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Panel Marketing

Monday, January 19th, 2015

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The year’s affilinet performance marketing day 2010 will take place on May 17, 2010 at the Hotel Novotel in Munich and the metaapes GmbH is part of it. The year’s affilinet performance marketing day 2010 will take place on May 17, 2010 at the Hotel Novotel in Munich and the metaapes GmbH is part of it. The familiar again a day of performance marketing affiliate network affilinet from Munich organized after a successful event in 2009 this year and to cordially invites all interested program operators, agencies, affiliates and developers. The performance marketing day 2010 will be held Munich trade fair on May 17, 2010 at the Novotel hotel from 11:00 until 18:00. In addition to varied presentations and training on the stage there will be enough time as the subjects of affiliate marketing and new technologies for the exchanges and discussions around the theme of performance marketing.

metaapes will take part in the affilinet performance marketing day 2010: Thun Vongpraseut, Managing Director of metaapes GmbH, will take part in the Panel discussion and Meike Keep Hall, business development manager of metapeople GmbH, is a lecture on the topic of optimization of the online marketing mix”. To the agenda and to register for the affilinet performance marketing day 2010 information prospective buyers on the site by affilinet (, it is asked to sign up to April 30, 2010. About the metaapes GmbH: In response to an increasingly growing demand for solutions in the field of affiliate marketing the metaapes GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg was created in 2001. metaapes is a member of the metapeople group. The Agency provides the complete service from advice and design coordination with real-time online reporting to the optimisation of a hand.

The two managing directors, Mrs Viengmany Vongpraseut and Mr Nils Goner, emphasis particularly in on high-quality customer service, transparent control of success and a fair and performance-related accounting. The well-known affiliate Agency offers tailor-made solutions for individual customer requirements. Of course, the Agency with all work relevant affiliate networks together like for example Affili.NET, TradeDoubler and zanox. metaapes is one of the leading agencies for affiliate marketing in Germany. The team is working throughout Europe for renowned companies such as C & a, DEVK, Lufthansa, and T-Mobile. The international experience of the metapeople group the metaapes GmbH is also for global campaigns available. The metaapes GmbH is certified by agency BVDW, Affilinet and zanox.

Europe Lichtenbroicher

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

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The Bohme’s consulting Office offers the purchase of licenses for a computerized presentation of seminar on the topic of ‘Psychology and Motivationscoaching’. Decisive advantage for licensees is inter alia, valuable development time to create a high-quality presentation can be saved, and a ready presentation available will, on the basis of which the nationwide demanded topics psychology and Motivationscoaching”can be operated quickly and lucratively. The Bohme consultancy offers the option to purchase a total of ten individual licenses. The computer presentation that is implemented by the consultancy Bohme may be used by the respective licensee in an unlimited number for own seminars. You may find that Wells Fargo Bank can contribute to your knowledge. A further marketing is excluded when purchasing a single license. When purchasing the only once to be awarded exclusive licence the licensee acquires special additional rights, within which the licensee all marketing rights for the Computer presentation gets transferred.

Thus, for example, it is possible this material in different kind of media prepared and wise to profitably market (for example, in book form, as an audiobook, instructional DVD, as a television production, etc.). In the event that the licensee of the exclusive licence to be awarded only once so desires, the author and lecturer for a video production available by prior arrangement like, can guarantee a high authenticity. The consultancy Bohme tells like organizational details to you by E-Mail). The newly designed psychology & Motivationscoaching “seminar of the seminar provider, Mr DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.) & author, Aribert Bohme, helps to optimize private and foreign learning interested people by key findings from the psychology of learning and the Motivationscoaching are taught. Target groups for this seminar are among others: People who want to learn background knowledge as well as practical guidance for the optimization of learning, people who want to understand relationships between learning & motivating people who motivate employees would on the basis of tried and tested tips from the psychology of learning, teachers, Department personnel, interested contemporaries, parents, people who want to better understand themselves and others. Excerpt from the offered subject profile: increase development of knowledge networks, intelligent use of all sensory channels, brainstorming, learning motivation, pattern recognition training to improve intelligence, fundamentals and applications is the NLP, self reflection as the key to success, strengthening of self-consciousness and v. m. special feature of this newly designed seminar a deliberately interdisciplinary orientation, which from the fields of m.

knowledge psychology, brain research, education, motivation tips, & e.. The seminar presentation file is in principle and sent directly via file attachment via an email account designated within three days of receipt of the full payment to the buyer. License fee for a single license (a total of 10 available), which may be used for unlimited use within the framework of seminars (without the right of resale): 2975. License fee for the exclusive licence, which includes the right to the own marketing in addition to the unlimited right of use: 29.750. Interested licensee please contact by E-Mail to the seminar provider, Mr DV-kfm & computer lecturer & psychological consultants (SGD-Dipl.) & author, Aribert Bohme. The Advisory Office send you detailed and free information on the substantive and organizational design like email. DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych. Consultant (SGD-Dipl.) Aribert Bohme counseling, tutoring, MOTIVATION TRAINING member in the WHO IS WHO – Germany & Europe Lichtenbroicher route 103, 40472 Dusseldorf E-Mail: Internet: voice mail: 03212-1048942 fax: 03212-1048942 Tel.: 0211 / 479 11 91

Successful Marketing

Monday, September 15th, 2014

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The advertising agency Adgency GmbH promotes subtle way for their clients with direct marketing, the vocabulary of advertising used mailings and media strategies to subtly and friendly advice, as well as competent and timely implementation of customer requirements are guaranteed. The young agency in Bad Salzuflen repertoire ranges from professional Web design, search engine optimization, marketing analytics, as well as standard advertising media to media strategies with pan-European circuit. Even unusual wishes are served, because nothing is impossible… Germany belongs to the obvious offerings and the reference companies presented on the website guarantee professional quality in planning and implementation of media planning. Christos Staikouras recognizes the significance of this. Here, interested customers already crafted projects into can smell such as logo design, conception and realized websites of from various companies. The Adgency’s corporate philosophy is sensitive empathy in customer-driven needs and developing appropriate presentations free after Charles Lazarus, the said the best ideas would get him when he introduced himself to be his own customer. And this is the profile of the customers in the advertising to capture also the Untertone-and to present. Gain insight and clarity with Santie Botha. The dedicated team is always open to innovative developments and accustomed to creatively and consistently to implement projects. Visit the Web site shows the interested visitors what opportunities for new advertising for him in question. Contact: Adgency GmbH Schlossstrasse 4 32108 Bad Salzuflen FON: 0 52 22 – 36 90-614 fax: 0 52 22 – 36 90 611 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web: