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Published October 5, 2019

The very concept implies that EXTERIOR information is placed on an open area in a well-monitored with various parties. For that purpose the construction of temporary or fixed. Size image defines its name as an example image 3×6 m is called a billboard or billboard, 3h14 m – 5×12 or pillar 5o15 m – Super-. There are over 20 types of advertising media most common of which are the roof installation, billboard, LED screen, Stella and others. The major advantage of the outdoor advertising is in particular the fact that it can not be shut down for its readers do not need any special equipment or a devices, it has a large audience and most importantly it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

How do today to win the consumer's attention? With information overload has to fight for advertisers each milligram of brain free audience. In such circumstances, everyone is trying to talk about vydelitsya.Segodnya creative crisis in the advertising, it is caused by the economic crisis and partly a desire to customers ekonomit.V advertising practice is considered the most effective schemes of "3C" – sex, death and laughter. Sex as a basic human instinct, widely used in advertising. Sexual signals are immediately perceived by the human brain, attract attention. Studies have shown that smokers have lower levels of nitric Oxide viagra generika (NO) that relaxes the smooth muscle wall of the blood vessels. Quit smoking and maintain a strategic levitra no prescription distance from liquor. Discount vitamin supplements are just as good as name brand drugs after cheap tadalafil canada a company’s patent, and exclusive right to manufacture that drug, has run out. This online drugstore delivers some of the companies are now producing free cialis with the lapse of the patent protection of Sildenafil citrate. Based on the so-called quasi-reflexive relation, advertising tied to images of sexy brand image, the image eventually forgotten, and brand image remains in the minds of potrebitelya.Seksualnye motifs used in advertising, both directly and indirectly. Many international brands and manufacturers of fashion footwear use to promote their products openly provocative advertisements, which models appear razdetymi.Naibolee done effectively similar binding effect on the male audience, advertisers strive with might and main to make of product for men, a symbol of male potency and sexual appeal. In general, remember that advertising man – is enough to show beautiful sexy woman, women need to work with in terms of reliability, masculinity and wellbeing.

At This, in our feminized world, is important for women an opportunity to make a decision. In advertising for, using sexual motives, naked male body is a romantic podtekst.Osnovnoy task is to create a connection between the goods and advertising, too often remembered the original advertisement is stored in itself, rather than the advertised product. So the impact of advertising with sexual overtones is very controversial. In addition, based on research findings, some people who do not have outstanding external data such advertising negatively perceived. There is no joy in the streets of such advertising and the city authorities, in this There is no bill, which would determine what advertising goes beyond the acceptable from an ethical point of view, probably this issue will be decided by the Committee on Architecture.