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ThokkThokk VFX Johow

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

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Clear, modern, faster: The online shop ThokkThokk has been completely renewed and offers advanced functionality and user friendly operability. ThokkThokk has set up in terms of content, design and technical new its online store at The occurrence of ThokkThokk has been completely redesigned and is now clearer, more succinctly and with a consistent concept. Through restraint and simplicity of the underlying design, the products are now more in focus. Nevertheless, the playfulness of ThokkThokk remains with the help of typography and image option.

Technically, is the shop up to date and distinguishes itself through a high speed. Also the layout adapts to fluent depending on the screen size, making the space available is always well used. The shop is consistently product – and user-oriented and leads customers directly to the selected articles. With the relaunch of the ThokkThokk online shop, the provider of design T-Shirts made from organic cotton offers an optimized Ease of use. Customers and prospective customers quickly and easily find information and pictures of all ThokkThokk products and services. The change seems at first glance very radically, what is also so. You but once awhile on the new design saw a himself, it developed a very high appeal and elegance in our eyes”as holder Vinzenz Johow. Company Description: ThokkThokk specializes in clothes with unusual designs and prints by artists from all over the world.

In the manufacture of clothing, used ThokkThokk exclusively organic cotton and make sure that the production is done fairly and equitably. Striking, minimalist, energetic graphic design meets ecological and fair produced clothing. Without compromise, with attention to detail resulting design shirts. The combination of craft, design and a distinctive quality and environmental awareness is their consistency in the clothing line ThokkThokk. Reasonable pricing structure with optimized production processes where no one is discriminated against, rounds the offering in the online Shop from.

EUR Security

Monday, March 24th, 2014

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Support for SMEs for the IT security industry essentially the Federal Cabinet recently the draft of the budget of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) for the year 2014 decided. It amounts to a total of about 6,109 billion euros. More than 200 million euro are, to strengthen the research infrastructure for SMEs. The budget for information and communication technologies (ICT) rises 2014 to almost 79 million euros. Focuses on the development of new, convergence-based ICT applications and services, as well as the introduction and spread of modern ICT in medium-sized businesses and the craft.

TeleTrusT Chairman Prof. Norbert Pohlmann: “the BMWi budget sets the right tone from the perspective of IT SMEs and in particular the IT security industry. The focus of the planned spending equivalent to what also TeleTrusT for a modern society recognizes as necessary and forward-looking. The policy obviously puts knowledge, that on the high-tech location Germany the ICT is a special Key role and therefore from basic research to the development of the market, a consistent funding strategy is necessary. “.” The focus on “Digital economy” is bundled and strengthened through a new budget heading.

Special focus is on the important issue of security. In addition, the High-Tech Grunderfonds, whose financing is carried out since 2013 from the economic plan of the ERP Fund (ERP), will continue to grant financing for technology-oriented start-ups; the BMWi budget, only fixed assignments to the ERP from EUR 5 million be made from 2014 to 2016 to support. 2014 EUR 40 million available should be to strengthen the venture capital market in Germany. The various measures to promote exports should be bundled in a single “program for the development of foreign markets” (81 million euros). The program consists of among other things from export initiatives and exhibitions, which include the field of IT security, as well as Training. TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificate “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Network Marketing Internet Businesses

Monday, March 24th, 2014

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One of the main attractions I saw on the Internet offered was the chance to enjoy a freedom I never had time while he was my college career, much less when I undertook the traditional businesses I tried after my retirement. But once I started doing the first business on the Internet, I came to be pursued by hundreds of people from my environment and apply the same approach to generating my advertising. Only phone calls made daily, occupying more than eight hours of work. In addition, throughout the day, emails to answer a curious. a people looking for work.

A people with no money to invest. And more frustration, to no avail. Marketing With a system based on the attraction, where I try to be a magnet for my subscribers, I found a way to automate that part of the business that could and should be automated (without neglecting the human relations) and left my time exclusively to meet a people truly interested in doing. a people willing to invest in their training. This reassures me that I need time off to attend my home and my family and achieve a cherished dream forever: Travel around the world.

Enjoy quality of life. Feeling that my destiny awaits me with open arms, without pressure or distress. Are wondering: In practice, this is achieved yComo? Well, basically two things: offering valuable info. With this, it draws people hungry for information. Remember that people who come to the Internet, seeking information. If you are the offer, trust you and will not hesitate to buy something after that. Having a low-cost initial product, which can be yours or not. With this, after having gained the trust because they offer free what people need, have an income which, although does not guarantee you financial freedom if you offer free time, because You can safely pay your advertising costs in addition to rank among the prospects who are truly interested in doing and not, so do not waste your time with the curious.

