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Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

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And suddenly are prohibited from smoking! Who is going to compensate for those businesses that were left a fortune to adapt their premises to the new rules? Who is going to compensate those bars and restaurants that will lose part of their clientele (although it is likely to lose it temporarily (hasta que la gente se haga a la idea) for not allowing smoking? Should have applied this law during the crisis or was it better to wait for better times to throw it?. Simple questions unanswered, at least I have not heard the Government to answer them. I answer them one by one. Anyone going to compensate, though since the Government says that they will have more tax advantages. What you give them on the one hand be removed by another, as always. Bars and restaurants have lost clientele is known by all.

The clientele will again likely, is a matter of time. Of course nobody will compensate them. And the last…If awareness us, giving more when applying the law, but if one thing is certain is that the owner of a bar dismissed one of its employees same day January 2 with the excuse that the anti-smoking law had caused a decline in the number of clients in your local, when the law had only a few hours running (that close him the premises by ready), which causes more than one ready takes advantage of situations to send people to the street and so fatten the INEM lists (but that’s another story). What I wonder is as did the calculation of lost customers in a few hours and for the entire season, this man is a genius and should have a position of importance in Endesa. Finally delusions of a former smoker, which has left many thing out. Can only wish good luck to the brave people fighting against cold and influenza A (sorry, reminded that influenza A was only an invention of certain pharmaceutical companies and who, so we undermine A) to enjoy a few minutes of pleasure and promote cancer of lung or other cardiovascular diseases as well, but always remembering that enjoyed the company of my inseparable companion for 21 years, my cigarette. Question: If a package of tobacco costs around 4 (most commercial brands), and about 70% are taxes, how much money fails to enter the State on the basis of the tobacco tax, and who is going to pay this difference in revenue in government coffers? We are here: smoking By Edu original author and source of the article

European Champion Already Defined Prior To Final Game – Text On The Internet

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

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European champion already set a day before the final of the European Football Championship and long before “Final game” was awarded, Internet users have redefined already the word “Championship” on the term is now causing the site Also “football blog” and “Offside” are now awarded as well as nearly 250 more words which Internet users have already assigned to a site definition. People such as Pinterest would likely agree. The project started on June 1, 2008 is the largest German online project, in which words can be redefined. The operation is simple: allows anyone to buy a Word and redefine it through a link on your own website. From the moment visitors clicking on the Word will be taken to the registered page, the website gives meaning to the word so new. A special feature of is that the new word definitions by other visitors can also rated. “This you will discover exceptional Web sites and our” “Click rather unusual’ promise”, says Christoph Bock, founder of Also, every Internet surfer can express his opinion by linking a word or draw attention to a particular Web site.

So, for example, the term “Offside” with the Wikipedia entry of Klaus Zumwinkel has been linked, the “football blog” leads to the blog of the unknown coach Baade. Weltweitwort database currently holds over 95,000 terms to define, where new meaning can be awarded by linking to a personal homepage or a blog as well as on the website of a product or a company. click rather unusual! Word redefine exceptional sites, _uber worldwide Word… discover de_ is an online-word project, with which you can discover exceptional sites: uniquely informative, surprisingly interesting, amazing funny or even totally absurd. Or is there new meaning even terms: simply buy a Word (each letter a euro) and it link the term to a website this website defined then. Thus, weltweitwort is a new and unusual way to define the Internet terms. The project was launched on June 1, 2008 by Christoph F.

Bock. After studying business administration at WHU Vallendar CB served almost six years in the Bertelsmann Group: In 2002, he began as an Assistant to the Managing Director at arvato and worked in several international logistics projects in the mobile sector. Then CB for arvato moved to Frankfurt, there to create a new site for direct marketing services. in 2006, he moved back to Gutersloh in the Bertelsmann as ‘Director of international programs’ individual programs to further develop University and since summer 2007 he worked in Hamburg in the development of the company and the online learning platform for the Internet startup SCOYO. C. Bock has left Bertelsmann in early 2008 to become self-employed. For more information, _Kontakt_ Christoph F. Bock fog wall 7 33602 Bielefeld phone: + 49 (521) 453 6604 or + 49 (160) 7561120 E-Mail:

