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Over Point Marketing

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

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The SEM Agency from Brunswick takes over the search engine marketing with Google AdWords by the Terminal provider of ITVM terminals from Baden-Wurttemberg the Brunswick SEM Agency Cross Over Point supports recently the Terminal provider of ITVM terminals from Baden-Wurttemberg. ITVM terminals is provider of attractive POS and POI Terminal solutions. ITVM distributes POS terminals, kiosks, touch terminals as well as indoor and outdoor terminals. Terminals of from different manufacturers can be found in the product range and product range. Surf stations and information terminals for POS and POI fit very well with the ever-growing and Advanced E-Commerce Agency from Braunschweig.

Cross Over Point supports ITVM terminals in the area of search engine marketing. The terminal would reduce provider costs insert online budget more efficiently and improve conversions. The Brunswick SEM Agency, specialist in performance marketing and E-Commerce optimization brings appropriate know-how and competence in these areas. Cross Over Point sees itself as efficient consultants in the field Online marketing and online communication on sales, leads and action sets. First, the Google AdWords in the framework of cooperation be used. New strategies, campaigns and AdGroups have been developed and employed the budget from the outset more efficiently.

A good campaign concept, a high quality score and experience provide structure, as well as the strategic SEM for cost reduction and sustainable growth. Progress, efficiency and technology that fit together. Agency address: Cross Over Point marketing & E-Commerce owner: Mr Thomas Dohler of Beckinger str. 2 38116 Braunschweig phone: + 49 (0) 531-250 67 47 Internet: E-Mail: company information: the online marketing agency and SEM Agency Cross Over Point from Brunswick supports clients of various industries in the areas of performance marketing. These include large companies from the middle class, but many online shop or individual entrepreneurs. Cross Over Point is cross-industrial working, set work for industrial customers, but primarily for many E-commerce companies or the tourism area around.

Accounting Office

Friday, April 28th, 2017

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An Accounting Office for the outsourcing of own Finanbuchhaltung brings time and no additional staff costs. Monthly basis accumulate many documents, which must be recorded. There are the specialists in an Accounting Office. These are the professionals in the field of financial accounting and remove the entrepreneur related work like. You deal with it, that the entrepreneur paid punctually all taxes and service charges, an Accounting Office then created the annual financial statements or other evaluations, which can be interesting for the entrepreneur from financial accounting. The Accounting Office also delivers the numbers needed for a discussion of credit at the Bank. Financial accounting is a very difficult, complex area that is subject to constant changes.

However, an accounting office employees are well trained and always up-to-date. Financial accounting is processed using state of the art accounting software, so that the accounting also the strictest criteria can withstand. A check by the authorities to be completely reassured, because you know that the Accounting Office has made the financial accounting properly. Course is for the services of the accountant’s Office to pay something–but the benefits are not outweighed in money when you can do the accounting out of the House. Of course, the accountancy Office not only in matters of financial accounting is contact–on all questions that have to do with money and finances, you get good information. Typically an Accounting Office also works with an attorney or tax advisor, so that you can also de legal components of financial accounting can cover. The initial interview in the Accounting Office is usually free, and if you then have the feeling, there to be, then nothing is more in the way a long partnership!

Health Management Pays

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

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TERAPON Consulting presents deals at the world’s leading security exhibition in Essen / prevention and intervention of acute food – despite declining crime rates occur in Germany continue to more than 200,000 violent offenses, which even then deep traces in the victims, though they have no physical damage. Come to”countless accidents etc., which also underline the importance of prevention and victim support, explains Dr. Christian Ludke, renowned Samantha and Managing Director of belonging to the KAKAR group TERAPON Consulting GmbH, on the occasion of launching soon fair security” in Essen. October 7-10, 2008 visitors of the world’s most important security fair at booth kotter security (Hall 2.0, stand 237) can check the inter alia about TERAPON consulting offerings. About one-third of those affected develop on the basis of long term damage like anxiety, not least the consequences of trauma lead even to the disability. The mental injuries mean for individuals”the loss of control, hand lungsfahigkeit and happiness in life, says Dr. Ludke. This makes it also economically very important: for companies through disease, loss of good employees and authorities re-occupancy can cost quite often several ten thousand euros.

Healing and successful prevention are no coincidence”, emphasizes Dr. Ludke. This means that we can but does not prevent the experienced, but reduce the consequences.” This concrete figures: the indicated one-third of patients with severe seelischen the number of those who permanently suffer from a chronic trauma, may be stress by intensive care on reduced below ten percent. Prevention and care to leave that to chance to ensure TERAPON consulting with a broad spectrum. This ranges from advice on diagnosis to acute intervention and rehabilitation. However you are targeting Care facilities not only to acts of violence and similar crisis events.