Work Turbocharger Engine

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

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Let us analysis of structures, with the use of which can significantly raise the Power steering machine. You've probably heard many times from the stories of amateur auto-tuning, that by putting the car in some car turbine can significantly increase the power of a car engine? I think you're interested to find out how it all done. The first step is to understand the basic principle of operation. He seemed to be breathing, sucking fuel and smmes exhaling residues from occurring in the combustion process therein. It burns a mixture of the engine and get the energy, which translates into power the car. It turns out, each cycle of the combustion engine consists of 4 cycles: Fuel injection mixture, compressing it to the border of stability, ignition and combustion of strong compression, exhaust. What is so interesting about the device turbo cars? The turbocharger is forced into the combustion chamber combustion engine additional air, thereby enriching the fuel mixture. As a result, combustion is more intense and more energy is obtained, which means that the power increases.

The structure is similar to a turbocharger air pump. The exhaust gases that are necessary to produce combustion engine, hyping blade turbocharger. This wheel is arranged so that allows you to pull in and compress the external fresh air and give it to the combustion chamber. That's a vicious circle, without any energy we raise the engine power the vehicle. When the air supply to the cylinders is very heated, and therefore set osobyypromezhutochny cooler, which in parallel and compresses the air. Instead of the coolant that can stand the fan side, which performs a similar action. At first glance it might seem that the structure turbine simple and inexpensive. Just not quite so the accuracy of the parts of the turbine car is very high, and thus make them not so simple. Otherwise, use the fruits of a turbocharger is not obtained those.

How To Achieve Results Through Blogs

Friday, March 21st, 2014

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You can create a blog with the goal of generating money for the company. Therefore, there are no policies that guide us on how to create and maintain a blog. Many people who have blog search make money with it. The aim of this paper will detail some options to make money through a blog. One of the first ways to make money with your blog is through the incorporation of Google AdSense ads.

This is relatively quick to make simply need to enter and then have a Google AdSense account, review the features and functions of the promotional tools for AdSense, then you will receive an HTML code. Then select the HTML code and enter it on your blog. When readers click on any Google AdSense ads and buy something through that link, you generate money through commission. A second way to make money from ads on your blog is when you sell advertising space to others. I’ve seen some blogs where a small ad generates up to $ 250 per month. Imagine having 10 of them for blog; could earn $ 2,500 per month.

Not bad, yverdad? However, in order to sell ads, you must generate traffic your blog, since otherwise there would be no benefit to advertisers. This is probably one of the ways to make money with your blog more consistently. The blog should point to a specific audience, thus effective for the advertisers who target the same market and managed to get paid to advertise their products. The third way of making money with your blog is very popular and is using your blog for affiliate promotions. Can be achieved in different ways. One way is to place links on his blog of the products of members. As another way to publish notes with reviews of the products of affiliates promoting. When people are evaluating whether to buy something, they enjoy reading reviews of other people. If his reviews are honest and useful, it is very likely that people click your affiliate links. You must insert the links several times the articles of your blog, and studies have shown that the most effective method is a subtle way to promote links to start your blog, it is more likely to use promotions affiliates to earn money until you have enough traffic to your site to attract advertisers. A tool to generate money through blog, this way is indirect, is to include an opt-in form (opt-in) through which your visitors can register to receive updates or notifications from you or your newsletter, in If you have it. The usual procedure is to offer you something free for visitors to encourage them to register. You can do an e-book, a report, a video or audio material for free. The way to make money with this method is to send out periodic e-mails to your contacts list promoting their own products or its affiliates. While this is not a way to make money immediately, is the method that gets money online vendors, so that make a solid base from which to grow the blog.

Certified Marketing Manager

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

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New course for the certified online marketing manager (FH) on the Munich-based marketing Academy Munich, 11.06.2013. Online marketing was once a sub-discipline of marketing – but it has become the core of any successful strategy. With the Certified Marketing Manager (FH), offered by the Munich-based marketing Academy in cooperation with University of applied sciences of Upper Austria, marketing professionals acquire a degree, which covers all areas of online marketing. Email marketing, affiliate programs, search engine marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing on the Web: Online marketing is developing rapidly. It is all the more important for marketing managers and employees in online marketing, to gain an overview and to keep. A new University of applied sciences course, the Munich-based marketing developed by Academy in cooperation with University of applied sciences of Upper Austria, offers this overview in a compact form.

