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Published January 6, 2021

That can, will be happen about the increased use of metadata by intelligent agents, vertical search engines, where professionals filtered information and combined, by Gigaportalen for the wide range of applications, active documents that answer by itself”as Mason. Unless required light, at any time and at any place available to make knowledge in knowledge networking and knowledge management. Many years ago I predicted the ubiquitous computer: not much bigger than a credit card, far more powerful than today’s fastest computers, attached with high transfer speed on worldwide computer networks with all its information and services, in “incorporating the properties of a computer, a screen phone, a radio and television set, a video and photo apparatus, a global positioning system, suitable and indispensable as a means of payment necessary as leader in foreign areas and cities, indispensable as information, booking and communication device”, Mason explains. The ubiquitous computer are more connected with the people themselves. The miniaturization of very powerful computers will go as far as that one is to plant them in the hole in a tooth”, so Mason next. Special glasses could project images directly onto the retina and give sound directly to the ear bones.

People’s whole lives could be with gigantic hard drives to record, they were at the same time closely linked to the knowledge of other people. Any person thus experience an unimaginable expansion of the own brain. There are generic viagra line store here various benefits that a person can enjoy a better love making session. This means no direct contact levitra 40 mg information on your teenage dating profile. The purchase cheap levitra loss of vision with macular degeneration is gradual. commander levitra Massage and press the spots firmly, until they are no longer tender. A little zeitnaherer forecast dares Andreas Rebetzky, Director global information technology of the technology manufacturer Bizerba In 20 to 30 years, for example, complete company information on tiny implants could be stored. You could be read by different devices, large touch screens or on the road via voice command on a bracelet with a miniature display.” The future Internet will serve no more than general recommendation medium, but about virtual assistants do things, which frees us from everyday problems. thinks language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge. In ten years, the most service requests via voice input with a set are then done: SMS to Anne: the flight is delayed, I arrive first at 21:00 ‘ and the SMS will be sent immediately. Book me a room for the next train to Berlin”and the backend systems of personal assistants take over the online booking and send a text message with the connection data, the reserved seat and reservation code. I need three litres of milk, three piece A pumpkin seed bread and butter’ and the retailers on the corner put together something to pick up or delivers the goods in the House. Personal Assistant, everyone puts together the services that he would like to use.