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Search Engine Promotion

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

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In the general sense of "site promotion" (promotion) – is an attraction to the site visitors. In the area of Internet services, the term "website promotion" is most often understood more narrowly direction – the promotion or promotion website in search engines. What does this mean? The term "promotion in search engines' mean performance of certain work to attract targeted visitors to the site from search engines by improve site positions in search results of search engines for a particular set of keywords (phrases). In this article, the term "website promotion" will mean exactly site promotion in search engines. It is believed that the promotion in search engines, in most cases is more efficient in terms of price / quality ratio than other methods of promotion of sites, such as Banner (Banner) and Contextual advertising. However, it should be noted that the effectiveness of a particular type of online advertising, primarily driven by the goals and objectives pursued by the advertiser. In addition to the basic problem – attract the largest possible number of visitors to the site – to promote sites in search engines indirectly helps solve a number of other important tasks.

Among them are: improving the image of the company through removing "image" in the query or even top5 TOP3 search engine, as a rule, it is very expensive highly competitive demands, and increase recognition of the site (the company's brand and / or trademark), to encompass a large number of target queries. To date, most large companies in the field of optimization and promotion web sites offer several different options for promotion of sites, depending on the pursued goals and objectives. 1. Promotion "in the words" This is the most common form of website promotion, which stands out the most relevant list of keywords and website promotion focus is on him. Promotion can performed on any type of queries: bass, midrange and treble. Promotion cost is calculated separately for each request, and additionally may depend on the selected position in the search extradition.

This version of website promotion for companies with a small amount of goods and services and / or when you can articulate a short list of key phrases. Promotion "according to" best solves the problem of improving the company image and brand recognition. 2. Promotion of "seemingly" This option is most effective when the need to promote a long list of mid-and low-frequency queries. As a rule, the proposal is packaged, ie, value is formed according to the tariff determined by the number of queries needed to advance and a guaranteed share of output requests. The advantage of this option forward is a large list of keywords and low cost of development compared with the promotion, "says." 3. Promotion "by visitors" ("Traffic") Website Promotion "in visitors "is aimed at promotion of the site to the maximum possible list of keywords. The feature of this version of website promotion that payment is not the position of a site in the SERPs, but for specific target site visitors came from search engines for targeted key demands. Website Promotion "by visitors," apart from the main task of site promotion solves the problem of brand awareness. He most effective for sites with a large list of goods and services, such as online stores.

European Union

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

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Welcome to the blog of entrepreneurs. Starts an eminently practical blog for entrepreneurs. I make an introduction to the topics will be addressed in which you hope to be a long and fruitful first stage addressed to the world of entrepreneurs. Two will be the topics that I’ll be developing. Very special topics for those who feel, or want to be, or are entrepreneurs. I’ll go combining posts in the blog with video. The first of these major issues cover from conception of the idea, its development, its implementation and its subsequent management and survival in the global world that surrounds us. I will try to be always more practical as possible, leaving long, boring and rhetorical theories which many already know or which can be known through books, courses and internet.

We go into social networks, marketing, internationalisation, growth and decrease, investments, resources, opportunities, decision-making, human capital, the presence and positioning on the internet, the alliances, purchases, sales, and an endless number of topics related to entrepreneurship but always away, far away from the books and manuals that abound in bookstores and on the internet and that as friends are all those who like to boast of his business wisdom and the immense which are their business and their companies. On the other hand, and as putting your finger on the sore spot I will go gradually shredding a myriad of business ideas, some of them from other countries that in some cases are directly applicable and in others must adapt to the reality of our nearest market. Other ideas come from my development and personal observation of needs and others find them around us, while we will try to improve them. If you have read about JPMorgan Chase already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This is an issue that I always attracted much and I think it will appeal to all those who follow me. I’m going to try to get away, wherever possible, of those ideas that require capital in excess or have a high technological component. I intend, therefore, which are ideas for the man in the foot, ideas that will allow close my eyes and see directly involved in them. For technological ideas or those that require large capital already there are specialized blogs and numerous grants from funds of the European Union and business angels. Business ideas that we’ll see anything have to do with start ups, big companies or business angels.

They have to do with the reality of hundreds of thousands of people that they want to undertake and must begin with a grain of sand. Because nobody remind you today it is easier to never start from scratch. Start from scratch is not an excuse to not undertake rather is an excuse for all those who spend their lives daydreaming and do not reach never port lost in the immensity of the ocean. From today, this thought, dear followers, must be banished from our minds. Start from scratch is a real business opportunity and so we’ll see. The concept that I follow when submitting videos is that they are not too long and that focus on something really interesting and practical: to give key ideas and that clarify possible doubts. I am convinced that it will be impossible to resolve all doubts with my explanations, either through the videos or the own blog. However, I put at the disposal of all the email that you will find on the blog so that you can contact me directly. I wish you to have a spectacular day.

