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This paper presents information regarding the savings generated by the industrial sector (pig iron) in the municipality of Aailndia-HARM, its history and economic influence it has on the City, especially with regard you economic and social development of its population, which to over the degree of reliance on eXternal market high, is causing negative economic impact on local steel industry due you world crisis brought the second half of 2008 and the problems generated by it. Keywords: economic crisis, industry, development, sustainability. Studies on the world-wide economy has shown that the more industrialized it will be the region, more tributes it generates for the federative beings. In Brazil, the industrial sectors, with the sectors of services if had together become the main sources of tributes, exerting important paper in the economic and social development of its population. The city of Aailndia is located in the Mesorregio of the maranhense West, microregion of empress, whose main tribute is the Tax on Circulation of Merchandises and rendering of services? ICMS, generated for the production of iron-gusa in the companies of siderurgy located in the District of the Pequi, making with that the city comes after growing year year, arriving to have the second greater collection of the State of the Maranho, losing only for the capital, So Lus, data these disclosed in 2003 for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE).


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