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Social Sciences

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

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Is positive, that the students from Goias by means of their demonstrations achieved a success, because they obtain a reduction in the Fares. With the rise in prices of transport in the two largest cities of the country, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the demonstrations have grown. Virtually all demonstrations were disproportionately suppressed by the military police of the respective States. This happened with tear gas, non-lethal weapons and the arrest of many protesters. Parallel to these events, the largest TV station Globo gives a picture of a movement marked by violence. There is talk, scenes of conflict by vandalism and devastation shows the transmitter without the proper contextualization of the demonstration. This has given rise to a general sense of injustice and resulted in an even greater support among the population for the protesters.

The repressive measures of the police show equally unexpected effects. The reinforcement of the repression seems to multiply the number of people on the street. The demonstrations were mainly about social networks organized. Facebook was the main tool for the dissemination and circulation of information. Different groups responsible for accepting information and disseminate among the demonstrators. You want to know, what is happening in the different regions of the country. A simultaneous connection between the various protests that take place daily, was produced in this way.

AnonimousBrasil is one of these pages and has more than a million visitors. The demonstrations are announced but not limited by social networks. In Rio de Janeiro, the demonstrators regularly organize discussions at the Institute for philosophy and Social Sciences (IFCS) and the Federal University (UFRJ) to discuss about the focus and direction of the demonstrations and to decide. Results in the social networks will be announced in a row.

Champions League Times

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

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Today, Viola Odebrecht gets with Jennifer Zietz female support in our ‘ELF against racism’ we visited the native Rostockerin in early June to shoot of a video interview on the grounds of turbine Potsdam. It took lot of time for the interview and answered our questions patiently. The 29-year-old midfielder plays since 1999 at turbine Potsdam and won the UEFA Cup 2010 since four times the German Championships, three times the DFB-Cup, in 2005 and the Champions League. In addition, she played 15 times for the German national team and won the European Championship in 2009. “Jenny Zietz aptly summarizes what is available for them in football in the foreground: is it important that one sees what one together can achieve as a team, if all together and for a target how you look or what religion it is work together, no matter where you come from,”. The full interview: Have fun watching!

Egyptian Rule

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

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They took advantage of specifically targeted the newly created democratic rules after the revolution, to which they were not involved in, for the fulfilment of its objectives. They have participated in the establishment of a new political system although, nevertheless they stand in fundamental contradiction to the foundations of democratic and constitutional order. For the Muslim Brotherhood Sayyid Qutb, the modernity and their rational viewpoint, the negation of the rule of God are to their ideological thinker”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bill Phelan on most websites. In his opinion the true Muslims were in a war against the Renegades. To declare someone as apostates, or infidels, it means in Arabic “Takfir”, what is regarded as an ideological weapon, with the use of violence is justified. This weapon is now evident in the protests of the Islamists in Egypt, to return to power.

Freedom is an excessive freedom which ruin human nature by Western standards. So can their democratic Calls to be only cover-up and an instrument of power. Because they saw a bridging phase, where they gradually and systematically secure control over State institutions through its strategic approach in the phase after the Egyptian revolution. They exploit democratic changes by all means, then later to abolish them, because they are a principle contrary to the foundations of democracy and the rule of law order and reject the party system, by which they want to come in the parliaments. “The political scientist Bassam Tibi sees she sees much more dangerous as extremists who murder, cut throats and throw bombs even in the long term as power ideologues”. Because their attitude and now created free space for the Fanatisierung of the population – and, where appropriate, with national instruments, instruments to any democratic processes in the country brake. The now repealed Constitution, as well as ideas and education were directed in ways that Islamist rule, forever the power may hold. The Shari ‘a want to enforce them as a source of legislation by any means, and such as Qutb in his book Ma’ alim fi al Tariq / “Signs on the way” Reaffirms the legitimacy, which does not allow Allah turn off any sort of rule from owner.

