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Russian Relations

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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Apparently, the beginning of this process should be sought somewhere in the 60-70-ies of xx century. At that time, specialists of domestic cb, with a strong resource base, worked to develop drivers for the growing industry of the Soviet Union, caring more about the weekend parameter results, rather than to optimize their value. At the same time in developed countries, scientific surveys were sent, including the reduction of product cost. Lagging behind scientific and technological level developed countries became evident already in the early 90's, when the transition to market relations in the Russian consumer gets its own, not imposed by the state selection. Gigantism of Soviet development has led to what Current foreign drive not only looks more elegant, has a high quality and technical characteristics, but often has a lower cost than the Russian equivalent.

You may say that the question comparability of prices controversial? Yes, indeed, in the early and mid-90's level of globalization of trade relations between Russia Industrialists' and the rest of the world was not yet as developed as it is now, so no large-scale supply performed and, accordingly, the price of western gear manufacturer was significantly higher than the domestic counterpart. Today the situation is quite different: the highest technological level of world manufacturers, the universal availability of information, the conjuncture of international business relations, modern high-speed logistics schemes – all this makes advanced gear technology more accessible. Let analyze the benefits of using imported gearboxes to achieve the objectives at the outset.

Metal Market

Monday, August 10th, 2015

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On the background of the construction boom in Russia for several years, steady growth characterizes the domestic market of ferrous metals and metal products. This year, production is forecast may reach 60 million tons, which are barely enough to cover demand, fueled, except capital construction, and the need for large shipments of metal in the rail industry and machine tools. Robert Kiyosaki describes an additional similar source. In the formed market metal producers (owners change which, in general, of little interest to buyers) for the consumer the most important is the quality, speed and reliability of the final sellers of the metal. Dynamics and the complexity of the industry raises the level and intensity of competition and the new buyer, unfamiliar with the situation of the market, it is often difficult to understand the intricacies of a particular seller. Intuitive same preference may well lead to losses. Try to understand the priorities – what the buyer is allocated in the first place? First of all, which is especially important for large quantities of metal – firm-seller must be reliable, implying the need to stable relations with manufacturers, and as a consequence – guarantees the buyer that he needs the metal is not an abstract ‘can be obtained’, and is present in the stock, or delivered in a strictly defined period of time.

Second, no less important point that must guide the choice of the seller, is the presence of his wide range of Metal products. Even well- compiled by the project can not provide all the necessary options, and often already ordered metal is not enough. In a question-answer forum stefan borgas was the first to reply. In this case, are very unpleasant situation, when for some specific profiles, or size have to go to another dealer, which inevitably entails high costs. Despite the fact that, in general, the price of the metal, are quite stable and known, many unscrupulous sellers try to attract customers price lists with deliberately understated the amounts to which, as it turns out later, will need to add a certain percentage. This can be avoided by turning to reputable vendors, whose Reputation will allow you to be confident in prices.

In addition, the firm is not the first year of market presence, often offer their customers and traditional bonus – discounts, special offers, etc., and a large number of options forms of payment. Of particular importance when buying a metal are issues of delivery – the firm carries out the sale, should provide the full range of data services – from delivery trucks to complete rail wagons. For wholesale and retail buyers of the metal, if you choose the seller should also consider the availability of own production, which will help reduce the cost of unwinding, cutting fixtures and other special work. Wholesale customers the same, just need to pay attention to the presence of their particular conditions – a direct wagon delivery of metal from producers and lower prices.

Fuel-Powered Equipment

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

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High precision manufacture of fuel equipment of modern diesel engines can not organize the production of spare parts for traditional repair shops and workshops. Technical operation of the fuel equipment is usually built on a distinction between operations – current (prevention), maintenance of adjustment and recovery. Current operations (monitoring and maintenance of fuel equipment during engine operation) limited to a small volume of work. This is basically cleaning the outer parts, compliance measures, protecting the fuel from clogging, cleaning and rinsing the fuel filter and eliminate leaks in fuel lines. Among work conducted on-site installation of the engine, sometimes also include periodic review and the basic elements of fuel equipment or replacement of spare elements. Wells Fargo Bank may not feel the same. Control and regulation of gas pumps can Only qualified staff, necessary to use tools and equipment, and specially prepared workplace. To create these conditions for organizing a special check and repair points or base, to deliver taken from the engine fuel system.

