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Murr L-mobile

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

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Successful start in partnership with LXE Sulzbach is the fast show L-mobile as especially committed partner of LXE at the Murr, June 22, 2010 – after his admission in the LXE affiliate program as LXE preferred could partner and was an award awarded. In the course of this year’s LXE PartnerPass Executive Conference in Berlin that L-mobile for their commitment as LXE preferred partner awarded. Stephen Newell, Vice President & General Manager of LXE Inc. presented the award The participants at the Conference came from all over Europe, to discuss trends, new products and ways to work together and to attend the awards ceremony. The awards, which awards in six categories to selected partner, LXE highlight the pioneering role of excellent as an example for other channel partners.

Be honored those partners through a best practice within the channel partner programme stand out have and thus apply as a model for the other members. L-mobile prides itself on this award and looks forward to a more close and successful cooperation with LXE. About L-L-mobile mobile, you will optimize its business processes in stock, production, service and sales. The company develops applications for mobile devices, with which you can access to all data in your ERP system at any time, at any place. Transparent, efficient processes and a significant increase in productivity are the result. The software solutions you receive out-of-the-box or customized package with professional project management. It does not matter, which ERP or ERP system you use the L-mobile integrates their solutions in any any IT landscape. In addition to excellent service you receive the appropriate infrastructure and hardware on request, everything from a single source with expert advice and technical knowledge up to date.

Customers from diverse industries benefit from the innovative solutions regardless of company size. By the mid-sized craft operating up to the globally operating Group is all represented. The L-mobile aims to find the best possible solution for each individual request. She combined many years of experience and knowledge from several hundred projects L-mobile with its strong innovation. Contact: L-mobile solutions GmbH & co. KG David buddy garden str. 51 D 71560 Sulzbach / Murr Tel.: + 49 (7193) 93 12 2707 E: I:

Contentserv Customers

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

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CONTENTSERV offers customers, partners and interested to the topic afternoon ‘ marketing of the future Quo Vadis?’ according to Rohrbach Rohrbach/ILM, June 24, 2010: marketing the future Quo Vadis? This question highlights the software manufacturer CONTENTSERV on July 22, 2010 in a theme afternoon with top-class lectures. Scientific and practice-oriented perspectives will be presented together with experts and partners. Who is concerned, what is the situation currently in research and practice of marketing, how it best can stand with its marketing and communication measures and how the right tools can support it in its marketing and media processes, is a forum this afternoon to learn about trends, innovations and best practice applications and to exchange ideas with experts. From 13:00 18:00, practice-oriented but also scientifically sound tips, trends, and tools for marketing and media optimization presented in an exciting lecture program. At the beginning, he will be well-known graduate psychologist and dialog marketing expert Robert. In a keynote address, humorously packaged present K. BIDMON Central, current findings from Neuroscience and psychology of advertising. During breaks, participants is given much opportunity to exchange ideas and to ask questions in detail.

In short, punchy presentations moving the industry issues such as print are medium of the future or snow from yesterday?”, green marketing as competitive ecologically think, Act and communicate” or enterprise marketing management as the magic word for efficient marketing? “treated. Further, specific marketing areas such as product marketing, Web marketing, dealer marketing, branding and dialog marketing are presented. Using case studies the optimized processes discusses ways to do this through appropriate solutions. CONTENTSERV users can also inform about the most important innovations of the forthcoming July 5, 2010 service releases CONTENTSERV 5.3.1. Evening ended with barbecue and opening at the end of the Lecture afternoon CONTENTSERV invites all participants to the networking at the relaxed evening get-together with a barbecue and live music. From 19:00 the evening with an opening night offers an additional benefit for the friends of the arts among the visitors. The modern landscape paintings of the friend of URS, a student of Prof. Dengler, Academy of fine arts in Munich, invite you to the virtual walk in the forest in the CONTENTSERV Gallery.