Berliner Ensemble

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

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But isn’t that also these gentlemen interested solely of their own purses. If you look at this spectacle so, you ask, who now represents the interests of citizens and citizens of Trier? Now, since first arriving on the idea that representatives of the people elected by the citizens in the City Hall would perform those tasks, and above all their Chief, Captain Jensen. But flower! And now the fancy passes admittedly partly the authors of this story: the clever Uncle Otto and his nephew of the company ‘ lull & Lall’ do it with continued and penetrating persistence – not without promises or gifts and donations (so as you did in the past already elsewhere and how it apparently absolutely ‘normal’ for such transactions)-on the one hand by gift vouchers, on the other hand ‘First part promises’ under the hand, and the general public hidden Chief Jensen and his assistants pledge to wrest, that you get the “exclusive right” of Trier citizens for planning and project development on the ground. To broaden your perception, visit Bill Phelan. Thus, any competition should be switched off. Bill Phelan usually is spot on. With this approach you had swept menschenleerer downtown much success and partly in the past in the neighbouring cities (Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, Mannheim). The subsequent trouble one has let then the inhabitants …und insofar as they are not dead they fight today! As I said: gifts make friends! And as a small gift for the citizens of the city of Trier, you bought for the’s Town Hall a few chandeliers as meaningful Addition to the many existing banisters.

A rogue who in smiles, because it is supposed to but amuse anyone but ‘ lull & Lall’ as benefactors make. And given in this confusing scene he occurs as guest actor and unannounced superstar in a minor supporting role known Matthias Platzeck of the Berliner Ensemble as “Hero of the BER” as jury, to give the appearance of a ‘grant’ gift award. Masterly performance of direction: If you not true can do with the intended planning already the promise of a more beautiful and better functioning City Centre, so is this awkward approach – more or less as one reaches Nebeneffekt-at City Hall: it brings more light into the dark. Respect for this Director! But for Uncle ‘Scrooge’ Otto seems to have paid the Bill, and he and his lovely nephew can drive entirely satisfied and crossed things home, not without pressing the Patschinski still on the eye, that you the money for the planning of the Uncle-to bring Otto shopping centers even have, because the good Uncle wants after all no risk! You got that? Because Captain Jensen, admittedly very naive played in this piece, which considers “normal”, he prepared a contract, which he then presents his sub chiefs and the ‘Committee of wise men’ after months of secrecy. And almost the Bill from Uncle Otto and Captain Jensen went on, there not one of the members of the Council with his friends, all friends of greenery and a healing environment, been thought this deal for indecent. And cry out and bring it to the public. Bravo! Now comes music to the theatre. What a pity, because the noise and the confusing game of the actor of who is difficult to understand and irritating. So leave the audience early on this play, go home and fire up your grill. So nice weather is today and why should you are interested in its downtown, if of in your own Garden is so beautiful!

German Democracy

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

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The Association “Against forgetting for more democracy” is represented by MDS, Wolfgang Tiefensee, Preistrrager. The laudation was held by Peter Maffay. Humanitarian Award of the Masonic 2013 on “Against forgetting – for more democracy” In a dignified ceremony presented Axel Pohlmann, Grandmaster of the ancient free and accepted masons of Germany, the prize of 10,000 euros to the Club “to forget for more democracy, represented by its Chairman Wolfgang Tiefensee (MdB). The winners of 2009 gave the laudatory speech, Peter Maffay. In his welcoming speech, the Grandmaster Axel Pohlmann entered briefly on the essence of Freemasonry. “Freemasonry is the conviction underlying that individuals from the indifferent to the good, can develop from good to better.” We go assuming that a company is more harmonious, more to her limbs and the Freemasons as unrecognized role models – is the possibility of free development of the individual, justice, equality and Seek fraternity.” Given this intellectual kinship, it was obvious to present the humanitarian award of the German Masonic Club “Against forgetting for democracy” for the humanitarian Grand Lodge. However, the Grandmaster of encouraging openness urged that Freemasonry to speak freely is in its German history not quite by the unfortunate thought, against the Club to turn. Also in his own ranks, Grand in particular the “old Prussian lodges”, there were men who were with the former spirit “nationalist sentiment” and opportunism via the Masonic righteousness and humanism. “We want to remind us not of the past paralyze us to make, but to see the truth of the Lessing set: ‘ how the civil society was, everywhere also Freemasonry, was and vice versa.'” Remember we occasionally, that it is difficult to recognize, our views are as timed in the own time.” “We have”, so the Grand Master, “with the Association ‘ against forgetting for democracy ‘ found a worthy winners.” We share the principles of freedom, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity, and the members of our two associations come from all social strata, political and religious orientations.

Philip McCreight

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

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The online animal shelter shelta to reach in the future even more attention to animal welfare animals by TASSO e.V. A leading source for info: Robert Kiyosaki. on its recently-launched blog and social media. Hattersheim, 05.09.2013. The online animal shelter shelta to reach in the future even more attention to animal welfare animals by TASSO e.V. on its recently-launched blog and social media.

