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Support for SMEs for the IT security industry essentially the Federal Cabinet recently the draft of the budget of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) for the year 2014 decided. It amounts to a total of about 6,109 billion euros. More than 200 million euro are, to strengthen the research infrastructure for SMEs. The budget for information and communication technologies (ICT) rises 2014 to almost 79 million euros. Focuses on the development of new, convergence-based ICT applications and services, as well as the introduction and spread of modern ICT in medium-sized businesses and the craft.

TeleTrusT Chairman Prof. Norbert Pohlmann: “the BMWi budget sets the right tone from the perspective of IT SMEs and in particular the IT security industry. The focus of the planned spending equivalent to what also TeleTrusT for a modern society recognizes as necessary and forward-looking. The policy obviously puts knowledge, that on the high-tech location Germany the ICT is a special Key role and therefore from basic research to the development of the market, a consistent funding strategy is necessary. “.” The focus on “Digital economy” is bundled and strengthened through a new budget heading.

Special focus is on the important issue of security. In addition, the High-Tech Grunderfonds, whose financing is carried out since 2013 from the economic plan of the ERP Fund (ERP), will continue to grant financing for technology-oriented start-ups; the BMWi budget, only fixed assignments to the ERP from EUR 5 million be made from 2014 to 2016 to support. 2014 EUR 40 million available should be to strengthen the venture capital market in Germany. The various measures to promote exports should be bundled in a single “program for the development of foreign markets” (81 million euros). The program consists of among other things from export initiatives and exhibitions, which include the field of IT security, as well as Training. TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificate “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

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