Rather, TERAPON consulting intends to offer comprehensive health management. This includes training in personnel management and the monitoring of restructuring processes in companies. Offers aimed inter alia at credit institutions and trade, which are particularly affected by raids. Other companies or institutions can on the competencies of experts trust en about, when it comes to the protection against bullying and AIDS after serious accidents. Contact: TERAPON consulting, phone: 0201/2788-464; E-Mail:; Internet: trade fair Security 2008 “: Hall 2.0, stand 237 Messe Essen

Reduce Costs Through Lean Management

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

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Klaus Pfeiffer – OrganisationsEntwicklung accompanies small and medium-sized enterprises on their way to process optimisation and productivity Kolbermoor, December 11, 2009 – Detox business processes and improve for Klaus Pfeiffer OrganisationsEntwicklung stands. Klaus Pfeiffer advises and assists small and medium-sized companies from the manufacturing industry with their desire to make their production processes, cost-conscious to work as effectively as possible. For companies, the cost is lower, increase profits. Benefits that pay off twice in times of crisis. In times of economic stagnation, the companies have won, have already optimized their production processes. That assumes the lean management study 2008 of the consultancy management partners out.

The same benefits all companies that implement lean management and implement – after all already 57% – arrive after a short time: cost reduction, higher delivery reliability, this customer satisfaction and increase in profit. 20% of the Companies surveyed are planning the use of lean management. Especially in times of crisis, companies should reconsider their organisational processes to get back in the sales and profit to the front. Lean management is the cheapest and easiest way to optimize a company’s cost structure and thus to contribute to the protection of its own future. It also knows the lean management consultant Klaus Pfeiffer by Klaus Pfeiffer OrganisationsEntwicklung. He actively supported small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry for their streamlining of internal processes.

Klaus Pfeiffer knows from his long career at multi test electronic systems GmbH industrial processes. He has accompanied his former employer already in process optimization with the help of lean management as project manager. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs. His industry experience is for its customers of advantage. “Through my work, I know where and how I must use my practical advice,” the lean explains management consultant. Hence his approach is customer-oriented. “My vision is a company which operates waste-free. A company that achieves a maximum result with minimum use of resources and is thus significantly more powerful than the competition. For the success of lean management is just crucial that the already existing in the company knowledge and can consistently and meaningfully applied.” Klaus Pfeiffer’s consulting covers the entire value chain of the procurement, development, distribution of the production to the delivery and includes the administrative areas. The redesigned processes are geared exclusively to the customer. Customer puts it in the center of all business goals. Benefits and advantages of lean management for SMEs in the manufacturing industry is already for a long time under cost pressure. In addition, buyers in the field of B2B and consumer can compare worldwide very easily all products and services on the Internet. Total, resources such as energy and raw materials are by the enormous further tighten additional demand in the emerging markets. Therefore, it is important at an early stage with the theme of waste within the company intensively to deal with. So, companies need to optimize their cost structures, she assisted lean management. Lean management – helps reduce the time and reduction of surface – reduce inventory levels – while raising the level of quality – with the decline in the rate of complaints – reduction of fixed and variable cost – reduction from Committee by the strong involvement of employees increases employee satisfaction and motivation, and improves its corporate reputation with clients and business partners. These soft factors should not underestimate in times of market saturation and always comparable products company. Press release: Word shop of Furstenrieder str. 184 81377 Munich contact person: Annabelle Meinhold phone: 089/12304319 Web:

Clemens Schuerhoff

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

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The pressure to succeed increases strong importance to the financial industry by the financial crisis on all sectors of the financial industry – so it is a challenge for the marketing, to measure successes and to demonstrate its importance. “The current study marketing and marketing success control in the investment industry” the coming Alpha consultancy shows how the industry of the subject takes care of. For this, 93 executives, managers and experts from the investment industry were interviewed. The study clearly shows that a strong importance in the investment industry attributed to the topic of marketing and its success control. Individual marketing objectives are evaluated to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the measures. So use today already 72 percent of surveyed instruments of the success control, such as, for example, the documentation of Internet activities and customer deadlines. Wells Fargo Bank spoke with conviction.

