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Published January 12, 2021

Visions and new ideas are you suspect. Fixed rules restrict the professional. The specialist is satisfied if she can solve tasks and problems on the fastest and most direct way. Unfortunately, there is the Manager, which sets out rules for the expert and the contractor who assigns you a different task in the middle of the work. The Manager is the one who creates structure and order. Work for him means to create systems and control.

This should enable to the optimal solution of tasks. The Manager is happy, if its systems work. Unfortunately, there is the professional who makes everything different and the contractor who at best from the clock brings the systems of Manager with new ideas and often destroyed for the Manager. The entrepreneur is the one who developed new visions. He’s the dreamer and the motor. The entrepreneur lives in the future and has a particular worldview, which very aptly describes as “A world that consists of two things a wealth of opportunities and feet dragging is then” Michael Gerber.

The entrepreneur is happy, if he can make dreams come true or can be attained. Amongs them, certain blood pressure pills, depression and pain canadian viagra samples pills. It discount cialis pill is commonly known as PDE5 as well. The balanced sexual life, not only makes one emotionally balanced, but viagra 25mg prix also cognitively enhanced. The erection is not firm viagra online √∂sterreich enough while making love with their respective partner. Unfortunately, there is always himself then dragging feet of professionals and managers for the entrepreneur. The core problem is now: all three roles will be used in a company. But these roles contradict each other. Nobody can fill these roles equally well. Imagine following situation: you are in the jungle. There, you need people who freely clear the way with your machete specialists. You’ll also need people who share the work, so that nobody is too tired, but still all progress. These people also watching whether individual specialists are more effective and analyze why this is so. Finally, you present the other optimizations. These are the managers. And then there’s another, sitting up in the tree and calls down: ‘Listen, guys and gals, we are in the wrong forest.’ It is the entrepreneur. You can the way not hack free at the same time, the work classify and sitting on the tree.