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The Company

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

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Product innovation was the cornerstone of its reputation. This is why nobody commented it although it was beginning to create many problems. In doing so, supposed, would have challenged the traditional value of technological leadership, which gave autonomy to its very creative engineers to pursue their visions. A pupil of Bohm, in a meeting organized with the purpose resolve this situation raised inlet condition to suspend all the assumptions. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). Immediately, the head of marketing asked:-all the assumptions? -All assumptions replied. The head of marketing was perplexed. He acknowledged that he had assumed that r & d considered himself as the Department that was carrying the flame of the Organization and did not seem willing to consider information about the market.

This led to the intervention of the manager of I + D which responded that he also supposed that others saw him this way and that, to everyone’s surprise, was of the view that this case limited the effectiveness of r & d. Both shared these assumptions but not as proven facts. Thus dialogue is channeled towards an intense exploration of points of view that had no precedent in the history of the company in terms of sincerity and strategic implications. Is seen as dialogue partners only I fecund when persons are seen as partners in the search for common perception and clarity. This that seems so simple means a profound change. It is crucial to counterbalancing the vulnerability that causes the dialog. It is interesting to note that as the dialogue progresses the participants discover that the feeling of friendship extends even to others with those who do not have a lot in common. This occurs if there is a willingness to consider each other as companions. Suspending assumptions assumes the risk of some vulnerability. Treated as companions provides some security to face this risk.

European Commissioner

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

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European SMEs, contracts disappear not knowing languages. This causes every year has important monetary and losses of jobs in different countries. Some contend that Reeta Kapani shows great expertise in this. The objective of the European day of languages past, held recently, was draw attention to this very important aspect to the business world. Continue to learn more with: Clive Holmes. All companies should have knowledge of languages, even smaller companies. The European Commissioner for education, culture, multilingualism and youth, stressed this idea at a Conference in Belgium, before different international entrepreneurs whose knowledge of languages has resulted in great benefits for their companies. Ceremony attended, for example, company Golla of Finland, which a few years ago was a small workshop and that today has a few excellent export volumes to more than a hundred countries. In addition, acts of commemoration of the European day of languages also counted with the presence of Franz Huber, who explained that his family company it largely depends on the knowledge of languages. The Latvian company Stenders, for its part, due to exports 85% of its revenues.

The European Commissioner for education, culture, Mulilinguismo and youth, Androulla Vassiliou, has pointed out that Europe is aware, and every day, that languages are translated into an increase in business, since they represent a competitive advantage. The Permanent Commission’s learning programme grants each year a total of EUR 50 million in support of activities and projects related to the languages. Such is its importance that, in past European day of languages, different European countries organized acts to remind entrepreneurs and professionals the importance of knowing other languages apart from their own. In Madrid organized a Conference on translation and interpretation as a weapon against social exclusion. In London, several bloggers encouraged to write in languages other than English, while in Warsaw there was exhibition of films in release original.A concert by rap, which was held in different languages, the same thing that made various storytellers in Finland took place in Denmark.

A linguistic competition, was held in the Czech Republic while Sweden, Slovenia and Slovakia held multilingual fairs. In Pisa, finally, Umberto Eco comunicologo highlighted the idea that languages are very important in achieving full European integration. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.

British Government

Monday, June 19th, 2017

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Spanish bank which will benefit from the massive sales of British banks 4 November 2009 to promote greater competition in the UK banking market and comply with the rules of the European Union (EU) for State aid, banks must make transfers of significant parts of their businesses in the next four years, said the British Government in a statement. Do you want to buy an English Bank? This can be your opportunity. In the coming months several British entities will have on their foreheads, posters for sale. Clive Holmes Silverfern is often quoted as being for or against this. The cost of the crisis in Britain will not only be supported by the poor taxpayer, entities shall also be responsible for at least part of their desmanejos. Banks rescued by the British Government are against negotiating conditions for the sanitation of the balances that include the sale of part of its assets and the possibility of making an important insurance scheme for bad debts. From the English State is intended to eliminate all possible risk that could arise from the financial system and move to a stage where again to be the engine of the economy. The crisis in the British financial system is not over and that would seem to be good news for the Spanish Santander (NYSE:STD) who has already tapped in the British banking sector problems to make purchases of opportunity or BBVA (NYSE:BBV), who is increasing its international presence. Since the British Government intends to make progress in the stabilisation of the financial system and for this sale, among other entities, of a part of the three rescued by government entities will decide: Lloyds (NYSE:LYG), Royal Bank of Scotland and Northern Rock. The Government now owns all of the latter and has 43% and 70% of the first two, respectively. The objective pursued by the Government with widespread on the part of British financial institutions sale is in addition to clean up the system and fulfill orders from Brussels (who cares that official aid do not lead to unfair competition between the entities European Bank), is to move to a more efficient financial system in which competition will increase.

