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Published March 10, 2019

Where going to stop with the accelerated increase in the prices of oil and food? What will happen to the poor in developing countries? How is poverty, hunger paleara? How you will face shortages of basic commodities, in a country like Venezuela that increasingly becomes more dependent on imports? what consequences incurred all of this? Ricardo Natalichio to this express reality, which is worrying that oil and food prices seem to be playing a crazy race. Every day the headlines of newspapers in the world dealt and consume hours of television with his new record. So far he already spent the $ 130 by barrilEl barrel of crude, which cost less than $50 in early 2007, early 2008 was above 100, and even without reaching the half of the year, it has exceeded the $130. Some analysts say that more sooner than later, it will break the barrier of the 200.Cifra last several times has said the President of the Republic Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez, who will arrive and nobody has taken seriously that prediction. Erectile dysfunction is an incapability to attain or maintain erection, cialis order it is a drink which can protect against erectile difficulties and help them refilling sexual potency. You cialis online overnight are advised to make lifestyle changes and stop watching adult content. But we have got the other form of Kamagra that is also made with the same levitra price in india medicine, Sildenafil citrate. This is called viagra canada no prescription Learn More also for its cheap production cost and lower advertising cost. Although the most spectacular increase in oil consumption comes from China, such as appointment Natalichio, because it has gone from spending 2.4 million barrels per day in 1990 to almost 7 in 2007, the annual per capita consumption of oil is 25 barrels in the case of the United States.UU., 11 British and 2 by every Chinese. The oil market moreover is concentrated in seven large multinational companies, of which five are American and have virtually total control of the global distribution.Although different sources give slightly different data, it is estimated there is something in the world as well as 1.1 trillion barrels of crude oil by extracting. That means that if he is kept current production, these reserves will disappear completely in 2043. But the problems, as we see, have already begun to appear.