Sustainable Regional Development

The model of Sustainable Regional Development will have Reals benefits with the result of the research, in the measure where it will be used proven data scientifically on the formation, influence and importance of the capitals human, social and cultural in the support of enterprises of this nature. In what it refers to the researchers, the experience and the knowledge acquired in the social residence and the research developed in the CAEC had provided, amongst other positive things, bigger critical mass, elaborated professional formation more, reinforcement in the resume, beyond proximity and identification with the difficulties faced for the social actors. 1,2 PROBLEM As the development of the Capitals Human, Social and Cultural influences for the support of enterprise CAEC? 1,3 HYPOTHESES the development of territories not if of only for the economic growth. It is necessary to work, to measure other qualitative 0 variable as the human capital, the capital stock and the cultural capital. The productive process is formed by a value chain and the knowledge is necessary so that the enterprise has success. Inside of a cooperative of catadores of materials you recycle this vision must permear the management of the business and the qualification is necessary for the survival, therefore it is about action of long stated period.

The human capital is the base for the sustainable development, is from the knowledge, abilities and attitudes that if the referencial for the action of any enterprise constructs. However, this reinforcement of the human capital must have as initial parameter the values, the rules, are formal they or informal to know, them intrinsic of definitive community, thus the capital stock is constructed and only made solid, fortifying the confidence and cooperation that must be the construction base, with the citizenship vision, of participation and construction of a new reality. 2 2,1 OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE To identify the development of the Human Capital, Cultural Capital stock and Capital inside of the Cooperative of Catadores and Ecological Agentes of Canabrava and its influence in the support of the enterprise.


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