Coaching Leaders

Lately the figure of ” Leader; he comes more being accepted in the developed countries like paradigm from the best version in the efficiency of the directive management, when combining the traditional competitions of ” Management” with necessary ” Emocional” intelligence;inherent to the practice of the Coaching. But, what forms the personality of Leader? , how it acts before concrete situations? , which are the results that obtain. We will be able to describe it with words and we will only be repeating the traditional formative speech directed toward relating all those repetitively ” Directivas” abilities; they define that, not contributing it anything new to already known. For this reason, another much more effective form to approach the figure of Leader could start off to show its idiosyncrasy with referred images a real case, obtaining an effect of explanatory and much more lasting mental impression in those who aspires to improve their professional yield. The qualification of the professionals towards this successful direction directive is already a reality in the supply of the main Schools of Spanish Businesses, that have incorporated in their formative proposals courses, seminaries and factories of application of the Business Coaching to present the enterprise and professional reality. For more than 10 years I come collaborating like professor in diverse from these Schools of Businesses (and in some Public University) where I use with great success the educational tool that represents plus them: ” Method of the Caso”.

In particular, development formative propose me for the improvement of the professional competitions of my students inspiring me by the figure of Leader and choosing the best Case than for it can be: the film directed by Sidney Lumet in 1.957 and carried out by Henry Boardinghouse,


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