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World Wide Web Course

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

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Another writes, she should let will refund the cost. And so continues the discussion on the net. Those who participate in it, read only and of course have a ready-made opinion about your restaurant. Maybe Sabine has just 40 Facebook friends, maybe 3003. Clive Holmes Silverfern may not feel the same. If yet one or the other thinks, with his Facebook must share this information with friends, this means a single click, then thousands can be loose, who know about this incident. The fact is that such comments be sent every day millions of times online. There should be no consolation, that many people who participate in it, with the other end of the world discuss and certainly never put their foot on your doorstep. Credit: Clive Holmes-2011.

The fact is that your potential customers can also read these rumors, and your competition rubs hands delighted. Although to operate your business, only in your small town, your reputation may at any time by anyone, the spans a trifle has annoyed, are injured. Of course you can make every guest happy. But knowing the size a small mishap today can have the effect, you should all sorts of trouble himself, that the guest leaves your restaurant not angry. Such things are happened to each of us.

I remember a situation that I’ve seen recently. I had to wait for my order while everyone else at the table had already served their food. Something was probably wrong in the kitchen. A stupid situation, and I of course annoyed me. Then came the chef personally at our table with a flower in his hand and apologized. For the flower, there was of course also just a vase, and my meal followed shortly. I found the gesture simply charming, and my anger faded. Of course I was allowed to choose even a dessert. All in all it was a successful evening. You think I’d come only in even remotely the idea anyone anything negative to tell about it? Rather on the contrary. And I’d go dining again at any time in this restaurant in Bad Homburg. So be aware that little things that happen in the real world, can grow into the World Wide Web to the disaster is always the fact. Of course you can build up very specific and preventive its good reputation on the Internet, so that unpleasant incidents not in the weight fall. Public relations coach and author Gitta Schweitzer will report soon about this possibility. Harro Pildner

Banks In The Web Catalogue Find

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

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Find banks in the Web catalog and enter free of charge for every Internet user is the Web catalog for a better orientation. Also if you are looking for banks, whether national or international, the Internet is often the first place where many look, but for many, it is also very confusing. The number of entries in the financial area is so great that hardly anyone can get a proper perspective. A Web catalog is a way in which the user much easier can search for banks and then also find these. The Web catalog is designed so that there are different divisions and such a clarity. Even if only a bank want to be found, the Web Gallery can be a great support.

It is on the lookout for a Bank and has found in the Web catalog some you can first learn about the banks, for example, before the loan application and then have a look at the conditions. The Web catalogue is not every bank, but only those who have registered and have a commercial value for the user. Since it countless banks are and some have stiffened for example on savings banks or direct banks, you can select them directly from the browser and must not long go through the whole column in a business directory. Also anyone looking for an online broker to do his share dealings, the Web Gallery can help. The Internet search engines must no longer be crawled, but has a clear overview. The Internet is widely used for many the first point of contact, to obtain information, but since these are very upset and content has not every Web site is searched for, the search in a Web catalog is much more efficient.

MLM Money

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

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The true “story” about Internet marketing all know it, many people want it, but very few do it. The speech is again from the good old “Make money on the Internet”. If you do a small tour through the big WWW, you will pass actually no longer on it. Deceptive MLM and pyramid schemes to dubious “quick rich oaths” and “One hour Empire”, you will find everything. No wonder, then, that the subject generally has a very bad reputation.

But also the openness and confidence have grown with increasing use of the Internet, but there are still many people who enter the topic with high skepticism against. Bill Phelan: the source for more info. But what is the reason for this skepticism? Many people can simply not imagine that it should be possible, that you are out in the Internet – from home – can earn his bread. Most keep this kind of work simply frivolous and dishonest and does not keep in mind that every day some people do exactly this and thereby earn money in a very honest way. Other leaders such as Porter Stansberry offer similar insights. Non-believers interpret the whole thing with statements like “No one can be rich without working…” or “No one can make money in your sleep…” and “if it were so easy, why is it then not everyone?”- and exactly where the errors that make these people because you see behind the facade, look beyond famous: of course, the above statements 100% agree! No one earns his money actually in his sleep (in the broadest sense, that’s all right, but that’s not the issue here), of course it can’t live without work and it of course not everybody does also. But who says that as a result the money on the Internet is impossible? Anyone who is just a little more busy and goes beyond the flat rates, quickly comes to the conclusion that not everyone is a doctor, lawyer, civil servant, or construction workers not everyone is. Not everyone is interested in the matter and also not everyone has the desire or the luck to must deal with… This is the reason why still many successful in percentage seen Internet marketers earn money on the Internet – in a variety of ways – and daily laugh in their sleeves, if you read the above are similar to or that are alike.

