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When designing web pages, many elements are taken into consideration such as: tables or sheets of styles, graphics, typography, message, links and many more. However, the color to be intrinsic in any of these items, may be a factor which is not given needed attention. For example, using an intense blue colour in the title of a page we are referring to another color, which according to our reference system, harmonizes very well and use in combination. Thus unfolds a habit of combining colors by reference, without an objective and proven base that helps to properly harmonize colors. The colors define the message: we must recognize the importance of colors on web pages. Colors send messages and suggest moods that impact the interpretation of such messages. Let’s briefly imagine a scene on a beach in the Caribbean.

The sky is deep blue, the Sea reflects different shades of blue, the Sun is yellow intense and the sand is red color red color?. The message received by the brain through the eyes and internal reference system indicates that that color is not correct, that something does not go well. Of course, can offer many interpretations in this regard: someone spilled paint red on the sand or the lens of the camera was defective. The reality is that colors have an impact greater that many times we think. According to Jill Morton, 80% of visual information is associated with the color. Therefore, colors impact and define the message on a web page.

Colours and culture: on the other hand, the colors are associated with different messages according to the culture. The psychological impact of colors is varied. For example, let’s take that represent various colors in different countries or regions; West red = passion India = purity Africa = Green mourning China = exorcism Japan = United States life = money Ireland = patriotic symbol blue China = immortality Iran = Middle East mourning = protection equally colors evoke a variety of feelings and emotions according to culture.

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