Electronic Billing

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

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In Mexico in particular, increasingly most often heard talk about electronic invoicing, and this is due to that since May 2004, it has been approved by the tax administration service, as a tax voucher scheme. This type of billing, has exactly the same validity as the traditional printed invoice that is used to verify that this is done legally carrying out of a transaction between a seller and a buyer. Likewise, this document is used by the buyer and the seller before the authorities and internal audits and committed delivery of a good or service and forced to perform the respective payment as the case in particular and in accordance with what is established in the same electronic invoice. This electronic invoice must be retained for a minimum period of 5 years in its original format. A related site: Bill Phelan mentions similar findings. Electronic invoicing is available to both large and small and medium-sized enterprises already in addition to its affordable cost, their benefits with bastos. Many already are the companies that are regulated by means of This type of billing and that thanks to its business relationships with other companies, have managed to give a rapid dissemination to the common use of electronic invoices. A. Verastegui hold..

World Trade Organization

Friday, September 26th, 2014

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The SUCRE was born as part of a package of measures intended to create a common monetary zone among the involved countries legitimately aspiring to replace the dollar as referential bastion in the trade between these countries. Addition, and beyond the alternative Alba Member States, is intended to establish the Bank of the South in whose gestation would be integrated, also Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, an ambitious project of openwork extraordinary you are trying to destroy us.UU. It is also promoting the incorporation of companies grannacionales to meet the basic needs of these countries, by establishing fair trade and complementary mechanisms, which set aside the absurd logic of unbridled competition. Another outstanding aspect is the conception of the basic services of education, health, water, energy and telecommunications as undeniable assets for public use and that not private business object cannot be mercantilizados by the World Trade Organization. And, in the meantime, what we do in Spain?. Contact information is here: Ben Silbermann.

The situation, as I said at the beginning of the article is untenable: almost five million unemployed (according to Eurostat, Spain is the country with the biggest rise in unemployment across the European Union), more than half a million households in which none of its members is not working, close nearly 300,000 companies, thousands of families who they lose their housing by unable to meet the mortgage payment without thereby to pay off outstanding debt with the Bank, crazy increases in prices of electricity, water, phone, gasoline and food, almost half of our young people without work to what we expect to take to the streets and take them?, do occur or not all conditions for a revolt like that are taking place in Arab countries?. This columnist who by nature is always politically incorrect, invites a reaction, protest, revolt and rebellion of his compatriots. What do we need to react?. Does the world we leave our children?. When they deny you fair bread it is take it by your own hands, even by force if necessary. Amen original author and source of the article

Brandsfriends Rocks

Friday, September 26th, 2014

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“Ed Hardy tour at brands4friends brand with rock n roll in the tissue the honor at the exclusive shopping Club is Christian Audigier is the creator of the world famous fashion cult label Ed Hardy”. Ed Hardy clothing of brands4friends to tattoos for fashion fans portable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Deputy Finance Minister and gain more knowledge.. At an early age the native-born Frenchman Audigier devoted himself to the rock ‘ n roll and got the idea to create fashion in rock style. Tattoos are quite in fashion Ed Hardy through large, colorful prints stands out, underlying the iconic tattoos by Tattowier legend Don Ed Hardy. Don Ed Hardy is the godfather of tattoo”and the inventor of the rock tattoo motifs.

Skulls, roses, hearts of fire are the basic motifs and are highlighted with bright color combinations by Christian Audigier wild. Success with prominent support Christian Audigier loves the success and know how it works best. So he established the Ed Hardy in only three years as a world-renowned cult brand. Stars such as supermodel Heidi Klum, worship the creator of fashion with the rock ‘ n roll in your blood. And that also, because Audigier opens the doors of its shops for his famous friends several times in the year and giving away its expensive shirts, jeans, jackets or shoes to the celebrities. And you thank him, by wearing his fashion to all possible public and private occasions. Hardly a Boulevard message without photo of Britney Spears, EdHardy shirt or Michael Jackson with Ed Hardy Shoes.