Email Marketing

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

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That's when I learned about the power and power of e-mail-marketing. The marketing power distribution. This article has been devoted to the marketing power that has good distribution. Thanks to conduct their own mailing list, every publisher gets their hands on a wonderful tool development of friendly, trusting and sustainable relationships with your subscribers. How right he was! The strength of writing. The conclusion that followed from the article, contained in itself an unwritten law about which I previously had no idea. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. By an irony of the fate of this unwritten law is concerned …

the letter. As Bennett says, 'if you could write a letter to his friend, and you can write an article and e-book and promotional materials … and anything! " Power of attraction attention. Read the article, I indulged in meditation. My brain literally agonized, I was so impressed as read that anything other than this article, simply could not think. It was then that I realized what the power of attraction attention! If you are a subscriber to present a quality and relevant content, his attention will always focus on you! The strength to build trusting relationships. Trust relationships are no less important than attract attention.

When I read an article by Bennett, I wanted to read his other material. I realized that I could trust this man that he does not teach me bad. Also, I realized that I could open his own newsletter and write articles for it. I did. And I did. Do not believe me? And whose story you are reading right now? As Bennett said, you should write about what you know well, and write only the truth. Then people will trust you. In each of us lies a great power. It is the power to read, write, learn, learn and improve. So do not bury this power is in the ground! That's how I first hand grasped the elementary truth of online marketing. This is in that, as I indicated earlier in this article, I – a man in ages. And you know how old I am? 69! The only thing I now have no doubt – in order to master the art of INTERNET-mail, you can not be too young or too old. You always are in full force dawn!

Viral Marketing

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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Content, especially important, not for search engines, and that new visitors have not seen 'empty' forum, and found that it is life. 3. Advertising main portal. Here all is simple, make an interesting portal, with many good features and untwist it. From it flows of visitors to the forum. If the primary site is not popular, the forum will unwind very slowly. 4.

Promotion in search engines. By placing your content, you need to unscrew it in the search engines. Bill Phelan has firm opinions on the matter. Select a quantity of pages, then the low-and mid-range queries for them (the number of pages and queries determined by the budget). And start to buy links on them with the necessary anchor in the exchanges of links, runs the catalogs of sites and articles, etc. But generally better not to untwist forum itself, and a site on which hangs a forum. That is, to push articles also on site, and shall not be construed in a forum.

Since the forum is usually longer and output format had less readable. The information is usually separated into several pages, read it much less convenient than all in one place. 5. Advertising on other sites. Write about your forum in the comments on blogs, and articles on various websites, and in other forums. It is best that the link was appropriate and in the article, are close to the subject under discussion. Add to bookmarks, in general, at this point promotion forum is no different from the usual site promotion. 6. Viral Marketing. Mutim four-day mega right or funny on the forum, and not boyannoe, and send out spam mail, Social services, and icq. 7. Advertising through kontekstovye ads. Perhaps the most effective and at the same time the most expensive. It's all just advertise in the runner or directives or adense. In other affiliate I would not recommend buying traffic. There's a traff come, that better not. Total, one can conclude that spin the forum – though it profitable, but heavy and a chore. My advice to you – first make visited the main site, and only then prisobachivayte forum.

100% Marketing

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

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As Igor said Mann, author of "Marketing 100%" You can not make a first impression a second time "as they say, came, saw, conquered. No middle ground. Step 3: "Provide evidence of success their product, "Success Stories work very well. Commercials always use graphic success of your product or service. Includes photos, reviews, testimonials of previous customers about your product. Porter Stansberry is a great source of information.

Then your visitors will know that the products sold, you really work. I think that you should not say that the reviews should be realistic. For example, if you sell the vehicle from losing weight, show the real pictures of the people who lost weight using your vehicle. If you are selling e-book to make money on the Internet, show a picture check that you received while using this system. Step 4: Give Privacy guarantee customers "One of the essential components of building trust online is konfedetsialnost. When it comes to the privacy people are especially careful. Reassure your customers security of their personal information.

Give assurance that the data you collect will not be posted for all to see. If you ask customers address their e-mail, please indicate why you ask them, and how plan to use. Assure that customer privacy is important to you. Make sure your customers know about it. Step 5: Clearly define your return policy "One of the biggest barriers to buying online is difficulty and uncertainty of the return of goods if its poor quality or defective. To increase your sales is essential that you have had a clear and clear return policy.

