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But even though that still yuan requires a time of maturation, already several economies have begun to incorporate it as currency of international reserve and some until decided to use to yuan in the bilateral commerce with China. risk that arises in this sense ties to the decision to incorporate an excessive portion of the Chinese currency within the composition of the reserves and to bet to a currency that does not respond to the market forces and that in spite of being endorsed by an economy that grow strong, maintains several elements of fragility. Considering the importance of China like plaintiff of raw materials and thinking to future, those are not few that see the dollar lose protagonism in the commerce of raw materials and to they yuan as one of the currencies that in the future will participate in the commerce of commodities. In fact, the own Chinese government had raised in the month of March the idea that the dollar is replaced like unit of world-wide reserve. For Mark Mobius, that directs Emerging Markets Group de Templeton Asset Management: Yes, the raw materials could be denominated in other currencies. This already is beginning. The managers of bottoms support to yuan to denominate the price of the raw materials because, as it were mentioned, China is world-wide the consuming major of them. They yuan shows between currencies global, that cannot be denied. But so that the Chinese currency can acquire true protagonism as it descries international, must freely be negotiable, possibility that at the moment does not seem to be in the mind of the governors of Chinese. The importance of the support of a type of competitive change to take advantage of the exports for its growth, (where the United States appears like one of the main destinies), maintains desire to continue with the intervention in the exchange market to avoid the natural appreciation of the Chinese currency.


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