The fans want to have even what to wear their stars, and so the Ed Hardy brand clothing is quickly sold out in every shop and store. Audigier and Ed Hardy became world famous with this clever marketing concept. Ed Hardy style special on the outfits of Ed Hardy is the strong recognition is repeatedly trying to copy. But only this brand impresses on every line! You need to wear only a part of Ed Hardy to the rock ‘ n roll feel. From May 29 to 31, all brands4friends members can get the rock ‘ n roll style by star designer Christian Audigier secure and that to be incredibly reduced prices! In the online shop, shoes from Ed Hardy can be found for two days at brands4friends. Shoes from the latest collections for the wild Lady or the wild men are Ed Hardy. Who is not yet a member of the exclusive shopping Club, brands4friends, should enter quickly into the waiting list of brands4friends and with a bit of luck you will secure a place in the exclusive shopping Club of brands4friends and is included the great Ed Hardy shoes action. Business contact: is a project of the private sale GmbH John str. 20, D-10117 Berlin Tel.: 030-72619-4827 FAX: 030-72619-2820 E-mail: Web: via the online shopping community is dedicated to each new sales action an exclusive top brand. Participation is reserved only invited members who are informed about the brands4friends newsletter about upcoming promotions and exclusive designer fashion in the online-shop can buy. Limited online shopping campaigns can buy members on clothing and accessories. is a company Private sale GmbH with seat in Berlin. From here, the popular label, fashion insider tips and top brands of current fashion collections exclusively for the exclusive community are offered.

Venezuela Makes History

Friday, September 26th, 2014

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Venezuelans imposed by 2-1. Arango was the great master of the match. They will face Paraguay. Paraguay eliminated Brazil in the round of penalties. The selection of Venezuela made history this domingp. He won by 2-1 to Chile and qualify, for the first time in its history, to the semifinals of the Copa America, where will collide with Paraguay, shortly before leaving out to Brazil. The team vinotinto, this time with white shirt, he went out to the field with the purpose of removing rhythm and was able to space the dynamic and Chilean skill and at the first time.

First you populated the center of the field, pulled the markings on Alexis Sanchez and took all the time in the world for lateral reruns, collection of fouls or goal kicks. Thus the game was played to the rhythm imposed by the experienced Juan Arango. But when the Venezuelans took the ball, Cesar Gonzalez speed complicated again and again to the Chilean dense. In the first half Chile, considered favourite by shown so far in the tournament, took over the balloon, but usually played side by not find spaces to exploit the speed of Sanchez. Headbutt and surprise at the 34 minute Arango claimed a lack from the right wing and put a ball into the heart of the area.

Dnsa Oswaldo Vizcarrondo won him up for Ponce and his header could not be contained by Bravo. Surprise and astonishment among the more than 20,000 Chileans who nearly filled the stadium. The Red players continued without finding the ball, bothered by this and by the adverse score and accumulated yellow cards. The second half was another story. Claudio Borghi gave income to the Chilean brain Jorge Valdivia, who isn’t physically to play 90 minutes, and with their mere presence and a couple of allotments opened rival dnsa. Chile had three clear plays of goal in the first 15 minutes.

Physical Chemistry

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

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Instead of the traditional use of fuel energy sources: wood, coal, oil, gas, ethanol, uranium, with the final product waste CO2 – carbon dioxide, toxic waste and radioactive waste …. This (in handicraft order) are working to create more advanced business models. (But my "pants" that I lay, they are not made of gold, and the more I lay nothing). Although conducted operational tests "Turbotarannogo engine, "revealed the fantastic, hitherto unknown in the world of science results, namely water, which is its energy source, is subjected by the action of waves and cavitation hydropercussion, I have not hitherto strain, called me "Gidroflatter" that is, the vibration on the molecular level in the liquid medium. Almost from the aquatic environment (natural or tehnotezirovannoy) we can obtain pure metals (from iron to gold) of are there metal cations and anions, thus there is up to sterility – the destruction of living organisms – bacteria, a process of passing, "Physical Chemistry" – namely, the splitting of water molecules formation of high concentrations of O3 – ozone. These results were tested in the Rostov Institute of Physics and Yuzhgeologii and confirmed positive. Therefore already been established (Handicraft) Operating unit, called me "Gidroflatterom." Everyone is waiting for the results of demonstration, but the money in advance to build an improved installer does not give. Ben Silbermann has similar goals. I have nothing to pawn. The only thing I could do to compile and submit an application for an invention Rospatent Russian Federation, registered under 200610 5159 from 20.02.2006, the "Method of producing metals from sea water and the device for its implementation." Again, after publication in the Official Gazette …

Netherlands Flower

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

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What buyer sees in the end – the end result. But a lot of work done in the purchase of flowers: it is necessary to calculate the number, range, understand what grades and types of flowers will be in demand in this season. Because it is common in trade scheme: "100% of the goods is only 5% – the star, 20% – give to live, but everything else is waiting for the client, in our business is simply impossible: the flower will not wait for a buyer, it simply wither. Except that we should not forget that the flowers, as well as for clothing, there is a fashion, but it is very changeable. For example, in recent years has fallen sharply the demand for clove, manufacturers in Israel and Kenya, are suffering huge losses, and the Dutch auction is announced in this year's pink flower of the year. Additional information is available at Santie Botha. And in Russia is still the most popular flower is the rose. In the spring, preference is given to tulips.