The PR area is a screenings by 64 percent of those polled. A holistic and systematic marketing success control on the basis of strategic marketing decisions be taken, but fails. Measures such as customer surveys to identify such as branding and positioning to review the marketing goals are not enough used. “, Clemens Schuerhoff, is managing partner of advent alpha set. In the investment industry, there is need for a comprehensive evaluation to ensure the marketing objectives and to optimize individual measures. Marketing budgets are slumped in the wake of the financial crisis to an average of 16 percent. Credit: Hicham Aboutaam-2011. Overall, the experts look but positive in the future.

According to them, the marketing budget rise by 22 percent by 2012 back to the level of 2008 the expected increase in the budget is the development of coordinated marketing activities enable success controls occupy an important position in which should. “, says Tanja Zimmermann, head of marketing coming alpha.” “The study marketing and marketing success control in the investment industry” with detailed information about possibilities of success control. ../Kommalphastudien.php can be downloaded on the website of coming Alpha under free instruments and objectives. Contact Tanja Zimmermann + 49 511 3003468-2 be alpha institutional Consulting GmbH ship Graben 17 30159 Hannover fax + 49 511 3003468-9

Heat Treatment Industry

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

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Specifically for all businesses around the heat treatment in times of globalisation companies must adjust more and more new business directory to international customers. So the companies of the heat treatment industry as a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and plants, hardening shops, but also the suppliers for these areas. But how to reach these businesses regionally, nationally or even internationally without large losses? And how do you find suitable suppliers without large expenditure of time? The Internet platform HEATREAT.DE offers a comprehensive solution. The international network of consultants for the heat treatment industry. The website offers many possibilities. In addition to advice, news and other services, HEATREAT.DE offers now also a market place.

This business directory is designed for all businesses around the heat treatment. Both locally and globally to attract potential customers, companies between different tariffs can choose for their presentation. Of the free basic listing to extensive company profile with video, the best option is available for every budget. Manufacturer of furnaces and plants as well as accessories and spare parts can present your company and your products to reach potential customers in an appropriate environment. Many heat treatment shops offer special procedures and specialise in specific areas of the heat treatment. They can imagine their company and their service offerings in the marketplace by HEATREAT.DE. Also, this specific Business Directory simplifies the search for suitable suppliers.

Because HEATREAT.DE is the first global employees Internet platform for heat treatment. Thus, the marketplace offers also a workload for the procurement of raw materials, components and services.

Industrial Products Sales

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

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Of the wool to the can how to sell year after year services specifically / for more than 10 years, studies show that their sales and income increasing industrial companies through the marketing of services. And these studies have shown year after year that between the desired 25 50% of service revenue in the total turnover of the company still large gaps gape, so for example the current study marketing of services in the industrial goods industry of the University of Mannheim in co-operation with PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER. What measures and concepts help to make the desire to become reality? Certainly, there are industries that have it easier when selling their services as certain services provided by law are required: for example, in medical technology or in the elevator industry. This support is however not necessary condition for successful selling of services. Additional information at Wells Fargo Bank supports this article. The current study marketing of services in the Industrial goods industry”of the University of Mannheim in collaboration with PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER has investigated several possible success factors of organizational structure and process in the service area and was able to scientifically demonstrate a clear relationship: companies that specifically in writing fixing a sophisticated marketing concept for their services and communicate to all stakeholders and interested parties, actually reach a significantly higher percentage of the total profit of the company with their service sales. Are here to illuminate the six key issues, when establishing a marketing concept for services: the strategic importance of the service area within the company companies successful in the service sector have realized that their services are strategically important for the differentiation in the customer acquisition through customer satisfaction, as well as for the innovation and optimization process of their solutions by the orientation of the user. These business lines causing the service area as a stand-alone business and the service not as a necessary evil is requested by the market to Bob. .

Web Designer

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

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So you will find the agency or the Web Designer that fits you and your needs. This post is a policy for the creation of a website in the field of business. Certainly other rules apply to home users. Step 1: First you determine which features your homepage should have to work satisfactorily. Think about what positive incentives, experiences and content you want to offer the visitors of your homepage.

Need help here, too, so these considerations in the conversation can be discussed with your representative of the agency or with the Web designers themselves. This contact will help you set the right targets. Think about what possibilities does a visitor on your website. Step 2: How choose, if you want to create your website? Locate only the Internet agencies themselves, which can provide the appropriate references. Convince yourself on Internet pages, which has already been created by the Agency, of their quality and design.