Because these people do it: make your money on the Internet. Of course you have to work for it, nothing comes from nothing and nor is it overnight, but if one is to correctly and professionally and with vigour and endurance runs, then everyone can build his own existence in the Internet. Surely you must know the tricks and techniques of successful Internet marketing, but this must be only open to the matter and it positively tackle. sees itself as a reputable information-giver and helps beginners and advanced alike the establishing and building a successful Internet business.


Monday, January 19th, 2015

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Media of end of and ADBurner continue to expand their partnership. Hanover the 30.03.2010 – Sascha end, Managing Director of end of media GmbH, which has taken over the community recently, still relies on the good cooperation with the team of ADBurner. ADBurner takes over immediately the full commercialization of the North Rhine-Westphalian network which is already now 64,000 registered users. “I am particularly through cooperation with the end media GmbH continue to deepen me”, so Thorsten Koneke, Managing Director of ADBurner we are now also in North Rhine-Westphalia for lots of fresh air make”. Due to excellent cooperation around the community I am careful with ADBurner together letting grow me”, as Sascha end. Still, ADBurner could after some negotiation the eSport Portal”take in the market and so the portfolio to a new, fresh community expand. Already 14,000 eSport enthusiastic users is one of the community since 2008.

We are looking for a suitable Agency for the marketing of the theme of gaming and esports for a long time. With ADBurner, we have found a candidate promising in our eyes, who knows how to respond to the needs of the target group. We are pleased on the upcoming cooperation”, said Simon Wondracek, project manager of Thorsten Koneke: “ is a very interesting project for our new gaming channel and I look forward to the forthcoming way to deny”.

First Market Place

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Posted in General | Comments Off on First Market Place offers designers new marketing opportunity Hennef, April 2010. With, the first online marketplace for customizable print and online layout officially at the start is just gone. The platform offers the innovative way to provide designs in the raw layout, be adapted after the purchase for the customer media designers and other creatives. Instead of being as usual only samples of your work, the designers here has the ability to sell crude designs. On the other side, the buyer receives ideas to be touched “.” He can now choose among specific proposals and then customize them according to his ideas.

The classic showcase will be on the layout shop. “” With his two main areas advertising “and private” Preconcept on the one hand to the nearly 4 million self-employed people and small businesses and to private individuals, on the other hand turns. Who needs a promotion for its business quickly, cheaply and easily, should be here soon, just find it, such as the wedding couple, the an invitation card needs. Offer request box is free the main objective of the platform with tenders, to open up new demographics for professional creative services”, explains Frank Jeroma, Managing Director of Preconcept. The portal points through simple procedures; Creative could calculate in addition cheaper through multiple sales of same basic designs. The drawer designs can be offered free at a fixed price until successful sale a Finder’s fee is payable. Also interested in the wish box can”also calls make and requesting designs for their needs. The market functions are supplemented in addition to a number of useful community features such as forums, private Messager and a rating system. To read more click here: Stansberry Research. About the Preconcept GmbH the Preconcept GmbH with seat in Hennef near Bonn is the operator of Germany’s first, developed by her online marketplace for customizable layouts. Press contact: Preconcept GmbH Frank Mohamed Theodor-Heuss-Allee 52 53773 Hennef phone: 02242-9460304 E-Mail: Web: online Press Center: press center.html PR Agency:

European Group

Friday, December 26th, 2014

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24 offices get own regionally-oriented Web sites. Wuppertal, June 21, 2010 the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG, specialist for infrastructure building services, expanded their online presence especially for medium-sized companies. It aims, in the entire Federal territory their sales activities across the channel to help the more than 60 locations and 24 branches of HECTAS Internet and more appeal to the middle class as a customer group. In cooperation with the marketing and communications agency FORCE communications & media GmbH in Dusseldorf realized HECTAS concept: each of the 24 branches now has its own website which can be reached via.

