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Mission: The mission of the Universidad Anahuac is shared with the Anahuac University Network which is “to facilitate the process of formation and development of people of integrity who, for his excellent professional training and international cultural , for his deep human and moral formation, inspired by the perennial values of Christian humanism, for their genuine social conscience and by his leadership of positive action, promote the authentic development of man and society. “Name:” Anahuac “literally means” near water “. They are named institutions, following the location of the first university in this network, the campus” Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte “located in the area of Lomas Anahuac in Interlomas in the City Mexico.Symbolically, the name refers to “the central lakes region that gave the capital seat Aztec Tenochtitlan, the center’s most populous and largest cultural development of Central America, where it now stands in Mexico City and in it, the University “Motto:” Vince in bono malum “overcome evil with good”, is the synthesis of the philosophy of the institution. Any conception that banishes negative attitudes. An affirmative action program to overcome evil with good, ignorance of science improvisation evil with good professionalism supported by the modern technique, the practical materialism bad with the good of humanity that recognizes the spiritual nature of the human person, the evil of social antagonisms with the good of concord and harmony, the evil of injustice to the good of charity, the selfish indulgence of evil with good, openness and faith in God. Coat / logo: The logo of the Anahuac University is a tissue in the process.As a fabric is made up of many threads, education in the Anahuac University seeks to bring together the faculties of the students and integrate fully into their work life: the complete fulfillment of their professional and personal vocation, their role in history and in the culture of Mexico. In the sake of the development of self and society, each student can overcome the evil that haunts the man.

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