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Published August 13, 2015

In the fisiocracia the essential form of the capitalism alone could be developed total in the agricultural activities, therefore for them only in agriculture it is that it could have an excess. 2,2 Adam Smith Born in the Esccia in 1723, Adam Smith lecionou in Gaslow and Oxford and entered in contact with the main representatives of the fisiocracia, Quesnay and Turgot. For its academic formation and its vast knowledge of the subject, Smith was the first one to create total coherent an abstract model with the economic reality of the time. He saw linkings between the social classrooms, the system of production, the commerce, the circulation of currency, the distribution of the wealth, amongst others. He got prominence with two main workmanships: The Theory of the Moral Feelings and the Wealth of the Nations. With the deposition deTurgot as Minister of the Finances and the publication of the Wealth of the Nations of Smith in 1776, has end the influence of the fisiocratas and is introduced the principles that will serve of base to the Classic School. SOME guys who sildenafil viagra generico take medications weary in liquor, new analysis has uncovered. It increases sexual performance by providing harder and durable erections so that cheap super viagra they can indulge in some fruitful sessions of lovemaking. If the body wastage will not remove properly then, buying viagra in uk it can be taken with milk or, with foods that can coat the stomach lining. 3. And in this Good Newsletter, This Holy Family issue, we want to focus cialis without rx on the Holy Families that produced the Saints we venerate today as Role Models.

In contrast by the fisiocracia, that if developed in France, Smith takes for base England, with its directed economic reality already well more to the manufacturing system, transformation that if consolidated in England of century XVIII. Smith considered the search for the wealth as a desire of each individual to improve. He thought that the auto-interest impelled the men to search for optimum for itself and consequently finished providing involuntarily optimum for the others. He is not of the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker who we wait our supper, but of the consideration that they tmpor its proper interests. In the economic sphere, this propitiates the division of the work and the accumulation of capital, of this form increasing the productivity. (HUNT, p.100) It is important to stand out that so that as justification so that the man did not have an undesirable behavior, Smith said that all the people possuam affection and benevolence, what it directed its behavior not to wound the other people’s freedom.