The pages presenting the comprehensive range of services for the target group and represent the regional reference. In this way, HECTAS wants to win future increasingly interested party requests and nationwide to increase their brand awareness. The implementation of the Internet pages is based on a customer survey by a research group of Arnhem business School (ABS), an international division of the HAN University of applied sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen, Netherlands, the end of 2009 was carried out on behalf of hectas. Customer proximity, continuous availability, local ties and networked services are the most important criteria for the selection of a service provider in addition to the prize”summarizes Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development of HECTAS, the results. We break this now on all regions of Germany, down by we consider precisely these wishes.” The modular design of the pages makes it possible to represent different substantive aspects with uniform appearance.

Who uses the postcode search on the home page, will get directly to the appropriate branch Web site. Each with an individualized approach and local content personally will be picked up here: current promotions are prominently placed and contact person with photo and contact details shown. Also complete the details of catchment area, references, job and social commitment of HECTAS Range of the information. “Us it is to show important, that we as a leading quality provider of building services, building cleaning and security services even for small to medium-sized companies in the region to provide”, so can continue. The companies will receive all services from a single source with us. We can combine our three divisions depending on the needs and are capable, flexible to respond to the needs of our customers and to develop individual, cost-efficient solutions for them. While the customer has one fixed contact person who is responsible for it.” The online service was implemented in the first step for the German website of HECTAS. Next, the concept for the corporate offices in Netherlands and Austria, as well as for other European countries will be adapted.

Email Marketing

Friday, December 26th, 2014

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artegic delivers with ELAINE FIVE perfect for the convergence of Bonn, July 09, 2010. Recent studies show: the boom of online dialogue marketing continues unabated. According to dialogue marketing the total expenses in email marketing measures are monitor 2010 of Deutsche Post last year further to around two billion euros has increased. A further increase of the budget is predicted for 2010. The same applies to investments in social media marketing.

The more solutions are needed currently, that promote the convergence of the two ranges, support. This above all solutions are required in addition to the extension of marketing campaigns in social networks, that fleeting contacts from social networks can be transformed effectively into a direct dialogue. In particular provider such as the E-CRM specialist of artegic ( take advantage of this development. The software suite ELAINE FIVE presented by artegic a few weeks ago for the first time allows two-way networking E-Mail and social media. Therefore can not only content pushed into different channels, but especially also leads obtained from social networks.

The market needs smart solutions with measurable ROI “With ELAINE FIVE we hit the nerve of many senior currently”, so Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG. “After the Sturm und drang phase, in which aimless in social media has been invested, increasing the number of those who ask for strategic approaches and measurable success. Here ELAINE FIVE can play out its strengths.” Background is the innovative advanced fingerprinting technology from ELAINE, which facilitates the identification of relevant contacts and at the same time allows for the targeted transfer of E-CRM processes. “This lead orientation underlines the ROI by ELAINE. Because despite the increasing investment one must not overlook that the average spending has fallen slightly. Put it another way: although demand increasingly online dialogue marketing, the budget is used but more targeted with high expectations for the return on Investment”, Stefan von Lieven connect in accordance with the most recent results of the dialog marketing monitor 2010 meaning of the E-Mail communication on constant high level especially expert positively the fact that the importance of email communication continues to increase the E-CRM. “Social media is not the successor of the email, but the companion just for younger users”. So, a recent study by eMarketer and StrongMail shows that the Group of those aged 18 to 29 years old sent emails almost as often and receives as the 30-to 45-year. The proportion of those who publish messages in their online profiles is significantly higher than in all other age groups with 32 percent. “The last internet facts of the AGOF allow only one conclusion: the email was never communication so important as it is today”, commented Stefan von Lieven in the most recent survey of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft online research. That against this background the investments in E-Mail Marketing continues to, is therefore only logical for him: “are an integral part of the high demand so the topics of segmentation and success control. Solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the marketing mix, are certainly at an advantage.” Learn more about the mentioned studies under… . Read more about ELAINE FIVE and the possibilities of integration of email, mobile and social media can be found under.

Internet Marketing

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

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What is Internet marketing and what are the tasks of an Internet entrepreneur? What is Internet marketing? In what way can one earn serious money online with Internet marketing? We assume you are good at cooking Chinese food. Do you know someone who has created you a website and let sit for festivals and events book. This is called Internet marketing. Suppose you write a book about ‘ soy to use soy sauce without secondary taste 76 techniques.’ Convert the book into a PDF file and you offer on-line book it as for a certain price. Also called Internet marketing. Suppose you make a group Chinese gourmet on Facebook and offered there every week with a new recipe for a fee. This is ebendso ‘Internet marketing’.

