Competitor Classmates

Hello! I suggest to try their luck in the new social network. How it will evolve and how they will pay – life will show. And while the proposal more than attractive. The idea is to invite referrals and that they add you to their friends. For it gets points. Then these points can buy anything from them in the store.

Ideally, you can even buy the Audi-A4. You do not need to invest a single penny! " How does it work? Stage 1. For each logged on to your invitation man charged with 10 points (for already registered no points are awarded). 2nd stage. For each invited by one of those who invited you, charged you with 5 points.

3rd step brings you on 2.5 points for each person. And so on. So, if you involve in an active game of people, every day you get more and more points without increasing labor costs. Points are awarded Only after visiting comply with the conditions: the profile is filled with at least 20 percent, the person was on site for at least 2 times. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can shop in a special shop. By discretion of the prize may be substituted cash equivalents. Important Notes from the administration of the network: Points do not burn, you can spend them in the store anytime and in any way; We specifically did not limit the time of the game to level the chances, and if the shop next to the prize "Buy" button is active (press), so there really is a prize, and you can order it and get otherwise (for example, when the prize is temporarily out of stock) You see special notice "temporarily absent", you are entitled to ask for a replacement prize cash equivalents.


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