Direct communication via social networks with animal lovers and animal welfare organizations will be given the chance at a new home even more shelter animals and thereby relieved welfare facilities. With the aim to give as many animal welfare animals in a new home, the online animal shelter went by TASSO e.V. in spring 2011 at the start. The animal welfare organization is thus the chance to present their proteges in the Internet nationally and centrally to the mediation animal shelters. With great success, as project manager Heike Engelhart reported: From our animal welfare understanding it is at the heart, animal shelters and animal welfare organizations through the mediation of as many animals to relieve. “Because every animal deserves a loving home.” Recently, communicates well via a blog and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. The shelta issues revolve around pets from animal welfare, as well as valuable information on animal husbandry: reports by and about animal shelters, updates, tips and tricks, as well as animal information, suggestions and thoughtful. New additions and also emergency animals at shelta is reported regularly.

Our blog and social media channels offer for us to be great possibilities with the animal lovers, as well as with animal welfare organisations in a direct dialogue,”reports Philip McCreight, head of the animal protection organization of TASSO. No animal should have to wait unnecessarily long on a home. A dialogue with and between stakeholders around to promote the serious animal mediation, us therefore is with our online strategy very close to the heart”, adds McCreight. The strategy seems to be, as confirmed by Heike Engelhart: our issues and actions are well accepted by the community. An animal welfare animal in the title picture will be presented each week, for example, there are animal saying maps and interesting info. We have many ideas in stock and are pleased that our community is growing steadily”. In German animal shelters an estimated more than 300,000 dogs, cats, birds and small animals waiting for a new home. “Through the online animal shelter shelta and the social-media activities should increase the chances and the idea of shelter animals first” still more disseminated. About shelta by TASSO e.V. In spring 2011, the online animal shelter was called by the animal welfare organization TASSO e.V. in the life. Shelta, Tiersuchenden will give the greatest possible security to get an animal from serious mediation and offers an Internet platform for this purpose simply to give animal welfare animals. Animal shelters and animal welfare organizations to set their animals free of charge in the portal and thus increase the chances of their proteges. Each animal is categorized and a detailed description and images can be stored. Using the convenient search in the district or national level can be found then easily his new pet. Currently more than 200 animal welfare organizations are active, with over 4,700 animals. The animals are automatically registered at TASSO in the pet register and are thus better protected if this should even be missed.

Reviewed Internet

Friday, September 25th, 2015

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The actions have a decentralized character, even without party leadership. Each segment of society as well as individuals try demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the Brazilian policy. The impression that remains is that the population not represented by politicians chosen by them. This plural and multifaceted character corresponds to a kind of punishers movement, which combines so specific questions of certain social segments (gender, ethnicity, class, among others), and problems of each State and each community speaks, finally achieved the scale at the national level. Despite the decentralized nature, there are some common points: reduction of ticket prices and improving public transport, combat against corruption, political reforms, improvement of health and education, better salaries for teachers, reactions against the expenditure for the World Cup, demilitarization of the police, etc. All listed points were both on the streets and in the Reviewed Internet. The violent actions of the police against the demonstrators are also denounced by means of social networks. They react with images captured by mobile phones and videos, on the poor coverage of major TV stations.

To represent the movement after the attempt by reports of vandalism in a bad light, another conflict looming, caused by the information shared by the authorities about the dimension of the demonstrations. On 20 June demonstrate so many people in Rio de Janeiro, like never before. A sea of people came together in the main street Avenida Presidente Vargas and the adjoining streets in the Centre of the city. According to the military police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the demonstration included three hundred thousand people. The protesters keep this number for credibility. Internet users compared images of the demonstration with pictures of this year’s Carnival. Estimate the number of protesters, to at least a million. The comparison is easy.

Stock Market

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

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The importance of investing in bag with surveys prior to count on the valuable contribution of answering the survey that almost all subscribers of, filled with me was worth only my intuition and what really it is important to invest in bag and did not know in reality that was what more he liked and servia to the readers of my articles. The same happened me before you begin to invest in stock market with a true investment system. He only bought the actions that sensed or felt that I was going to give a profit, leaving aside the system and the important protection of my money. Now, knowing that it is what you really want to read and learn I can sharpen me more topics that are of interest to the majority of subscribers, without neglecting what you want the minority. In the case of the system to invest in stock market, I already solved it using maximum protection maximum gain MPMG reports that give me the best actions that I can buy protecting my money up in more than 99%.