However, on the market today a variety of exotic flowers gradually begins to take its fans, and this too must be considered. 4 The bulk of the flowers is better to buy at the flower auction in Holland Why in the Netherlands, but not in the suburbs? First, no one did not occur Asked why bananas imported from Ecuador, and do not grow with us. In recent months, Bill Phelan has been very successful. The same with flowers. There are varieties of roses, by the way, enjoying our popular (with a big glass and a long leg), which grow only in Ecuador, where nature created ideal conditions for them.

Web Site Design

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

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Any owner of a solid enterprise always pays special attention to that factor, as his company is on the market. At the same time have the most value, it might seem to, minor nuances. For example, outer shape and content business site. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ben Silbermann is the place to go. In principle, no one person is no secret that for a profitable business enterprise is required to have representation in the global Internet. While the resource has to be anyhow what level, and quite prestigious to really compete with many other sites in the global network.

This means that building sites must be assigned chelyabinsk professionals who able to draw really effective portal. Professional designers and creators of the site, acting on a solid qualifying level for implementing the market sector than the traditional cliches, but in fact individual complexes, which are quite beautiful and effective it is for your hypothetical buyers and business partners. In order to make a really efficient portal that will serve their primary purpose – to attract customers and business partners, it should be quite aesthetic, useful, and keep up to date, structured optimal way. And in particular it is essential that resource was in fact aesthetic appearance. In other words, web design must be developed individually chelyabinsk for your business, for the reason that only in this case there is a chance to buy really high quality of the product. When making resource organizations have always needed to take into account that the project should be unique and on the stylish and beautiful. Only in this version of the site will be actually carry out their own empirical duties. Besides the high quality of design and structure of the portal is especially important to promote your site in the browser-based systems.

Since direct portal significant jewelry does not need to, without exception interested in receiving offers your organization the services or products can get them. Hence, the resource must be in the higher ranks of basic expressions of browser-based online systems. And only those resources that match the search queries, and even a particularly discerning customers will be able to maintain leadership in the search and the final issue, as result, to bring us real benefits. In an effort to qualify for, the site should be considered portfolio company. If the portals that were previously made these masters treated nicely and placed on the top places in issuing search warrants is the quality and execution of your order.

Archaeological Accompaniment

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

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In the continuation of the sounding it was possible to characterize the structure, and its tipologia of construction (to see tipologia of structure 1). The structure identified in the continuation of sounding 2 (structure 2) meets, partially, under a wall of property division. The observed estratigrafia is similar to the described one in sounding 1: UE 05? Homognea land layer and compacts, of dark chestnut coloration. It has covered layer 06 (it corresponds to UE 02 of sounding 1). UE 06? Layer of chestnut coloration, with oxide intrusion. It has covered layer 07 (it corresponds to UE 03 of sounding 1). Pinterest is open to suggestions. UE 07? Layer of clay, acinzentada coloration.

It is in this layer that seats the foundation of the structure (structure 2). In the continuation of the interventions they had been exhumed material of chronology Contemporary common ceramics associates (fragmentos, faiana, glass and loia type ' ' Sacavm' '). They had been, still, characterized and registadas (photographic, topographical and graphical register? alado) the remaining structures identified in the cuts of hollowing to the Pk? s 0+500 (structure 4) and 2+700 (right edge? structure 3). 5. Consideraes Final In May of 2009, through verbal information of a proprietor of lands next to the PK 2+725 and PK 2+700 of the Definitive Access of the Left Edge, Equipa of Archaeological Accompaniment had the information of the two existence of ' ' agueiros' ' (canalizations) that there they passed. In September of 2009, during the works of construction of the related access, two granite structures had been identified in hollowing slopes for water conduction, nominated between PK 2+675 and 2+700, confirming the collected verbal information in the place. To Pk 0+500 it was, also, identified the one existence ' ' agueiro' ' , whose mouth of entrance can be identified in elapsing of the archaeological prospection in involving lands. After it visits to the place for the Guardianship, was praised, as measured of specific minimizao, the accomplishment of archaeological soundings of evaluation.