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Published October 3, 2019

"From Hand to Hand – Live" – the largest national classified ads website universal themes. Here, within a single web site, are expressed demand and supply across the country. "Hand in Hand – Live" is designed for those who prefer a quick and modern way to deal with any like everyday, and the most exotic applications. Want to buy an apartment, car or boat? Sell Business, order repairs in the country or fighting to find Fish? In Moscow, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok? For such cases, there is a "Hand in Hand – Live", the most affordable and effective search tool, sale and exchange. Rules for the ratings Internet Partner Rights Online All online partner partners have equal conditions for obtaining a positive or a negative rating. Positive rating affects the position of Internet partner in the list Internet partners. When you reach 500 points ranking, web graphic design partner receives a rating – a star rating In 1100 – 2 stars In the ranking of 2000 – three 3 star rating In 2600 – four 4 star rating In 3000 – 5 Stars The more stars, the higher your ads will be in the search results. The resulting effect on the stars show ads in search results.

Positive feedback adds 40 points to the current rating. Negative feedback reduces the rating to 20 points. Complaint to the announcement reduces the rating to 20 points. During the absence of complaints during the month is automatically added 50 points. Comments and complaints increase or decrease the rating only upon acceptance by the moderator. Internet partners have the right to get statistics on the added reviews, scores moderator in his private office. These generics have become popular because they have same formulation and cialis online from canada potency as the brand medicines but at much lower prices and often without prescription. Chinese Herbs to build charisma have been utilized for quite a long time there still utilized today and they work, rapidly and normally to give you harder erections, expanded moxie and all the more fulfilling sex… cialis sale uk Masturbation is very much common healthy method and almost everyone perform it at any rate before a hour doing action. cialis price Side effect of overdose may include pain in the testicular cialis generic uk area, reduced sex drive, decrease in semen production, low libido and erectile dysfunction, although they are completely different, as both these machines use tens unit electrodes and electric lead wires. Internet partner has the right to respond to any feedback left by him.

Changing or deleting an answer can not be left otherwise, except through recourse to a moderator e-mail:. The rights of the moderators. Moderator has the right to add or subtract any number of rating points. Each addition or removal of any number of rating points is accompanied by an indication of cause of action. The reason displayed in your account online partner. Moderator has the right to change the number of required points, sufficient to get stars. Additionally If the client's activity is associated with the placement of advertisements of third parties, Ltd. "Pronto-Moscow" reserves the right to require the conclusion of a separate contract for advertising this client. Ltd. "Pronto-Moscow" reserves the right to deny user access to use the portal without explanation. Ltd. 'Pronto-Moscow' reserves the right to not enter into correspondence with users portal.