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Administration The board of the Perpetual Education Fund is comprised of the First Presidency of the church and members of their quorums for general authorities. The program has a administral director and CFO, none of whom paid for their services to the program. Local leaders of the church in different countries of the world are local administrators of the program and report to the headquarters of the church. In October 2003, two years after announcing the program, the LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley said the church, through the Perpetual Education Fund had made loans to some 10,000 youth in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Jamaica and other regions where the church is organized and, of these, about 600 young men and women had completed their studies. In April 2005, Hinckley reported that the program helped almost 18,000 young people in 27 countries. In 2007, John K.Carmack, executive director of the Perpetual Education Fund, said it had granted loans to 27,000 LDS students in 39 countries. Carmack said that north of South America in countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, around 10 leaders of local congregations have graduated with the help of the fund and that the most active countries in the use of the fund are Brazil, Chile and Peru. About 500 loans were granted in South Africa, a handful in Ghana and expects to begin making loans in Nigeria.

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