For more information and registration for the free event is available at About CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the solution by CONTENTSERV the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can be created without expert knowledge, professional via a Web browser. Thus, processes are optimized and high Cost and time savings achieved. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages. Press contact: Petra Kamal, head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM). GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

External Center

Monday, December 29th, 2014

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More efficiency in the appointment by qualified Telefonakquise in IT companies is often the prejudice that call center do not have the necessary know-how, to engage them to schedule appointments with potential new customers. ERGO this work to do attempts by system vendors and IT solution providers with own employees. Follow others, such as Pinterest, and add to your knowledge base. Typically, this approach is however very expensive. First of all, no trained IT staff is required for this work. And secondly if there was an IT employee, this is likely to have very lack of knowledge of a trained call center agents.

IT based knowledge not the essential role that success in the acquisition play Heike Kartick link, owner of the HKL secretarial services from Fulda, Germany, mediated since many years dates for their clients from the IT industry. Its success concept does away with the classic prejudices of many IT companies. She says: industry knowledge are of course important, however basic knowledge is enough for this task. Many other factors play a far more important role, to get an appointment from a CIO.” External trained call center agents have clearly benefits examples why HVAC at the Telefonakquise is successful, abound. First, it is the manner, as a caller to the Secretary by.

Here alone fail the most internally commissioned employees. After that depends on it, as those interested in the phone are addressed. The call center agents by HKL avoid the jargon of IT ler to speak. Our own employees are in their language often inbred say IT-centric, your conversation partner simply does not understand it. Why? Not every decision makers is also an IT expert. Another aspect is the woman-man communication: decision makers are mostly men. Women have it so often easier to arrange an appointment. At HVAC trained telephone be charged for telephone marketing dates to agree. And you do that with success, as some IT customers like to be confirmed by the Fulda call center. Valuable additional benefits for customers in any telemarketing campaign is a fact, the contracting authority usually also not take into account the additional benefits can provide its customers with a call center. How many times has staff of HVAC could deliver findings, for example, their customers, which go in the field of market research. This includes among other things the addressing of the target group (new or inaccurate), the development of prices, technologies and brands or a valuable address cleaning of the data. Meaningful reporting delivers valuable information HVAC supplies to each campaign a meaningful reporting. This allows the customers to make the right decisions for other campaigns. In addition, Heike Kartick link brings important insights from a completed action, which positively influenced so many strategic realignment in the past. Finally, also the satisfaction query can be a valuable tool to verify existing Kun-denbeziehungen and revive. More information on procedure and implementation of vector control by Telefonakquisen as well as Heike Kartick link is like references available upon request. Contact: HKL secretarial services Heike Kartick link beech trail 21 36100 Petersberg near Fulda phone: + 49 (0) 661-480396-0 fax: + 49 (0) 661-480396-32

Money Market Accounts

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

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Statistics and interest rates on money market accounts currently develop the increase projected at the beginning of the year in the bottomless day money interest rates contrary to. There are several reasons, tried to explain in this article. Also, this article provides an overview of the current interest rates of the best direct banks. At the beginning of the year economists predicted a rise in the federal funds interest rate, which should carry the day money interest in the height. This seems to be over now again in the opposite direction.

Because as it turns out the development, interest rates more likely back into the bottomless fall. One possible reason for this is the not yet overcome economic crisis or the cheap offer of the ECB on the banks that want to relax right now this something. Many writers such as Wells Fargo Bank offer more in-depth analysis. The analysis of the competitive environment also plays an important role. I.e. the banks adhere to the competitive offerings of other direct banks and respond immediately with interest rate adjustments. Check with Pinterest to learn more.

Even if a Bank has enough new customers, this is a reason for the rate cut can be. At the moment this is in a day-money account comparison as follows dar: 2.30% p.a. – DAB Bank 2.10% p.a. – Bank of Scotland 2.10% p.a. – NetBank 2.10% p.a. – Comdirect 2.05% p.a. – DKB Bank 2.00% p.a. – ING DiBa 2.00% p.a. – 1822 directly 1.80% p.a. – Postbank 1.75% p.a. – S-broker 1.55% p.a. – Wustenrot 1.50% p.a. – TARGOBANK 1.50% p.a. – VW Bank 1.50% p.a. – credit Europe 1.30% p.a. – Mercedes Benz Bank 1.25% p.a. – norisbank 0.10% p.a. – SEB Bank as interest rates continuesthat of hard to say. However, an increase in the federal funds interest rate at the end of the year 2010, maybe even until the beginning of 2011, is predicted. This could entail in turn increases the day money rates. Still, there are in addition to the interest rates attractive offers, which make the conclusion of money market accounts worth: the Bank of Scotland for example grants 20 euro starting credit and the finance portal gives each for the conclusion of a day money account 10 euro. Falko Hille

