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Published September 29, 2015

The Association “Against forgetting for more democracy” is represented by MDS, Wolfgang Tiefensee, Preistrrager. The laudation was held by Peter Maffay. Humanitarian Award of the Masonic 2013 on “Against forgetting – for more democracy” In a dignified ceremony presented Axel Pohlmann, Grandmaster of the ancient free and accepted masons of Germany, the prize of 10,000 euros to the Club “to forget for more democracy, represented by its Chairman Wolfgang Tiefensee (MdB). The winners of 2009 gave the laudatory speech, Peter Maffay. In his welcoming speech, the Grandmaster Axel Pohlmann entered briefly on the essence of Freemasonry. Kamagra viagra france is the right medicine because of the following advantages. The active ingredient was first to treat male erectile issues, but its high cost emerged up as a great drawback to many people. tadalafil canadian You can also safeguard your privacy through online purchase. cialis tablets online Maybe if you knew that erectile dysfunction is not age specific and can happen to any age person cheap cialis buying here but mostly it happens to the elders in the family due to weakness of aging. “Freemasonry is the conviction underlying that individuals from the indifferent to the good, can develop from good to better.” We go assuming that a company is more harmonious, more to her limbs and the Freemasons as unrecognized role models – is the possibility of free development of the individual, justice, equality and Seek fraternity.” Given this intellectual kinship, it was obvious to present the humanitarian award of the German Masonic Club “Against forgetting for democracy” for the humanitarian Grand Lodge. However, the Grandmaster of encouraging openness urged that Freemasonry to speak freely is in its German history not quite by the unfortunate thought, against the Club to turn. Also in his own ranks, Grand in particular the “old Prussian lodges”, there were men who were with the former spirit “nationalist sentiment” and opportunism via the Masonic righteousness and humanism. “We want to remind us not of the past paralyze us to make, but to see the truth of the Lessing set: ‘ how the civil society was, everywhere also Freemasonry, was and vice versa.'” Remember we occasionally, that it is difficult to recognize, our views are as timed in the own time.” “We have”, so the Grand Master, “with the Association ‘ against forgetting for democracy ‘ found a worthy winners.” We share the principles of freedom, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity, and the members of our two associations come from all social strata, political and religious orientations.