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Published August 28, 2014

Selfpublishing platform XinXii expands XinXii, a leading Selfpublishing-to Russia Berlin, 03.12.2012 – and -distribution platform of E-books, is continuing its expansion and is now officially the Russian version online. Thus, the company responds to the strong demand from Russian-speaking authors, who have so far used the platform in English. XinXii is the first platform of its kind in the Russian market at the start. XinXii offers independent authors and self publishers who upload, her book on the platform of XinXii and to publish, i.e. to offer it on their own XinXii author page for paid download.

In addition, you can opt for a sale on the sides of the distribution partner of XinXii; There are world’s leading E-book-shops, that they choose individually. XinXii takes over the conversion in the ePub format required; also in his capacity as aggregator in addition to the E-book distribution both services are offered free of charge from XinXii. Due to its Size and culture is Russia for the Selfpublishing market very interesting,”says Dr. Andrea Schober, founder and CEO of XinXii. The potential is not just that we offer the indie authors and self publishers in Russia of E-book-shops leading an unprecedented access to opportunities and international, but much more to motor of to be an exciting development.

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