Internet As A Comfortable Way To Make Purchases

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

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More recently, people began to perceive online shopping as something everyday and ordinary. Wells Fargo Bank may also support this cause. And this should not be surprising, since everything that occurs in our new life must necessarily undergo some initial phase, during that people should get used to this innovation. Today, cash and settlement by them in regular stores, it is acceptable to us. Paid and instantly bought the product. For example, when we ask, in E-shop clothes, we have to wait for the goods a few days at a time as needed to pay for your purchase immediately, take your purchase of the employee or the firm you can get it by mail. Here, as in any other matter has its pros and cons.

The good news is that there is no need for exhausting shopping trip, a negative – the process of expectations. JPMorgan Chase is likely to increase your knowledge. Sometimes, to search for and purchase something or needed leaves one day, and sometimes weeks. What kind of difference in time when we are talking about? Neither of which, it is not and can not be. We can consider this situation as an example store, which sells fashionable clothes, this type of product is one of the most popular. Often the search requires us to model the sea takes time and effort. And on the Internet these searches are much reduced.

You enter, for example, the fashionable men's clothing and find the right resources. Further action is quite simple as it remains only to choose what you like most. The only thing needed from you – it's size. In the short time you can find many online stores. During this same time, you may not be able to bypass and one large store, but since nothing, and not finding, to lose a good mood and good spirits. Some people still prefer not to go for services in Internet shops. And it is in vain, do not worry about what you are deceived, it is not so. Cheating in this case reduced to a minimum. Since the holder of any online store does not make sense to lose customers, so, because as a result it will spoil yourself reputation. In order to ensure a decent profit from this business you need to spend much time and effort, gaining reputation and respect for the consumer. Now these shops on the internet enough, and tough competition, every client worth its weight in gold.

Electronic Book

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

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In the second issue, I hope answer all these questions. Just the free version of the magazine, the issue of which I cook in the service of mailing lists,,. I conducted a survey of its subscribers. Result of the survey confirmed my initial opinion on the topics this magazine and on its further development and starting with the third issue of the journal was electronic goods, which has its value, and each subscriber is to become the owner of the resale rights to it. That such surprising and difficult path was my journal and I'm with him. So what you can get from this information, but only that the information has a price and you as a business owner can benefit from it. What namely: 1.

Ability to use information as to attract visitors to your site. Distribute information (in the form of articles) of other Internet entrepreneurs on topics of interest to its readers. Having received a electronic form, you can use the add advertisements in this electronic product, thereby giving the opportunity to distribute an electronic edition of other Internet entrepreneurs, and thus attract your site audience. Write your own informational material and distribute it to those same rights. Check with JPMorgan Chase to learn more. Purchase reprint rights for information goods other interet entrepreneurs. Draw it and under the terms of which you will indicate the author of this material.

2. Cheapness and ease of information delivery for its target audience. E-mail, mailing services (both paid and free) – that's what you is necessary. It is hard to imagine how one would invest their funds in the delivery of information their audiences if it were not for these marketing tools at your fingertips. 3. The absence of any initial Cost to build its information products. And it's just wonderful, especially because all the profits (if the product is commercial) will belong only to you. You can ask me: "What's the difference between the electronic magazine and e-book? As you have not caught my point? Electronic Book – is a narrow product, which highlights only one theme or issue, or even it can be artwork. Electronic journal – it's electronic edition, with the right signatures on it and a certain periodicity (sometimes the frequency up to 1 times per week), with topics not only similar, but quite the opposite. Thus this edition you can attract a huge number of the target audience is not only a website, but your information publication that will allow you to conduct market research, surveys, and this in turn will cause you think in the direction of creating more and more new information products.

Contextual Advertising

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

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General information about contextual advertising Contextual advertising – is a paid text ads that appear on the page after the introduction of a search engine specific keywords and phrases. That is, contextual advertising is displayed when the Internet looking for something specific. Therefore, contextual advertising – is one of the best ways to attract to your site visitors. For example, you write in the search for "buy fabric" – together with links to the sites in accordance with the needs of contextual advertising appears. This type of online advertising is a great way to promote websites.

Advertising – sites that do not always stand to be an indication that this advertising! Contextual advertising is on niche sites for making web sites and search resources: Yandex, Rambler, Google, etc. Advertising that is placed on search sites, called the search advertising. Contextual advertising can be: – a text – that is, short text ads that appear on the resource. Ads are links. By clicking on them, you get to the site – Banner – this accommodation Internet advertising in the form of banners (pictures) page. Pinterest recognizes the significance of this. Placed banner ads on content resources, banner networks and mailing lists. All types of content are individually effective methods of promotion as well as the establishment of sites for the key, but if you want to significantly increase the prominence of the business to potential buyers, it is best to combine different types of content.

