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Internet Marketing

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

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Here's the hidden insidious and diabolical intent marketing "Someone", introducing us into the temptation of snobbery and vanity. Have insignia larger than the differences themselves – this is the very desire for the satisfaction of which we are willing to pay more than half the price. Of all the arts important to us is the "Seem". A "be" us "is not enough will! ", and two points above the" E "- is not enough! Two points everyone has. And we – not everyone. We have – incomparable, unique, naiprevoshodneyshie. We have three points, when all the two, the soul of something and sell it.

And much more willing to pay additional money. And if not money – credit shall find on the thing will not spoil! Such is the analysis … It turns out the car, then we have enough money. But not enough to pay for their own snobbery and vanity. Not enough to pay for inadequate self-esteem. But it is not deadly, with outstanding self-esteem to live, not tea debts of rent. Experience is finished. Conclusions are drawn.

It is time to restore order on the table. Cutting paper, depicting unnecessary money given to children for drawing, and in fact money, in fact – colored paper. And if you cut his fifteen cash "dolls" out of toilet paper, return them to the grand Dr. Puppet Sciences Carabas-Barabas back into the toilet, because there they were present place, and let it out there, they relate to the secret thoughts back to your ridiculous self. Such an romantic encounter between two characters at the waterfall. Now replace all the text the word "car" to "House", "home" to "Furniture suite "or" a set of saucepans, to "a pack of cigarettes, on anything. Reasoning remains valid. Because it is the law of marketing. And if its beauty will penetrate your heart … oh, my brothers! – That you then dishes Zepter! You are arrogant prefer different pot boiler and mechanical plant from the city of Elektrostal. And never, no snobby bullshit does not offend you. And never Faberge eggs will not close your horizon genuine consumer culture. Fashion trash can cost a fabulously expensive (example: a greasy cravat had died of heroin lead singer of the group Hell with imprints of lipstick). And the excellent things (clean air, parks, intelligent conversation, true love) can be absolutely free of charge, gratis. Anyway, the price varies depending on the quality of the goods to a much lesser extent than depending on other psychoanalytic reasons. I tried to talk about them.

Forex Exchange

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

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The question then, does not idle. From my teaching experience – every second coming on a course trading asks the question: 'How much can you earn on the stock market? ". To know more about this subject visit Robert Kiyosaki. And every time that question puts me in an awkward position. Somehow I feel ashamed for the exchange. Why she does not want to justify the hopes placed on it the suffering people of money. Life has taught me to include logic as soon as I hear about the enormous interest income. And I want to bring you to the consideration of the question 'How much can you earn on the stock market? " also through the prism of everyday logic. Here is a quote from my article 'The stock market – are not gods pots fired': 'Look around.

How many friends and people you know doing business. This is the absolute majority of smart people who have achieved something in this life. If you ask them what percentage of annual net profits on invested ruble gives them their business, you may be surprised. 20% annum – this is a very decent profit. So why are these dear people for 16 hours a day pyzhatsya due to offend your ears 20% percent. They are in constant exhausting struggle with Russian officials (SES, firefighters, tax officials, police and a minimum of 20-elements of the state machine to the sprawling threatening cancer). And yet do not want to change the flea markets – business on the speculation. It's simple – their perfected everyday troubles logic tells them that all is not easy! " Coming to the stock exchange, youth brings with it a 10-20 thousand rubles and asks another question: 'Is it possible to earn a stable monthly income to live on it?'.

Godoll Company

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

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If in the previous year, the company has paid income taxes on less than five million forints, the This year the company is required to pay an advance payment on a quarterly basis. If in the previous year, the company has paid income tax more than 5 million HUF, in the current year, a company must make an advance payment on a monthly basis. In the first year of the company has no obligation to prepay the tax. To convert U.S. Connect with other leaders such as Christos Staikouras here. Dollars HUF divide the sum by 7. 40% of the interest payments on the loan for the development may be allowed as a tax credit, the maximum Size 5 million forints per year. This discount is valid also for the interest paid under a financial lease. LOCAL INCOME TAX INDUSTRIAL third type of tax – a local industrial tax. For more information see PayNet.

Tax is paid not to Revenue Service, and local government – local councils (helyi onkormanyzat), according to the place where geographically registered firm. The rate of tax up to 2%. Not uncommon council that this bid tax cut by 0.5% or 1%. The taxable base is income minus expenses. (Annual Parish – 100% of material costs) * 0.02 From this it follows that the firm makes sense to register the address in the area where the local industrial tax is less than 2%. For example, in Godoll (24 km. From Budapest) in the first two years, if the annual arrival of less than 3 million forints, do not pay local taxes in general industrial.

Land Code Market

Monday, September 15th, 2014

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That is, ideally, paying property taxes on a controlled population of the local budget, the owners how to invest money in improving the market value of their property. If these conditions are not met, then the estate tax will not function as a sustainable development of territories and will only carry the fiscal burden on people who will try any way to avoid paying it. Thus, the challenge is to create a certain institutional conditions under which property taxes will perform its basic function. This, in fact, efforts should be directed authorities. What happens in practice? Let us compare the results of government activities conditions set out above. Citibank: the source for more info.

1. The first condition we have been enshrined in the Land Code (ST.66), where it was said "in cases of determining the market value of the land cadastre value of land set percentage of its market value.. " However, for unknown reasons, the legislator has decided to change the definition. In accordance with the FL-135 now it looks like this: "in cases of determining the market value land cadastral value of such land shall be equal to its market value. " In addition, legislators in FL-167 gave an extremely confused and contradictory definition of "cadastral value ". From this definition it follows that the tax base can be both market and nonmarket costs. In the FSO-4 is another definition, which implies that the tax base should be market value. Thus, the first condition is not fulfilled and it opens a large field for endless disputes with the owners of the land evaluation results.

Renting an Office

Monday, September 19th, 2011

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It's no secret that the office rent is a whole volume sphere of human activity, which has its own laws and rules. Therefore, to make the right choice is very slozhno.Professionaly our company have worked in this market for many years and have extensive experience in various operations on the organization of office rental. Arriving at the company 4Rent, be presented to your attention a lot of different predlozheniy.S our company you will relieve yourself from the collection options for rent office space or other real estate. All the trouble we take on. The leased office in the most appropriate for you and your client location, taking into account parking and more.

We all think over and arrange for you! Faced with the problem to rent office space, you realize how difficult it is to choose the appropriate option to request and how profitable it can provide professionalam.My office rent in the best business centers and residences of the capital. Acquainted with the top proposals for renting offices, please visit our company, but remember that our base is much wider than the options listed on the site and we can always find a suitable office for arendy.Stoit Note that our company works exclusively on commercial real estate market of Moscow, in particular in the segment of office rental. This is the main business of our company – to help rent an office or take office in arendu.Firma provides services for the selection of office for rent, selection of office space, on the basis of the customer. We will also help properly arrange the lease ofisa.Poetomu do not waste valuable time independent searches. All available office rental options are already collected in our database.

Please contact us directly and we will help with the rent office. You should not spend their strength in vain, the surest way to find office space for rent – search through our base offices. Capital – the city is enormous. Find a suitable office very seriously, but we have great pleasure in helping our clients with this problem.