In five intense days, specialists from different fields provide participants with an overall picture of the techniques and possibilities of online marketing. The Overview keep of course it aims to convey a navigators competence marketing people, which you can use to control the marketing of a company in the right direction. “Specialists can cover now areas of part of in online marketing,” explains Volker Beckert of the Munich-based marketing Academy. “But every company needs have also one or more managers who keep track and that enough first and foremost, to identify new developments and to understand. Often fried money for individual projects in online marketing, that don’t really fit the character of the company, because there is no one, who has the big picture at a glance. company” In order to provide participants with an insight into the many areas of online marketing, specialists from different areas highlight individual aspects. Technical basics are taught as well as strategic and sociological aspects.

The collaboration with an internationally recognized educational institution guarantees the professional quality. University of applied sciences Upper Austria educates over 4000 students at four sites in different areas. For the success which guarantees graduates in their professional life a practice-oriented training, which is targeted to the requirements of the globally oriented economy. The next course for the certified online marketing manager University of applied sciences of Munich-based marketing Academy starts at the 24.06.2013 in Munich. The target group are both marketing staff and representative across the company as also marketing service provider and freelance marketing specialist.

Web Design

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

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When designing web pages, many elements are taken into consideration such as: tables or sheets of styles, graphics, typography, message, links and many more. However, the color to be intrinsic in any of these items, may be a factor which is not given needed attention. For example, using an intense blue colour in the title of a page we are referring to another color, which according to our reference system, harmonizes very well and use in combination. Thus unfolds a habit of combining colors by reference, without an objective and proven base that helps to properly harmonize colors. The colors define the message: we must recognize the importance of colors on web pages. Colors send messages and suggest moods that impact the interpretation of such messages. Let’s briefly imagine a scene on a beach in the Caribbean.

The sky is deep blue, the Sea reflects different shades of blue, the Sun is yellow intense and the sand is red color red color?. The message received by the brain through the eyes and internal reference system indicates that that color is not correct, that something does not go well. Of course, can offer many interpretations in this regard: someone spilled paint red on the sand or the lens of the camera was defective. The reality is that colors have an impact greater that many times we think. According to Jill Morton, 80% of visual information is associated with the color. Therefore, colors impact and define the message on a web page.

Colours and culture: on the other hand, the colors are associated with different messages according to the culture. The psychological impact of colors is varied. For example, let’s take that represent various colors in different countries or regions; West red = passion India = purity Africa = Green mourning China = exorcism Japan = United States life = money Ireland = patriotic symbol blue China = immortality Iran = Middle East mourning = protection equally colors evoke a variety of feelings and emotions according to culture.

David Cameron

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

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A change that assured, does not depend on the money that is invested in the security forces – which confirms that kept the cuts-but will happen to reduce the bureaucracy that has stifled the police for years, and with the transfer of more officers on the streets, so people can see them and the criminals fear them. Also undertook to give the police more powers, including the confiscate the properties of offenders. Before the moral collapse that in his opinion lives United Kingdom, Cameron promised a social counterattack that also included specific measures to put an end to the bands, considered a national priority. In particular he said that it will develop a program that addresses all aspects of the problem of gangs, a disease that has infected the streets of the country. The party is over David Cameron recalled a young detainee statements in Manchester which stated that it would continue breaking until they returned to apprehend and warned all those who think like him that the party is over. The premier devoted much of his speech to recall the responsibility of parents and assured that the Government will begin there in its commitment to repair British society, doing a test familiar to all its policies. The British Prime Minister insisted moreover that the education system must reinforce the message that discipline matters, and emphasized that schools which have thus put into practice are now among the best in the country, so it is possible to extend this policy to other centres. To those who claim the return of the military service, Cameron announced that national citizen service, a civilian program that collect the spirit of military, 16 year olds can provide services to the community as sports activities will start or visits to elderly patients. David Cameron He acknowledged that the Government may not legislate to change behaviors and requested the cooperation of citizens in this task which, he insisted, is all. Source of the news: Cameron announces a total reform of its social policy to reconstruct a ‘broken society’