Aguilar Work

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

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It is known as says Aguilar, of the 5 million people who work in informal trade activities in Venezuela, 30% is dedicated to the trade. Itinerant traders or hawkers, are a sub-group within the informal trade, and in relation to the informal economy as a whole, are only the visible tip of this huge iceberg. Our more specific context, it is estimated that around 50,000 families in the Metropolitan District of Caracas are dedicated to the buhonerismo. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. The buhonerismo as an economic activity, is associated with serious problems that are an expression of the social deterioration: poor quality and unproductive work, crime, abandoned children, child labour and prostitution, etc. These problems affect shared both traders informal as to neighbors, passersby pedestrians, workers of the area, and formal shopkeepers.

However there are not only affected by the growth of the buhonerismo groups. Other branches of economic activity, upstream, recognized in this activity a potential business important to mean a decentralized and efficient army of sellers. Similarly criminals, mafia, and other groups, benefit from the apparent anarchy prevailing in the areas where this activity is rampant. Finally some public servants seem to recognize an important breeding ground for the development of practical clientelares-populistas or corruption in the buhonerismo. However, the social demand in favour of the search for solutions to such a dramatic problem, seems today to encourage the achievement of a shared solution that reverses the negative trends and exaggerates the positive phenomenon. There is a clear change of attitude: from denial and hatred to the hawkers to the commitment to promote among them a productive solidarity; a new look of the businessman of finances or the real estate industry who discovers that a peddler paid 350% annual interest and, perhaps, your business could be there; a new attitude of the political which today bets to win legitimacy working in the search for solutions; even a new thought of the hucksters to decent work.

European Group

Friday, December 26th, 2014

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24 offices get own regionally-oriented Web sites. Wuppertal, June 21, 2010 the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG, specialist for infrastructure building services, expanded their online presence especially for medium-sized companies. It aims, in the entire Federal territory their sales activities across the channel to help the more than 60 locations and 24 branches of HECTAS Internet and more appeal to the middle class as a customer group. In cooperation with the marketing and communications agency FORCE communications & media GmbH in Dusseldorf realized HECTAS concept: each of the 24 branches now has its own website which can be reached via.

The pages presenting the comprehensive range of services for the target group and represent the regional reference. In this way, HECTAS wants to win future increasingly interested party requests and nationwide to increase their brand awareness. The implementation of the Internet pages is based on a customer survey by a research group of Arnhem business School (ABS), an international division of the HAN University of applied sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen, Netherlands, the end of 2009 was carried out on behalf of hectas. Customer proximity, continuous availability, local ties and networked services are the most important criteria for the selection of a service provider in addition to the prize”summarizes Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development of HECTAS, the results. We break this now on all regions of Germany, down by we consider precisely these wishes.” The modular design of the pages makes it possible to represent different substantive aspects with uniform appearance.

Who uses the postcode search on the home page, will get directly to the appropriate branch Web site. Each with an individualized approach and local content personally will be picked up here: current promotions are prominently placed and contact person with photo and contact details shown. Also complete the details of catchment area, references, job and social commitment of HECTAS Range of the information. “Us it is to show important, that we as a leading quality provider of building services, building cleaning and security services even for small to medium-sized companies in the region to provide”, so can continue. The companies will receive all services from a single source with us. We can combine our three divisions depending on the needs and are capable, flexible to respond to the needs of our customers and to develop individual, cost-efficient solutions for them. While the customer has one fixed contact person who is responsible for it.” The online service was implemented in the first step for the German website of HECTAS. Next, the concept for the corporate offices in Netherlands and Austria, as well as for other European countries will be adapted.

