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Published June 20, 2016

Within the seminar programme of development and Marketing staff organized by the College of business management and Marketing, ESIC (May 2006), we were meeting environment to the emotional intelligence (EI). It was in those days that you have left a special near the amygdala sensation, as if the development of the class would have exceeded your expectations. And that had brought me doubts about my blogger communication. Let me explain. Says the teacher at the Seminary that IE does not give free rein to our feelings and expose all our intimacies. I do well to write these and other topics in this blog? I think that EI will in relation to the ability to express our own feelings in the most appropriate and effective way, allowing collaboration in the pursuit of a common goal and that is the line of this blog (I hope my personal and professional competencies have used properly to reach this deduction and do not have me fooled myself).

Also points that IE does not mean only be polite; There are strategic moments in which kindness is not precisely required, but openly face an uncomfortable reality that cannot escape is longer. Also, the degree of development of the IE is not genetically determined and neither develops exclusively in our childhood. EI is a learning process maturity is the word that traditionally it has been called. I bought the book emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman in 1996, text I have seen it on the shelf for more than one Senior Executive. Later agencie practice of the emotional intelligence of the same author suggest only the second-, but I have been aware now that already in the year 1905 Alfred Bidet attempted to measure it and in 1920 e. l. This may go a great way in helping people to overcome their apprehensions regarding erectile dysfunction. purchase viagra in canada check out to find out more Before treatment, we have to make sure what the disease we get is by acute diagnosis, because we may confuse some diseases together for their closeness of symptoms. cheap brand cialis Hence, the primary goal of diabetes treatment is to keep the glucose levels within the normal range and also to prevent the risk buy viagra no prescription of erectile dysfunction as well as heart disease, High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, Diabetes, conditions which affect blood flow to the penis. cheapest tadalafil Marriage was a religious promise where the man and woman over the moon. by ending the dreaded ED and the misery this causes. Thorndike spoke of social intelligence David Wechsler in 1943 he spoke of social adaptability.

In the Decade of the 1990s, Howard Gardner debated environment to multiple intelligences, Reuven Bar-On on emotional coefficient (CE) and Meter Salovey and John Mayer in 1990 tried first to emotional intelligence. Let’s say that Goleman democratized or spread the concept. There is a text that got me in 1997 emotional strategy for executives, Robert K. Coope and Ayman Sawaf, which I quite enjoyed. The term emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize our own feelings, those of others, motivate us and properly handle the relationships that we maintain with others and with ourselves. It is based on five elements: self awareness, motivation, self-control, empathy and relationship ability. Today the entrepreneur, as well as specific technical competencies for each position, seeks ability to listen and communicate; adaptability and creative response to setbacks; control of self, confidence and motivation to work; Group effectiveness, cooperation, ability to negotiate; active involvement and leadership potential. We are faced with an environment increasingly more turbulent, unpredictable and agitated, with very rapid and profound, changes within dizzying transformation processes affecting all social areas, within a highly competitive environment. Interactions that we maintain at work are of the same nature than any other relationship of our lives and, in consequence, they also involved our passions. There are few companies that question to what extent create stress, the tendency is to blame the victim. However, through EI, spirit of achievement, collaboration economy is pumped and is built with integrity.