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Published February 7, 2021

As soon as you start your conduct business on the web and once you start to get real money for their efforts, from this very moment you most begins to torment the question: how to earn more? In other words, what to do now, when the first money like "gone", but, in general, the profit is still not as high as you would like? Way, which I will tell you today, is equally good and works fine regardless of what level of profitability of your business now and at what stage of development is your online project. Let's look at a sample list of what to do solve the novice traders who find themselves in this situation: 1) pay more attention to promotion, in principle, nothing wrong in that very principle, no. Promotion, Marketing and PR – should occupy a significant portion of your time at any stage of business development. Always. But they should not become self your business (if you have, of course, a company involved in promotion.

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