Email Marketing

Friday, December 26th, 2014

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artegic delivers with ELAINE FIVE perfect for the convergence of Bonn, July 09, 2010. Recent studies show: the boom of online dialogue marketing continues unabated. According to dialogue marketing the total expenses in email marketing measures are monitor 2010 of Deutsche Post last year further to around two billion euros has increased. A further increase of the budget is predicted for 2010. The same applies to investments in social media marketing.

The more solutions are needed currently, that promote the convergence of the two ranges, support. This above all solutions are required in addition to the extension of marketing campaigns in social networks, that fleeting contacts from social networks can be transformed effectively into a direct dialogue. In particular provider such as the E-CRM specialist of artegic ( take advantage of this development. The software suite ELAINE FIVE presented by artegic a few weeks ago for the first time allows two-way networking E-Mail and social media. Therefore can not only content pushed into different channels, but especially also leads obtained from social networks.

The market needs smart solutions with measurable ROI “With ELAINE FIVE we hit the nerve of many senior currently”, so Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG. “After the Sturm und drang phase, in which aimless in social media has been invested, increasing the number of those who ask for strategic approaches and measurable success. Here ELAINE FIVE can play out its strengths.” Background is the innovative advanced fingerprinting technology from ELAINE, which facilitates the identification of relevant contacts and at the same time allows for the targeted transfer of E-CRM processes. “This lead orientation underlines the ROI by ELAINE. Because despite the increasing investment one must not overlook that the average spending has fallen slightly. Put it another way: although demand increasingly online dialogue marketing, the budget is used but more targeted with high expectations for the return on Investment”, Stefan von Lieven connect in accordance with the most recent results of the dialog marketing monitor 2010 meaning of the E-Mail communication on constant high level especially expert positively the fact that the importance of email communication continues to increase the E-CRM. “Social media is not the successor of the email, but the companion just for younger users”. So, a recent study by eMarketer and StrongMail shows that the Group of those aged 18 to 29 years old sent emails almost as often and receives as the 30-to 45-year. The proportion of those who publish messages in their online profiles is significantly higher than in all other age groups with 32 percent. “The last internet facts of the AGOF allow only one conclusion: the email was never communication so important as it is today”, commented Stefan von Lieven in the most recent survey of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft online research. That against this background the investments in E-Mail Marketing continues to, is therefore only logical for him: “are an integral part of the high demand so the topics of segmentation and success control. Solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the marketing mix, are certainly at an advantage.” Learn more about the mentioned studies under… . Read more about ELAINE FIVE and the possibilities of integration of email, mobile and social media can be found under.

Domestic Advertising Market

Friday, December 26th, 2014

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Beginners package for the domestic advertising market low-cost software solution for personal, virtual market place has long been the online classifieds market in its various manifestations has replaced the previously success spoiled online auction site. The reasons for this are complex. JPMorgan Chase: the source for more info. The fact is that especially the private users have migrated from the major providers of the auction and today abound in small display markets, increased regional to the offer and the demand for come. This tendency creates opportunities a realistic market particularly new, small providers. Right here, the beginners find the so important to his success niche.

With the new software solution ad market Starter Kit 2.0 “it is possible to take its own online ad market in operation now the Internet beginners. The idea that lies behind this concept, is gradually”grow. The user begins with a low-cost entry-level solution, already all necessary modules to operate an own ad market offers. With growing success and demands cannot users take then the next step more modules and supplements. So, the operator reduces financial risk to a minimum.

Wilfred Lindo, Managing Director of W.LINDO marketing advice: While we paid attention to ease of use. To operate the software no programming skills are necessary”. After the successful installation using a menu-based installation, the entire operation of the ad market via a user friendly administration level can be controlled. The domestic advertising market is ready in a very short time. Only technical requirement for the operation of the ad market is a low-cost webspace offering at any host provider that is already to reserve it for some euro per month. “Wilfred Lindo continued: we help needed in finding a suitable Web site as well as at the installation, which we gladly take over for a small fee for the customer”. With this Starter Kit is the beginner in capable of producing an own virtual market place within a very short time.


