Castle Hill Festival

The most popular markets and festivals in Germany summarized on the largest and most famous markets and festivals of in Germany are presented in two new categories on So who is planning a city trip within Germany, can experience live these cultural events. So the famous fish market and the Alster pleasure, Erfurt has the weekly market on the DOM and Freiburg for example Hamburg the market on Cathedral square and the Castle Hill Festival end of July. Around the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, which offers all kinds of culinary delights visitors, Munich tourist souvenirs can be purchased from Munich as a reminder of the holiday or for the folks back home. The Wittenberger celebrate the wedding of Luther in the memory of the historical events of the Reformation. Each region in Germany has its own seasonal events, festivals and markets that attract regular visitors. The markets and festivals have a long tradition in Germany.

Weekly markets, medieval markets or enjoy with locals and tourists due to its high experience value of popular Christmas markets. In addition to the collection of the most popular markets and festivals, offers even more suggestions for excursions throughout Germany. “” The menu point markets “is in the category of crowd-pullers” to find. In addition to a short description of the markets, there is also a link to the respective home page. Two more links at many markets also show a view from satellite perspective and a map view. A collection of the biggest German city festivals”is in the category of city life” places. Here too there is a further link to the homepage of the event in addition to a brief description.

Markets and festivals were a meeting place of public life since time immemorial. The development of many cities is inextricably related to their markets. The new menu items on represent a logical extension of the extensive information offer. Core competence of the page will remain but the map function with simultaneous display of companies and businesses, and the Germany-wide directory. is an online map and portal for professionals of all industries of BDP GmbH. In six categories informed about cities with exceptional attractions, life in the city and the theme of mobility. The interactive map allows Zoom in satellite, map or hybrid variable and shows also the best hotels, restaurants, shopping addresses, and more.


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