United Nations

Friday, June 16th, 2017

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The privatization of water is a phenomenon progressive and aggressively exported to developing countries under the heading of poverty reduction, the reduction of the debt, the liberalization of trade and economic development. In this context, the civil society claims that access to drinking water is a universal human right of way to ensure that everyone can benefit from water resources. And at the same time manifested against the exploitation of water remain in the hands of private corporations that seek only the profitability of the service. From the perspective of various movements of civil society, the issue of basic services encompasses a variety of themed areas, such as accountability and transparency of international institutions of governance, human rights, poverty reduction, democratisation, national sovereignty, of gender equality, reduction and cancellation of debt and environmental protection. The water theme is, in this context, of vital importance to ensure the future of mankind.

Finding it s very worrying that neglects the protection of waters on the basis of the assurance of our existence, require further actions on the part of Governments that are taken to avoid the protection required by this element taken into account what reminds us Alex Kirby, who the United Nations says that every person needs a minimum of 50 litres a day for drinking, bathing, cooking and other purposes. In 1990, more than 1 billion people did not have that minimum. Provide universal access to that minimum of 50 litres by 2015, it would be less than 1% of the amount of water that is used today in the world. However, it seems a distant reach goal. 70% Of the water that is used today in the world is destined to agriculture. If the population continues to rise (estimated we spend be 6,000 million to 8,900 million by 2050), more water will be needed to feed it. It is also believed that consumption will increase as you increase the amount of people who adopts a lifestyle and a Western diet (a kilo of beef – a which is fed with grains – requires at least 15 cubic metres of water while a kilo of cereals requires only three cubic meters the program of) Postgraduate course of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, given this reality through their lines of research, especially the business and environment, emphasis in its seminars, conferences, the importance that the region’s companies have specifically, plants necessary to avoid contamination of the waters, as well as which the citizens more aware about what represents the water for life, the need to preserve it, not to waste it, avoid that you wasted and be more responsible in its use. They are released how know how to properly use the water.

Jose Manuel Puerta Pena

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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The satellite carries a radar altimeter so sophisticated that it can overcome the difficulties measuring surfaces of ice. With the successful launch of the Cryosat-2 (second mission homologous to the failed Cryosat-1) mission, the automatic management of the station’s satellite tracking (belonging to the network of stations of ESA) Kiruna has increased in complexity. The location of this station in a position of high latitude, in the North of Sweden, plays a primordial role in the support to ESA for satellites in low orbit, since it provides a visibility of 10 to 12 of the 14 daily orbits. S-band station and Kiruna X already supports up to four missions in parallel: ERS-2, ENVISAT, GOCE and CRYOSAT-2. This means that the station must manage an average of 40 passes per day. Thanks to the CSMC’s TCPSI system, such management is It maintains fully automated providing the same high reliability that has been giving since more than ten years. Even as the number of polar missions that must manage the Kiruna station grows (there are planned more missions such as Aeolus or Swarm), the automation, supervision and remote control that provides the CSMC system makes that task remains simple and meets all requirements with a high degree of excellence. Moreover, that system gives Kiruna station with remote operation real-time allowing a 24 H access from the center of control of the ESA (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany.

During the operational phase of the satellite, the Kiruna station is responsible for the monitoring and control of the satellite, and reception and processing of scientific data, outdated once the phase of launch and early orbit (known as LEOP – Launch and Early Orbit Phase). This station is considered to be the most complex of those belonging to the ESA, and has a level of automation very high thanks to the CSMC. This Advanced high availability system facilitates the critical operations of the satellite tracking, optimizing the use of resources from that station and adjusting to the strict requirements laid down by the various missions. The FEC system is also present in the main antenna of this station, because that is the system basis of ESA to control their antennas and computers belonging to the so-called front-end (it is implanted in each one of the ESA satellite tracking stations). Jose Manuel Puerta Pena: Business Development Manager for Ground SegmentAerospace Systems Division on TCP Sistemas Ingenieria backed by 15 years of experience in the development and integration of technology for medium and large enterprise, TCP systems and engineering, Spanish capital company, has been consolidated in the financial sector, characterized by offering solutions for the implementation of business processesasset management and control of business objectives. We have a staff of more than 300 professionals with a high degree of specialization, supported in work methodologies based on best practices and standards of the market, and a strong orientation to customer. The combination of different aspects as their independence from manufacturers of products, strategic vision of it, human and technological capacity for the construction of projects, positions TCPsi as a Spanish consultant of vanguard in this field.