Thursday, December 25th, 2014

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Intensive occupation with the target market of a vacancy through an intense preoccupation with the own person record is the chance for the detection of potential differential aptitudes, i.e. as possible to offer, what is different from other competitors and stands out on the market. One of the biggest advantages of here promoted person balance is that you must deal intensively with its target market. Click Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. To improve, for example, its profiling and presentation by focusing on a targeted response through more and better knowledge of the market. Suitability profile of the applicant and request profile of the job can be made more coherent: the key fits better into the Castle.

Learn more about himself and his market value: with the use of a person’s balance sheet of candidates not only more learns about himself, his skills and their market value. This knowledge goes out not with the completion of the application, but is capable of the holder after graduating through its successful Admission to the company for the future successfully and productively to accompany. Who to succeed himself an intellectual once knew for themselves, can continue to do later this with the experience of success in the back for his company. Because whether you now like a balance of knowledge or not, in a more knowledge-intense strong environmental such or similar instruments will be sooner or later as necessary. An application successfully crafted with the help of the knowledge balance basically allows a flying start, in which the candidates on this specialty may already has more experience than the company itself. For managers and recruiters such tools can be especially of interest, if they have to deal with the following issues: employee discussions with personnel evaluations, examination of transport including This personal balance sheets can help to create a good base of credibility and acceptance for the concerned employees.

Straight If also rather negative issues need to be addressed, they find more understanding, if they can be justified not purely subjective, but good and carefully thought-out presented in the form of transparent balance sheets. In the foreground of such assessment and transport talks achievements, failures, successes and others from the past are not so much. Also you often have views usually only rear-facing employees reviews communicated a character of grades. Both in the interest of the employee of the company but, reinforced views on future and possibly previously hidden causal relationships to. Detailed information for this purpose at Becker, j.: headhunter in your own thing-ISBN 978 3 8391 2464 2 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Experience Marketing

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

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by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – consistent customer – and market-orientation brings more success there is no doubt: consistent customer – and market-orientation brings more success! Do I have the right strategy? I put my acquisition priorities right? Do I have the right sources of information on planned construction projects? How do I organize my sales? Are my offers customizable? How can I, that my clients are excited? How do I get orders at better prices? Questions that a contractor must provide. Issues that decide the future of a company. One of the goals of our experience exchange group “Marketing for contractors” is to find answers to these and other topics. The next meeting will be on 22nd and 23rd October 2010 in Wurzburg. The topics are sales organization, offers and customer database. Guests are welcome in the district. If you are interested call Dr.

E. Rudiger Weng, Tel. 07164.146088 or send a mail to exchange of experience: the Erfa group idea is to benefit from each other by disclosure of their own solutions and to help each other. The district consists of 10 companies that themselves are not in the competition. The meetings take place twice a year for one and a half days at different locations. Construction marketing expert directs the circle before Dr. E.

Rudiger Weng has become self-employed construction 10 years ago as a partner in the team of consultants, he was head of marketing in a large medium-sized construction company last 12 years. He knows the construction sector and the characteristics of the marketing of construction of. Advice of the civil engineer focuses marketing and quality management in the topics of customer acquisition, customer orientation, strategy development – eventually. In addition to his Advisory work he speaks, conducts in-house seminars and workshops, serves companies in the framework of marketing management on part-time and is Professor of marketing at the College/Academy of architecture of Biberach. The construction team of consultants is a partnership organised consultancy for the Construction industry. A network of 12 partners with the various core guarantees optimum solutions for the customers. In the power range from strategy development through order procurement, customer orientation, calculation, preparation, construction sites and project management to the recruitment and staff development, business administration, insurance, law and new media. Company Description Weng, E. Rudiger, Dr.-ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-ing., an independent consultant for the construction industry, partners in the consultant team building, Managing Director of WM-Q (QualitatsVerbund planners in construction), lecturer at the Academy of architecture and College of Biberach, areas of expertise: strategy development, marketing for construction services (success clock), factor of success “Customer”, customer surveys /-workshops, optimization of acquisition, sharing circles, marketing-management part time corporate contact: Dr.-ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-ing. E. Rudiger Weng fountain meadows 9 73105 Durnau Tel: + 49 7164 146088 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Engineering Office for marketing, advertising and job promotion Knut Marhold Haeselerstrasse 94 42329 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 202 751933 E-Mail: Web: