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Getting Clients

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

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We now fly towards the present and fame joy, an aggressive exhibition in means, hundreds of clients and thousands of loved readers. You may find JPMorgan Chase to be a useful source of information. We can get everything without paying a cent in publicity. Now I am investing in the paid publicity and I confess to you that I was scared in the beginning. And if cost of more? And if it does not work? Will be worth the pain the investment? How I will see results? I imagine that you can be happening through the same and this is what I suggest to you Facebook I am investing in announcements paid in Facebook and payment by click, but the announcement only is shown people who are in Puerto Rico. In your publicity, it chooses from where your client will come and she only invests there where the client is.

I attract the click the client it clicks in the announcement and it goes to a landing page where I mention that gift gratuitous access bulletin. In your page of landing, olvdate to sell. People do not know you, therefore he is essential that first you build the confidence to take to the person towards the sale. After all, at the end of the day the question will be, how much you did today? I educate I position myself like expert through educative articles in my bulletin and I am always promoting products and the services that selvage.

Beam the same in your business. People buy of that they know and in which trusts. And to write articles is the form more guaranteed to obtain it. 5. I do not occur by won I once went to pay by publicity and I occurred by won very fast.

Marketing Strategies

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

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What is marketing? Why it scares so much? According to the dictionary, marketing is the set of principles and practices that look for the increase of the commerce, especially of the demand. That is, to sell, to sell and to sell. Peculiarly, the sale undergoes a stigma outside the strictly enterprise scopes. Between academic, professional and working the commercialization frequently , of evil taste or are described like greedy the deprived boundary of the salesmen. Are mistaken conceptions of a fundamental activity that it affects everybody.

It gives to equal the position or position that you occupy, your success depends to a great extent on your capacity of to sell your contributions. A bricklayer teaches his works to demonstrate his was worth. A university professor maintains a publication bibliography to show his prestige. And a doctor takes care of conferences international to make contact with the enemy and to deepen his knowledge. These also are mechanisms of marketing.

In fact, unique difference is that a professional of marketing tries to organize and to implement his strategies of marketing of a systematic and organized way. The person in charge of marketing of a company counts on the responsibility of: To study and to measure the needs of the market. To create, to spread and to maintain the mark of the company. To create and to coordinate the communications with the press and mass media. To create, to manage and to measure the effectiveness of publicity activities. To coordinate and to support the activities and equipment of sales. To coordinate and to make pursuit of the relation with clients. To make pursuit of the processes posventa and the satisfaction of the client. To support the other departments in the design, development and unfolds of new products. Although all these tasks will not be direct responsibility of the Director of Marketing, all directly affect their results and therefore it is forced to be always watchman in each of them. For more information it reviews the section on the marketing of our Web.

European Union

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

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And Raul continued speaking: " Because our politicians have only worried to fill their pockets until not being able more, because our politicians when reaching a social-al stop estatus to finish his legislatures are based like advisors in Spanish companies of universal importance, because our politicians are mortgaged our futures to us, because our politicians have turned to us into an underdeveloped and mediocre nation in comparison with some of the European Union. They have been a tremendous fiasco for the Spanish town, that does not deserve it. In the next general elections of the 2012, without still summoning the date, they are going to them to go to vote his p. Good, really, neither their father nor his mother are the guilty of which ours politicians of three to cuarto" the majority has been so ambitious from them, and to major inri, the Art of the Poltica&quot did not know by not to have practiced ;. Like side you, have had bravery to say what pensaba". I include the Spanish and young university boys generally, I include/understand and them, because the crisis has struck to them in deepest of their hearts. The world that waits for to ours young person-self to them feels to me to think, comes represented and loaded with dark rain large clouds interminable, and that predicts that their dreams and illusions disappeared, before they appear the flowers advertisers of the fruit of his efforts: that work so longed for and hoped, that one comes to them every day denying one and thousand times from the year, when any know needs what it to be able to begin their personal and loving experiences. I include the Spanish and young university boys generally, I include/understand and them, because, possibly, if they continue in paro" they will have to transfer to the German nation, that already walks by the footpath of real the economic recovery, with the effort of the Germans and the politicians who govern to them.

Safe Financial Solution

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

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It is a service that offers the people, when emergencias of last hour appear. The objective of the same is to solve financial needs of agile, safe way and with the seriousness that the clients need. It was created for the people who do not manage to arrive at the pay day with money can cover their basic needs. With my experience acquired in and other financial institutions, I have included/understood that these advance payments offer an effective solution in unexpected urgencies; but they could get to be repetitive cycles if the clients do not pay in time. They are considerable those that with recidivism depend on this type of loans; what caused that the American Association of Servicios Financieros Comunitarios (CFSA) would send to a campaign of education and certain favorable measures to the consumer. The campaign consisted to explain to the consumers through televising announcements and advertising campaigns to them, that these advances of cash were for exceptional situations; in addition, they took the opportunity to notify to them that they would offer an extension of two months to pay advance without additional cost if the borrower cannot realise the cancellation of the same the corresponding day.