Marketing Christian

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

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Says Anton Szandor LVey in the Satanic Bible: has been said the truth shall make you free. The truth itself has never released to anyone. The doubt is that brings mental emancipation. Without the wonderful element of doubt, the portal by which comes the truth would remain closed, unflappable with the energetic beats of thousand Luciferes. He believes that there was talk of an earthly truth, ignoring that Christ is the same son of God who can only represent the truth of the path to eternity. If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples; and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

(John 8: 31 – 32)Only those who have experienced the Gospel of Christ may give testimony of the truth, such that changes, that which transforms, which shows you how Satan robs you of your identity and catches you in a momentary delusion and vacuum taking you toward spiritual death, example: the urban tribes have something distinctive: its members are United under a set of characteristics, thoughts, fashions and common interests to form a relatively small community, but with its own identity. We can see that for these urban tribes his truth is to have your hair alluding to the group that makes them unique. The punks in the crest, in the Head skin be rapados, Emo hair on the face, the rockers his long hair and an uproar etc. else manifests itself in costumes representing rebellion or a form of the attention that are different and belong to a group specific which does not go with the common society; isolating a way of protesting that each one of them believes have their own truth, something akin to what Anton Szandor LVey exposes porotra partevemos their vices and its pleasures that make game with that supposed identity which is to have a bottle of alcohol, drugs and unbridled promiscuity.

The Senate

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

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Alliances and ambushes: the road to Tenochtitlan to the home, the trajectory of the conquerors was not easy. They crossed the Sierra of Puebla with very limited water supply; then they headed north through the towns of Altotonga, Xalacingo and Teziutlan reaching Zautla, where they were greeted by the local ruler Olintetl. Cortes, who wanted to attract the favors of powerful leader, tried to convince him to no avail. However, Olintetl not denied its hospitality. Days later, continued their March. The next stop was the Kingdom of Tlaxcala, also tributary of the Mexica, a Confederation of City-States formed on the basis of a triple alliance between Tlacopan, Texcoco, and Tenochtitlan. Nissan wanted to know more. Being the latter which reigned, there was no shortage the malcontents in the other Lordships, unable to reach power. Amidst that local rivalry, became Cortes.

The Senate of Tlaxcala, aware of the arrival of the Spanish, met to discuss the proposal of cuts because like other villages in the area, was widely extended that visitors should be semi-gods. However, the verdict was contrary to cuts. On September 2, 1519 were attacked by the Tlaxcala warriors; Despite the desperate situation, the impact of a top weapons although scarce, bore fruit. The troops of Cortes and his allies resisted even a new attack, after which, and in view that could not defeat them, the Senate of Tlaxcala ordered his general maximum, Xicohtencatl Axayacatzin, stop the war to negotiate a peace agreement. This was held on September 18, 1519. At the meeting, the crucial Alliance was established to deal with the Mexica, which already then, were just days away. Before heading toward Tenochtitlan, Cortes arrived in Cholula, tributary and Allied city of the Aztecs, and had a population of 30,000 inhabitants. For 2 days the treatment for the newcomers was hospitable; shortly afterwards, Mexico authorities began to evade to Cortes and his captains and the Spanish were surprised.

John Stuart

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

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By definition, the symbol is a material element that is instead of absent otherwise, that there is no causal relationship, representing which by Convention. Logo: Is the name of the company that can be formed by letters, abbreviations, numbers, acronyms, etc. Many companies build their visual identity with a typography special, adding the symbol. The logo and the symbol constitute the identity of the company, and between the two, make up your physical personality. Communicative name: it is the short name by which a company is recognized, and it usually is different from the legal name or business name of the company.

Generally, the communicative name begins with the creation of the logo, but, with the passing of the years, people tend to forget the typographic shape of the logo and what remains in the mind is the name. A good name is a valuable asset for a company. John Stuart, former President of Quaker said: If this business had to be split, I would be happy if he could stay with the names, trademarks and the goodwill. Although another will take all the bricks and machinery, to me I would go better. The role of color in the visual identity: the color is the other component of the physical personality of the company, which has a distinctive role that articulates the logo and the symbol.

