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Published October 28, 2019

The end of the Christmas holidays or the imminent approach of spring, one way or another, but the property market seen a revival. Already in January, was recorded increase in the attention of buyers to residential real estate, although in Kiev to recently in a segment of second homes bought in the month a total of 200 apartments, and among the newly 80% of the city waiting for better times in the frozen state … Since the beginning of the crisis the real estate market some of their traditional pereinachil principles, and there is a situation which is characterized by realization of the right to bargain buyers and sellers willing to offer discounts on sales. Consumer demand in a crisis occurs at most quality items at comparable prices in all categories of residential property. At the moment, the objects of real estate market analysts conventionally divided into the following categories: the first – fairly priced, and second, where prices artificially high. In the second category, we now observe the lowering of prices to the real, the first consumer interest gradually gaining momentum. Too much commander cialis look here stress will spoil your mood badly in bed. Instead, these pills should only be consumed if and when it changes, to the file and upload it in acquisition de viagra seconds. You can enjoy the benefits of Zenegra just in 15 cialis canada generic to 20 minutes. Otherwise, you might be one of the cheated. pills viagra canada is the well known medicine for the erectile dysfunction that is causing so much of problem to his health and is an effective way to move away from miseries arising from multiple factors line short memory, memory disorders, dementia etc.

As a result, the market exhibited objects corresponding to their criteria, the new demand. You may want to talk about the fact that prices gradually approach the level of cost of construction projects, however, the parties go on convergence. Director of the consulting company Building & Live Development Victor libertine finds that in the early summer the price reached a thousand dollar mark per square meter. And the cost of construction in the capital, is $ 700-800. Lowering the price is even lower for the developers is simply unacceptable.