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Published June 25, 2016

It corresponds to all business processes that allow you to plan, execute, measure and evaluate the internal activities of support to the sales force. These activities they can vary greatly from company to company, but in general we can speak of the following kinds of activities: preparation of the sales budget definition of commercial Territories allocation of sales force customer definition of programmes or plans visit to customer definition and follow-up plans commercial incentive definition and definition loyalty programs management and management of strategies for positioning and market penetration across the product portfolio management sales force and schemes of prices, discounts, incentives, etc. As you can see, these are key activities in the commercial management, which are not performed by the sales force, but that if not someone, make them the sales force can act to drift. I dare say that all companies performing these activities, but in the vast majority of cases, are activities that perform functions are not the commercial area and are responsibilities of administrative areas. What is the problem with? This? All these activities must be chained and synchronized to a commercial strategy. They think that this medication works to cope up with erection problems in men today. order viagra from india These ingredients have the inheriting potential to gift us a significant relieve cialis professional for sale from impotency for long time duration of 36 hours. It’s being the challenge in the medical field, many of these herbs have not been subject to rigorous clinical trials and are not regulated by government bodies. on line cialis It requires only a few minutes for becoming effective in the blood and loved this viagra sale show its effect on the body. When they are implemented by areas that do not obey a commercial strategy, is when conflicts and problems occur.

In the experience we’ve had implementing projects of SFA, it is advisable to have a working unit be responsible for these functions and which depend on the commercial direction. We usually call this unit sales management or business administration. Its main mission is to plan, disclose, monitor and measure the elements that are needed to allow the sales force to escape to the field to fulfill his mission. From the technological point of view, this function of support should be supported on a series of information tools that nimbly enable process information which must be transmitted to the sales force, and in turn, process, Digest, and communicate all the information received from the field.