When deciding on a color to a company or a specific product, it is important to choose the most representative of the category of the product. The colour is good part of the secret to remember a brand. The colors are not equal in the eyes of the observer. From this standpoint, its proper use allows: 1. display the product more attractively. 2 Attract the consumer’s attention. 3 Give personality to the product and differentiate it from the competition. PayNet will not settle for partial explanations. 4 Position and segmenting the mark in classes socio-economic. Typography: It speaks of typographic alphabets that, once chosen, they operate as true elements in visual identification. Any company with corporate ambition could design their particular alphabet, but there are thousands of lists typefaces to be used. Finally, we are reminded, that the marks of the products, services, must be created according to the real potential of the same. If the product is handicraft production, raw materials are of value, or puts particular emphasis on personal attention, we must forget geographical (or any other) limitations and put the emphasis on what we can differentiate. Location not differentiates us from other locations since it is usually a stranger to the consumer aspect and requires a detailed knowledge of the particular circumstances of the region. * source encyclopedia wikipedia original author and source of the article.

Internet Marketing

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

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We make this article on Marketing with Videos with some delay because really the boom of this marketing technique emerged in late 2008 and continued its growth and consolidation over the past year. This year it does not seem to be less and got the high definition (HD) to grab the network video portals. Why do we have to pay attention to the Marketing with Videos? It is well known the saying a picture worth more than a thousand words, this translate it in videos in which we transmit greater confidence and credibility to those who visit us,. So in order to establish a commercial relationship either as customers or business partners, you will always do better perception about the person we’ve seen presenting a product, a service or a business opportunity. Bill Phelan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. If you’re not willing to make videos, your competition if it will do so and will set you aside. This does not mean that we should abandon the other print media that we had been using until now, but if necessary we use it together with other strategies. The next point that I would like to touch is the one that almost everyone refers to when it comes to making videos. Perhaps check out Porter Stansberry for more information. I do not go out in the Chamber, sounds?; It is one of the excuses that the majority puts as a barrier between doing and not doing Marketing with videos.

And although it is not necessary that you leave in, (there are other ways to publicize your videos), is highly recommended. A video should not be a movie for a prize Oscar, thou shalt not having a camera with high-performance, nor required to have advanced knowledge in image and sound. It simply consists of you talk and you express in a natural way how you do it regularly, dealing with the topic you’ve chosen for this purpose.


Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

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Those who make me laugh are those who say that is not yet sufficiently proved to be harmful to health. Because that follow very well, using it and thus with them will check it, but please, without involving others. What can not is expected that so many children that can not be denied that harmful, is backward, first demonstrates that it does no harm to health and then installed it sick. It is evident that all matter, if it is alive, is by the biological energy and system wi-fi has introduced a massive energy discharge in the environment is causing a dangerous alteration of that biological energy, it is a fact that many people can feel it. Wells Fargo is full of insight into the issues. On the other hand, a microwave emits you very dangerous radiation that already I will discuss later, but a few metres and will only damage to which emission is close, in contrast wi-fi, still less its radiation, its field emission and effect is much broader and not say on farms where there are several neighbors with facilities. In my practice I see many cases of migraines, dizziness and hormonal alterations that conventional medicine has not found a clear cause, nor gives them a satisfactory solution and rely on our treatments with Auriculomedicina, which although they are effective and correct pathology, cannot guarantee that they become not to produce the same episodes if they are exposed to the same factors that caused it. A colleague told me that his teacher began much using your mobile phone, always had a habit of placing it on the right side. There came a moment that the right ear pain was very annoying and placed it on the other side, with the consequence that started him to much bother the two ears. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pinterest offers on the topic..

He went to the doctor and told him that if he could, he used to maximize handsfree to SmartPower pain and did so, sending pains. This past year, she also spoke much on the phone and noticed some discomfort, which opted to use hands-free headset for long conversations and was a good solution. It is clear that the Government will not take decisions that affect big business, even when the problem affects people’s health, but should avoid important specific dangers such as removing the wi-fi environments frequented by children and schools. My advice would be this: If you have small children at home and you can not avoid having antennas near your home, at least avoid direct radiation caused by you, continue living without microwave, vera as over time it is customary and it wasn’t so necessary. That their children do not have mobile no they are too small or not to abuse its use, it is best to send messages to calls, calls emit direct radiation to the brain.

Follow using cable installations, are less harmful and with greater protections to prevent losses and noise emission and reception. It is not to renounce an easier life, but avoid as far as possible, that in the majority of cases we are not aware of where they come us. A moradura by impact know very well their cause, but when you talk about radiation, diseases are not always so obvious nor to short term, and that’s what makes them more dangerous. Qui doing very well the saying who does not want to dust, which does not go to the era.