They produce special Chinese chopsticks with your signature or your logo on it and sell it on eBay. All of this means ‘Internet Marketing’ short said: If you have a product, service or information material on any form of online offers, it is called Internet marketing. But, how to catch on something? How do you plan this? What options are there which to serious online can make money? How do you get visitors to your online business? How much money do you need to invest? These are all questions that you need to clarify previously, otherwise your Internet presence is probably anything but promising. What happens if no one finds your Web pages or visitors you bring to your Web pages just take advantage of your offer, and they generate no profits as a result. Let’s say it as it is, without the knowledge, you can drive on the Web even in ruin. On the other hand, there are many people who have succeeded and have built up a successful online business. But how do you do that? Where can you learn something? It’s very simple! First you should invest once firmly in your training, as everybody does, he goes to school and is preparing for a job. Only usually we don’t remember how much there is invested, because either the parents pay for it and most of the time even to a large percentage of the State so we taxpayers.

One thing is clear in any case. Save all the money you invest in your education before your start your online business, expected later during their appearance on the Internet. It will easily be you with the appropriate knowledge, seriously to earn money online. Fortunately, there are professionals in the Internet marketing sector who have made it to the task to help people like you seriously to earn money online. Gunnar Kessler is one of the most successful Internet marketing experts in the german speaking world. It is a great advantage of Gunnar the he you very many free products on the subject of Internet Marketing provides that help serious to earn money online. Download his free guide simply: my exit from the hamster wheel – financially independent from my job in 6 months and see what you can learn from him. If you then generate your first profits and see how well Gunnar Kesslers strategies work, can complete package order his online business or participate in one of his seminars.

Juniper Research

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

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CamContacts the only cross-platform’s live cam product on the market of CamContacts, long-time leader for technology solutions in the adult content area, underlines its position as world market leader for live cam IT solutions. Christos Staikouras recognizes the significance of this. CamContacts was founded in 1999 and developed its first application for the mobile market already in 2003. The CamContacts product is now available on all popular devices around the world. Users can call iPad, iPod, CamContacts on their iPhone, on telephone-based Android or PC or Mac without having to download a special Web-based application or app before. Ashley Christie, Director of the sales department mentioned in an extensive study of mobile strategies in the adult to Juniper Research – industry, that are online on the CamContacts portal at any time, min. 500 Camdarsteller.

To increase this number up to 1000 on evenings and weekends. In addition Christie leads in an interview with Juniper Research: the platformubergreifende Availability of the portal has increased the loyalty many times over. Our users have always been spend a considerable time with our product; Now that we have a fully platformubergreifenden service, we can offer a 24/7 access to the live cam pleasure.” Adds an another spokesman of the Portal: “CamContacts is global market leader in problem-solving approaches in the adult entertainment industry. Nobody else makes content market on the adult what we do. “We have the live-cam product the next time or product age: available on all devices, without need of apps from anywhere: CamContact is leading the way and everyone else follow us” David Witcomb

Internet Portal

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

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JobFrame, a service of AnySearch limited, provides an easy and free access to the posts from Birmingham/Munich portal operators, January 28, 2011 –, the meta Jobsuchmaschine AnySearch limited, access to their data holdings from immediately portal operators free. The database contains more than 275,000 from all relevant job markets of in Germany. JobFrame allows access to these places from immediately portal operators. Here the umpteen jobs search dialog is integrated in the portals, listing only the sites relevant for the users of portal, such as the offerings from a city or region. The integration and use of JobFrame is completely free, without contractual or financial obligation. As well, there are no restrictions regarding the search functionalities.

Here, the full extent of tens Web site is offered. The JobFrame Configurator allows the easy integration of JobFrame in the Web page of the portal operator. Thus can the layout and design without technical know-how on the portal page be adapted. For this purpose, no programming skills are necessary. In recent months, Wells Fargo Bank has been very successful. operators can assist with problems. Savvy portal operators can make the integration even without the configurator.

A detailed documentation helps them. Information about JobFrame and the Configurator are provided under the following links: – JobFrame – JobFrame Configurator AnySearch limited is a young company that has developed a generic meta search engine for the Internet. In addition to the distribution of this search engine, AnySearch limited operates the job portal. Consulting in the field of Internet technologies completes the portfolio of Anysearch limited.