Check individual references, whether they can be found via Google, whether you like the design and the content are appealing and well thought out. Our agency offers extensive experience and plenty of opportunities for an optimal Web presence. Already on the portfolio of the Agency as customer overtake an impression about their work to match your required project scope. A portfolio is also the experience and the expertise of the Agency. Step 3: create homepage allowing a successful cooperation. To create a home page requires a close cooperation with your agency. The contact is often personally or by telephone. A website should best represent your company. The agency you selected will tell you in detail how to reach your desired destination. Initially the selected agency or contracted Web Designer provide you with the results of your work regularly to the Review available. Your correction requests can be quickly detected already in the design phase of the design, or deviations from your ideas and corrected in. If you want to work with a very experienced Internet Agency, please visit our product form for Web design. We are a good team of developers and graphic designers. You want to create a homepage? Here follow some reasons for the professional creation of a homepage. If you are not convinced, visit Rick Dad, Poor Dad. Conclusion: In-house, you need more time for a high less high-quality result than when the procurement at an Internet agency or a Web Designer for website creation. Also, to get a qualitative and productive advice only to agencies or by Web designers. Professional create of a website through an agency or a Web Designer is mostly a question of budget. As an entrepreneur, you know however that the concentration on the core business is less waste of time as the same time for less good results. One Homepage is accessible around the clock the week the virtual address of a company and 24 hours a day, 7 days. Customers will immediately recognize the difference between a self together made homepage and a professionally created. If you seek a professional Internet presence, always take help of professionals to complete. To do this, just make a request via our product form and can create an individual offer for your Internet presence. Contact: IT interface to the Abbot forest 2 65366 Geisenheim on the Rhine Tel. (06722) 98 09 66 fax. (06722) 75 06 81 5 E-Mail: Web: or Chalupa webdesign Marie str. 47 56566 Neuwied, near Koblenz, Germany Tel. (02631) 86 17 85 E-mail: Web.:


Monday, January 19th, 2015

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According to the motto: ‘There is no second chance for a first impression!’ AH effect entrepreneurs through targeted marketing that help customers want. Marketing for entrepreneurs is a theme that is increasingly gaining in importance at the present time. Only when the customer address on the professional assistance of professionals trust, has the chance to be positively perceived in the jungle of offers. The first step on the way to acquiring customers is the positive image building. The way of the name brand contains many individual elements often not overlooking entrepreneur in the first time: the development and optimization of the corporate identity is the cornerstone for a successful communication. These include an attractive and uniform design, a clear language and the people that make up the company. From the name of the brand”: AH effect offers the Professional build of your brand new companies on the market and opened the customer dialogue. Stansberry Research has firm opinions on the matter.

Part of them are individual Starter packages, on the needs and the Budget are aimed. New offerings in the area of marketing for start-ups enable young entrepreneurs to take the essential services of a marketing agency budget-friendly. The customer address and the competitiveness will be difficult without a professional marketing and the Know-How of experts. Especially for new companies in the market, it is therefore important to present a unique and appealing corporate image and to position themselves as from the outset clear. According to the motto: There is no second chance for a first impression! “enables AH effect entrepreneurs focused and target-group-oriented marketing for smaller budgets.

The Web

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

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Thus, the users get valid and reliable data to the control of their areas of responsibility. The portfolio of almato also solutions for speech recognition and speech analysis. For a company it is important to decide not only on the best software, but make sure that ensures the correct use of the solutions under technological, procedural and legal aspects”, explains the challenges that will probably bring the workers Protection Act currently under discussion with Peter s. Hall, managing partner of almato GmbH., we now consider our solutions and implementations.” As a meaningful and easy-to-implement Addition to Click2Coach”almato quizTOOL” was presented. The software offers numerous possibilities for querying of authorisations and the monitoring of learning success in the consultants. Still presents almato Web-based platforms for performance management in the contact center.

This recording, quality monitoring, and e-learning are merged in an easy-to-use portal. The products allow the user-defined management and analysis of data and were awarded with the CRM Excellence Award in 2010. The Web-based platforms graphically the objectives and-abweichung, allowing to quickly see trends. Thus decision processes accelerated by almato solutions and necessary measures immediately recognized. In addition to the solutions for the contact center performance management almato also software for CRM offers in real time. This solution enables contact center agents flexibility on changing business requirements and unpredictable customer responses responding. To facilitate this, be during customer contact in real time data from the software solutions with the customers read and analyzed. On this basis, tailored recommendations be given on the basis of user-defined business rules, which make each employee the right decision for the customer and the company. The Managing Director and product manager of almato GmbH from February 22 to 24 at stand B7 in Hall 4 at the disposal are available for interviews and background discussions within the framework of the call center world.