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LeaseForce gaining market share in the lease financing for the German forestry most of the forest in Germany is State-owned. But mainly, the State forests are managed by private forest enterprises need modern machinery for the effective implementation of the forestry work be done with which afforestation, deforestation and exploitation of wood. Leasing and hire-purchase back more and more in the focus of forestry entrepreneurs in financing these machines. Finance companies be set with a flexible rate structure on the seasonal revenue streams of the forest companies (pay as you earn”) are preferred. Munich, October 01, 2010 – the area of the Federal Republic of Germany is a third of forest. Herein are beaten every year about 90 million cubic meters of wood and the so grubbed-up areas reforested.

Although the largest part of the forest in public hands, whose management is carried out by approximately 4000 private forestry companies. Handling of the forests as many large machines are used. Includes approximately 1,100 Harvester, below crane harvesting combines and approximately 2,900 forwarder are to understand, below are Tragruckschlepper to understand. It in large parts of is the human commitment to state of the art machines, and replaced by animals. Five producers divide the market of this large machines.

The new machine sales per year is between 65 and 100 units in Germany. The lowest level was reached with 65 in the crisis year 2009. The financing of these large machines with investment volumes between 200 and 500 thousand is of particular importance. This is not only in the ratio of the size of the company to the amount of the investment. But especially common in forestry history of cash flows is to create entrepreneurs in financing. So the forest companies leasing companies, which are usually in the position, the rate structure of the leasing or hire-purchase contracts feel free contact Objektfinanzierer, here the course of proceeds the operator to adapt.

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