Significant advantage of internet advertising to ads placed on television, radio, etc. – It is a relatively low cost. Of course, the best result you want to achieve, the greater the need to pay for advertising campaign. Ordering contextual advertising, you pay for clicks on your links. In addition, you are entitled to set the price per click. The higher the price – the more profitable place you occupy in the search engine on Compared with its competitors. Rick Dad, Poor Dad is the source for more interesting facts. That is, there should be an analysis of your market segment. If you are a highly specialized activity, it is not necessary to give a lot of money in website design portfolio or to advantageous location of contextual advertising. Consider the features of contextual advertising in popular search engines: – Runner – the resource began to place ads before anyone else – in 2002. Runner has one feature – placing ads here, you place it, not only in search engines, that is, not all visitors will be targeted. But there is a convenient service – targeted, that is, advertising in accordance with certain constraints (eg, region). Runner provides the ability to automatically move to the lucrative advertising space – that is, the system will raise the price to click until advertising will not take a better place. Search system provides nine ways to deposit, including using WebMoney. – Yandex – advertise since 2003, showing only her own search. To date, Yandex is the most popular search system in Russia. A free targeting cities and three ways to recharge, including through its own programs Yandex. – Google AdSense is also working with 2003. Is the most popular advertising platform in Europe. You can post only the text contextual advertising. In this system, you can put filters on your site to stop the flow of unsolicited advertising. If your ad is viewed in month more than 20 million times, you can count on additional services: technical support, site optimization, and others.

Articles Directories

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

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All the people who use article directories can be divided into two groups. The first group – it's readers. Website Promotion Articles, growing in a "world" seo. Webmasters invest it in this form website promotion. Thus, it is very effective.

Promoting the site articles, as it allows one shot to "kill two birds with one stone." Ie This method allows you to build referential mass, which leads to an increase in IC and improve the position in the SERP. The objectives pursued by Webmasters understand .. Some use these services to fill the content of their sites. Copying the material or to rewrite it (rewrite). On what site can still be find a number of quality information and different topics in one place.

For example, you can read helpful tips on building or to learn something about the sport or tourism, all in one place. In my directories articles is not bad to save time, do not roam the expanses of the Internet in search of informatsii.Napisanie articles and add them to the related links is the most effective to date in the promotion of sites search engines. Use them as anchor text keyword links and you will improve the relevance of pages and increase your site in order to grant webmasters could achieve its objectives and there. Making the article directories article to read and useful and placing it on good ground, we also have a chance to get goals traffic to our site, and then new customers. From catalogs to work simply. Write a good article, register on the site, add your own text, Waiting for moderation and publishing. At the moment, this progress is slow but effective way to promote sayta.Tak same article is not bad advertising your products and services. Since the article you can write about what your company is involved, and a link to your web site. With the majority of directories to work easily. Need to add an article to wait for moderation and publish. Article prepared paper was prepared copywriters

Internet Banner

Monday, October 6th, 2014

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If you decide to declare the resource on the Internet by selecting the banner ads, are probably in thinking about what kind of banners to choose from. There are several types of banners. This is a simple static banners, representing a simple image as a jpeg or gif, static or animated, flash-banners, which can only be animated. The choice in favor of any type may depend on various things. Some contend that NMMU shows great expertise in this. Once the funds available to the customer, an advertising platform chosen to host the banner. Of course, a role played by awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of banners. To create the gif-banner bitmap images are used, which leads to loss of quality when scaled. Animation in a banner can only be presented in frame form, which increases its weight in kb.

Of course, if we are talking about three or four shots, then it's harmless. Depth color images to gif format is 8 bits per pixel, therefore, the picture is far unrealistic. It is important to remember that some users disable the display of graphics in the browser and those who are included in their number just do not see your banner. Flash banner. Quality in no way depends on masshtabirovaniya.Mozhet involve a complicated and lengthy animations and still have low weight in kb. Because the animation runs as a single shot, and software. The motion of animated objects is smooth and realistic.

Flash banner allows you to use sound. Sound can be throughout the entire movie or when you click on any part of the banner. If you decide to use a soundtrack, it is recommended to have the possibility of the user to disable the accompanying sound. This species attracts visitors more. Look Flash banners are very attractive, so click on them more often. Creating flash banners and creating other begins with the receipt of technical specifications. The cost depends on the complexity of the task.