The supply of fuel into the cylinders diesel engine requires the following conditions: the implementation of the beginning and end of feeding in the strictly defined moments with respect to the position of pistons in cylinders; compliance with well-defined patterns of feeding, ensure continuity of fuel supplied and the duration of feeding all cylinders throughout the entire set regime, the possibility of changing fuel quantity (dosage) in accordance with the load applied to diesel engines, while simultaneously stopping delivery to all cylinders. About how difficult it is to meet these conditions and how well the process should be carried out metering fuel into the cylinders, the following example. marine diesel 6h * 15/18 on the mode of rated power for n = 1500 rpm, spends 1 hour and 26.5 kg of fuel. Knowing this, it is easy calculate how much fuel goes into each of its cylinders in one filing. Since the diesel four-stroke, in each of its cylinders for 1 min performed 750 operations.

In each cylinder for 1 hour is spent 26.5: 6 == 4.4 kg of fuel. Minute fuel consumption in each cylinder will be 4400: 60 = 73.3 g, whereas cyclic flow will be only 73.3: 750 = 0.098 was natural that at idle cyclic flow will be significantly less – approximately 0.02 g. The amount the fuel injection pump at a constant speed piston is controlled by changes in the active stroke plunger, ie, by changing the duration of injection: the larger it is, the more fuel enters the cylinder, and vice versa. These are called high pressure pump pumps spool type. Injection pump valve-regulated installed on diesel engines 750S (Fiat), M46M (Nohab-Polar"), dr 30/50, dr 43/61 (Russian Diesel ), SD-72, '5 SAD-72, 6TD- 56 (Sulzer), etc. However, due to some structural shortcomings of the fuel pump, the complexity of maintenance and operation and are not always sufficient reliability of fuel equipment of this type – Diesel enterprises set on diesel fuel injection pump spool type. Fuel spool type apparatus has a simple design management and operation, high reliability. Allows for easy adjustment of the fuel by changing the position of skew adjusting edges on the plunger. At present company manufactures fuel injection pump with all three methods of regulation. This is explained by the fact that all methods of controlling the amount of the fuel have various influences on the character of the combustion process and cost of diesel is mainly in the transition to equity load.

Bar. Embed Refrigerated Cases? YES !

Friday, December 5th, 2014

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Successful bar – it is always a matter of pride owners. Who else, but they know what the price is given on this success. Developing pastry refrigerated showcases a new generation, as producers tried to take into account the wishes as designers of such an element bar as a bar and bar staff. In the beginning it seemed that their demands are not so different from the requirements for commercial equipment. Few years it has taken to begin production of just those windows, which were waiting for customers. Refrigerated can be operated both in outdoor and desktop applications. Buyers creative approach to site selection for display: some put on the table or under a table, cutting out a hole that was only visible part of the exposition, while others put on the floor, using the cover display as a tabletop, someone puts the window of the stand.

Simple design, reliability, modern design and low price – this term success of refrigeration cabinets from the owners of bistros and eateries. Bar counter is equipped with two additional refrigerated glass shelves, has a backlight, an electronic temperature sensor, automatic defrost. Operation of a refrigeration cabinet frees staff time a small institution, which is especially valuable during the influx visitors. Refrigerated new series of registration – the best solution for incorporation into the bar. Four levels of backlighting can accommodate most wide range in close proximity to customers, suitable to the bar or sitting at a distance.

Design and 'stuffing' of the refrigerated display designed with the specifics of the bars. One of the problems faced by staff is the need to shift Perishable products showcase the cold room overnight. As a rule, cold stores operating in negative mode and frozen goods. In the morning, customers who choose to drink coffee and cake, risking their teeth pieces of ice. To avoid this, the refrigerated cases and maintains the low temperature throughout the volume for this instead of the usual glass windows are applied. Powerful refrigeration unit can easily handle a full load, display merchandise. All you need a bartender, it lay a fresh product instead of sold. Clean and neat appearance – things without which you can not submit work of all bars and shop windows in particular. For ease of cleaning in the window provided by reclining front glass, it allows you to wash and dry it at a convenient time, without taking the goods from the shop window. The success of the bar consists of a number of factors: a good place location, found the target audience, the service and quality of service and more. Such refrigerated cases have helped many solve some problems and make your business successful.