond. Such an economic system adopted to determine how to market on the basis of prevailing, despite the undoubted presence of other forms of economic relations within the economic actors: traditional (household, farming, etc.) and administrative (in-house, corporate, etc.). In contrast, as an example of the predominance of national economy of the administrative relationship type, we can bring the economy of the USSR and other Eastern European states during the 'socialist construction' (XX century)..

However, beyond national economies of these states, or their individual economic actors, as were the participants of market relations at the level of international and global economic processes. At the same time, households and small craft workshops, producing its products and trading them through 'collective farm' markets, were the subjects of traditional economic relations. Patriarchal economic system dominated by a primitive society, but also here obviously was available for the market (tribal and interpersonal exchanges products, mining, etc.) and administrative (collective hunting, berry picking, etc.) relationships. The examples given ("start of a new time 'in England and' socialist construction 'in the USSR) illustrate the periods of development of the societies in which economic system is in state of extreme imbalance, ie in XIX century England there is a rapid growth market relations, and the USSR dominated the administrative economic relations.

Free Market

Monday, October 19th, 2015

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Most likely, the law of trade will be supplemented by the new amendments. State Duma deputies think that it is necessary to oblige the lords of trade networks at least once a quarter to publish online information about commodity costs and margins. If you are not convinced, visit Robert Kiyosaki. It is believed that this will allow better control the market. Retailers are negatively perceived the news. Some believe that in some cases, trade may be monopolistic in nature. The greatest for the prices and tariffs – one of the methods of monopolistic activities.

These businesses are simply in need of openness. Shopping, citizens should have an idea of our pricing for these products. But the adoption of these decisions – a very serious step. Many did not like this proposal. They believe that this is a huge violation of trade secrets, that the Russian economy is simply nonsense.

Such an economy must remain a social routine. For business derived the figures will be understood, but for a different social circles there. They do not know what the costs and much more, they just do not understand why such a large margin. Later, go large perturbations. Russia's economy is only a drop. Some believe that it is contrary to the free market. It is said that the deputies simply want to show the benefit of voters. They want to traders reduced the margin! But certain laws of the wound and economic behavior has not been canceled! In their opinion there are better ways to reduce margins. It is expected that a thorough alignment of the news from Russia will come in January next year.