Russian Relations

Apparently, the beginning of this process should be sought somewhere in the 60-70-ies of xx century. At that time, specialists of domestic cb, with a strong resource base, worked to develop drivers for the growing industry of the Soviet Union, caring more about the weekend parameter results, rather than to optimize their value. At the same time in developed countries, scientific surveys were sent, including the reduction of product cost. Lagging behind scientific and technological level developed countries became evident already in the early 90's, when the transition to market relations in the Russian consumer gets its own, not imposed by the state selection. Gigantism of Soviet development has led to what Current foreign drive not only looks more elegant, has a high quality and technical characteristics, but often has a lower cost than the Russian equivalent.

You may say that the question comparability of prices controversial? Yes, indeed, in the early and mid-90's level of globalization of trade relations between Russia Industrialists' and the rest of the world was not yet as developed as it is now, so no large-scale supply performed and, accordingly, the price of western gear manufacturer was significantly higher than the domestic counterpart. Today the situation is quite different: the highest technological level of world manufacturers, the universal availability of information, the conjuncture of international business relations, modern high-speed logistics schemes – all this makes advanced gear technology more accessible. Let analyze the benefits of using imported gearboxes to achieve the objectives at the outset.


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