It is like making a survey of the actions that are listed on the stock exchange. I ask you figuratively to each of the actions that publicly traded and have available to buy Put options: which of you are having a positive behavior that gives them an uptrend which, can let me join this upward trend for best results? Do, and in addition, you also give me the ability to care for or protect my money if that trend changes? Then they answer me through the MPMG reports, giving me a list of the best actions that meet all these conditions, functioning as an analysis of results of a survey. So work the power technology of reports MPMG as the priceless result of the survey that you received. Do that me allowed told the survey that full-time on invest in stock market without risk? Estaencuesta allowed me to know that nearly 70% of subscribers prefer to write their articles about investing in stock exchange without risk in an enjoyable way and showing them with examples or anecdotes that really can do it. That more than 50% in saw the course of Bag free MPMG and liked him, while the other 40% could not see it to be full and that more than 70% prefer articles about investing in stock exchange without risk as so much wants to find out about different alternatives to invest in stock market even if they have more risk and other alternatives to make money. I am convinced that all that comment in this article is very useful both for you as for me, and I invite you to reflect a little more about all this, and regardless their job or occupation to apply the powerful tool that give us surveys in order to improve day by day. For more profit and less risk! Alejandro Tugender Experto in safe investments

IPC Market

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

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The other way in which IPC 2010 is going to be is influenced by the negative rate of 2% with respect to the sustained growth of the sobreinflacion, which would mean a greater cut in expenditures as well as a smaller share of products competing directly entering the market of bags in other terms. And if market conditions are not balanced, we will find that the 2010 CPI will be more crude in terms of possibilities of economic openness if it is that we are talking about a productivity based on the growth of the basic products that remain unchanged. That’s what at least think financiers, but the public are not only dissatisfied with a policy of economic production that tends to austerity, but sees how IPC 2010 is beginning to negatively impact on other branches of the mercantile society. The acquisition of credits, the I reevaluo for debts, the power’s formality between natural and beneficiaries, etc., are reaching too variable sustainability contributions. This means ultimately that IPC 2010 is subject to law of low clearance, while the so unstable market conditions continue manifesting.

IPC 2010 would also be influenced even by mortgages. Because the stable business that would represent the cancellation of one of these financial formulas invariably affects the potentialities that a family, for example, has obligations with financial institutions. The union of so many economic terms It causes a certain low in the clarification of IPC 2010, but that ultimately is not very productive if we are talking in terms of performance. Now, the 2010 IPC may set a parameter that the next decade of the 21st century, or at least in its first seasons I regulars to a greater coverage of world heritage. So, given the structural conditions of commercial financing and use of the various promotional methods of austerity and purchase shares, or rather measures of reduction of expenses in general or the rising financial analysis and low in the 2010 IPC products, is ready to deal with all types of business challenges that are already beginning to manifest in Spanish society. At last, the performance that is now determining the rules of the market in general is being consolidated with the gradual acquisition of goods and services: a helpful overview for IPC 2010.

Digital Marketing

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

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The best internet business and courses cost-effective web pages will find it in a few years ago which comes saying that Internet, late or early was going to transform our lives. This was actually happening, causing an earthquake in our existence, especially in the way in which the contents are distributed. Wells Fargo may help you with your research. The first industries in turn were those related to the news. Now they are practically destroyed the newspapers and magazines (on paper) and is hitting hard on radio and TV. The following content from the list was the music. In addition, legal sites purchase and download of individual topics (like the tunes i) increasingly has more followers to the detriment of the sale of complete CDs which continues with its drastic decline in all markets. Last, but not least, are the films, series and other.

The film and television industry also had some impact programs peer to peer but it more interesting is to come. Clarin published in today an interesting story where has that Youtube announced a Mexico with the Metro, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures allowing you to include within their online videos offering feature films complete as some titles of fantastic four and the Incredible Hulk. How will continue to evolve this? Time will tell, but they are definitely interesting times. For success in your project! Greetings, Diego Arcusin. Diego Arcusin site dedicated to teaching the techniques of digital marketing and online advertising. How to get a successful website. Site dedicated to give information about web marketing. Original author and source of the article.